Friday, June 13, 2008

Who's HAPPY with CAPPY? ~ Capstone Turbine Corporation (Public, NASDAQ:CPST)

 CPST up 8.5% after initial earnings afterhours 10+ drop.  

 HAPPY with CAPPY!  ... Capstone (CPST) BOTD! 

Did someone say "backlog"

  458% increase, to$27.9 million! 

last years total rev only $21 million.  What do you get when your backlog is bigger than last years total sales?  ...  a winner with a big booty!  

go team!  

p.s. to the OldMan who said, "you screwed the pooch" ... please believe!  


Anonymous said...

nice job on CPST! great conviction too, thanks!

What's your target?

Anonymous said...

I got in .CZUGZ two days ago at 1.30. The bid is now at 1.05. Good pick nonetheless. Maybe it'll move monday.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

yep, the options are a bit too thinly traded , makes it tough. the JAN 09's are the only ones with any open interest. we are long the stock and Jan 2009 2.50s

... $4+ next week!

Anonymous said...

How do you guys think MS and GS will do next week?

Anonymous said...

ESLR has earnings on june 17.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

hmmm... all solar up on Friday , and ESLR down?