Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Late Night Trivia: Name that CHART ?

New 52 week high today! 

with a 1.43% Dividend Yield


p.s. would you get SHORT or LONG here? 

need more? 

... here is the 5 day 

reported 2nd quarter 2008 earnings ofUSD .93 per share on 7/29/08.This beat the consensus of USD 0.49 by USD 0.44 

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! ~ ConocoPhillips (Public, NYSE:COP)

Unusual Options Activity pays! 

The AUGUST 80's
COPHP    +3.06 (+130.77%)

.... and Diamond (DO) up 4.52% today, 120 call options up 115%!!! (some profits taken, this is 2008) 
RIO30.71+2.34 (8.25%)
HK34.34+2.49 (7.82%)
GENZ76.07+0.73 (0.97%)
AGU91.66+6.58 (7.73%)
PH68.04+1.58 (2.38%)
COP84.68+4.41 (5.49%)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Unusual Options Activity! ~ ConocoPhillips (Public, NYSE:COP)

Huge In-the-Money CALL buying??!!! 


Who likes bacon? 

BOTD buys the August 80's! 

p.s.  Diamond in the Rough?  ... BOTD also buys some (DO) calls! 

go team.

Are We Diversified? ... Bored yet?

    "crippled" SHORT BUS:  

Friday, July 25, 2008

Double Feature: Double Down!

NEW TECH is BACK! ~ Parker-Hannifin Corporation (Public, NYSE:PH)

 BOTD added (PH) today! 

 ... see the turquoise line! 


target 1 = orange line

target 2 = dark blue line

Thursday, July 24, 2008

PILLS ARE GOOD! ~ Genzyme Corporation (Public, NASDAQ:GENZ)

With our recent mental breakdown, we've decided to take some pills and scan for stocks. 

GENZ @ $75.34 

BIOTECH and DRUG stocks are the new hotness!

Earnings report caused an unjustified sell-off.  


Option lovers prescription:  GAAHO and GAAHP 

p.s.    Did anyone notice VRX hit a new 52 week high today?  

      PANTERA ~ Good Friends and A Bottle of Pills! 

UPDATE:      Break-out / MOMO pick!   

BUY on mini-pullbacks! 

AmerisourceBergen (ABC)

 #4 on the top 10 ticker list.

STEAL this IDEA! ..... BOTD move # 22

BuyOnTheDip move #22

Early or Late ... trading after is great! 

One of our early trading strategies was to wait for a good RECO to come down, then buy on the dip!   

Let someone else be "early or late" 

Here's how it works:   take our monday RECO on shorting VNO or SPG for example.   We were "early" ... both stocks went up on tuesday and wednesday, knocking us out of the trade for a loss, .... but that's where "you", being on the sidelines watching us take a 5% hit, can find opportunity.  The move is to watch the trade go wrong for the person who made the RECO, then you jump in at a better entry point.    

How about a stock like HRB?   Mr. Mortgage made the initial RECO to short HRB months ago,  we liked the idea and the source, lets see how it plays out.   We added HRB to a watchlist.  The stock started creeping higher.  Other traders began posting about shorting HRB, ... OptionAddict took a stab at it, so did The Fly, ... and when HRB topped $23 we jumped in, thinking we had a better entry point then those guys, and they're smart dudes.  Today RaginCajun pulled a "move #22" and started shorting HRB above $24  ...  you get the point. 
The main idea is to get a better entry than the person who made the RECO.   Like a bastard version of Cramer's 5 day rule .... or when Goldman upgrades a stock on a down market day, and the stock trades below their upgrade.   We are "nimble" traders and can take advantage of these opportunities.  Don't chase an idea after its already had a run, wait for "your" opportunity.   Let someone else be "early or late" and then make your play.  And remember, its OK to pass on a trade entirely.  

p.s.  what a bunch of rambling non-sense.   maybe we should stick to movies and music.  

no , wait!, we got it......  how about FASHION tips?!!   


 Wear BROWN with baby blue!!! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Movies, Music, and now ... CABLE TV SHOWS!



Petrohawk (HK) gets another haircut down 7.34% ..... 
                                                   ... (daily low of $32.37) 

   FLOYD says "next buy at $29ish"  ... go team!?!!? 

UPDATE:   disregard the above "stock talk"  .... we forgot, we quit. 


Tonight's CD:

With the Lights Out - BOX SET 


Rare live shows, uncut demos, home recordings, B-sides,  and other crap!     

This shit is awesome for the true Nirvana fans, like being in Kurt's living room drinking Natty Light.   The 4-disc BOX SET is raw, difficult to enjoy, and painfully honest.  LOVE IT.  BUY BUY BUY! 

p.s.  instead of stock trading ... we're putting the band back together! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


From now on  ... 
   ...  just MOVIE reviews, and crap. 

Tonight's Movie: FELON 

FELON beats expectations!!! 

Val Kilmer is a "sandbagging" pimp.

Have you seen my ass? part 96

600 point rally and we lost our ass!


THE SHORT BUS is out of gas.  

Being wrong sucks, losing money sucks more. 

We knew we didn't know the direction of the market, yet we "forced" a bunch of trades.  why!!?!!    we suck.  The past week has been our worst trading week ever.  

lesson #68:  don't know, don't trade. 

CASH is KING!   

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shorts "R" Us ~ Vornado Realty Trust (Public, NYSE:VNO) & Simon Property Group, Inc (Public, NYSE:SPG)

SHORT $90 dollar commercial real estate stocks! 

VNO @ $91.45 

SPG @ $90.82 
Simon says! 

TIGHT STOP LOSS = $1 upside move

~lazy traders try puts on IYR

  Vornado CEO sells BIG!  
             .... and watch John (GET) excited, Gaylord up 40%! 

Tech, Tech, Tech.... Earnings KABOOOOMs!

The BIG TECH blow up!!! .... how could we have been so right on the "idea" and so wrong on the "trade"??? 

AAPL down 10% 

TXN  down 11.5% 

SNDK down 12.9%

GOOG, MSFT, EBAY all shit the bed after reporting earnings

 .... while the one we bet heavy against seems "topless" and hits a new 52 week high!!!??!!!! 

p.s.  cheers to TraderTom, calling for SHORT on OSTK .... down 40%+ since his comment.  nice call Tom. 

p.s.s.  HK up 4.94% , AGU up 6.56% , and RIO up 2.54% 

Friday, July 18, 2008


SOLD RCL, RJF .... fuck financials and big gay boats! 

BUY more puts on HBC above $79, and IBM above $128. 

BUY more AGU, .... and hedge with puts on MOS. 

BUYING RIO!!!!  brazil is back! 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

the BIG TECH earnings KABOOOM! ~ International Business Machines Corp. (Public, NYSE:IBM)

Our readers know that we have been aggressively calling for a BOMB in BIG TECH

 ... with heavy bets against ORCL and IBM.   

We've been waiting for weeks for today's afterhours earnings reports.  

GOOG, MSFT, and IBM ... 


First was GOOG earnings, ... report comes out, stock drops HUGE, 11% initially.  nice! 

Then MSFT, reports earnings, stock down 6%+  ... getting excited! 

Our anticipation grows anxiously ..... c'mon BIG BLUE! 

IBM reports!!!  shares "halted" ... HALTED!! ... WTF!!!!  the momentum from GOOG and MSFT was sure to knock IBM down.... but with the shares "halted" , and the afterhours screen stuck at $126.25 ... we sat in disbelief as other BIG TECH traded lower.... even ORCL (which didn't report) was down 2%+ ... ...  ...  IBM finally resumed trading, in scrabbled egg fashion, only to end down .40cents.   FORTY CENTS??? .... was all our time, money, and effort betting against IBM for not?  

p.s.   and yes, HK down HUGE (-15%+) ... daily low of $36.57 ... next buy under $35, then $29 ... Faith in FLOYD.    ..... Since we can't sell HK , we add "hedges" to limit our downside risk.... HK is falling as oil and natgas takes a dump, ...when oil goes down, airline stocks, cruise ship stocks, transportation stocks go up.  In the past we bought puts on GDP as our hedge, ... this dip we added  LONG RCL.... Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL) up 10%+ hedged some of our HK losses today.   

p.s.s.  newly added TGT up 3% more and RJF up 6.65%, ... look to take profits!  


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

For Whom the "WELLS" tolls ... have you seen my ass?

Have you seen my ass?  

BOTD could have used an "inner tube floaty" today ... 

 Wells Fargo (WFC),  who always finds GOD under $26, was the excuse Mr. Market needed to FUCK the SHORTS!

  Life was "too easy" on the SHORT side, and the "too much, too quick" rule showed us again why it's a RULE. 

We took "some" recent profits in ORCL, HRB, DECK, URBN, CAT, etc  .... but not enough, we lost our ASS today! 


p.s.  POTP added more puts on IBM over $126 today ... we are confident IBM will disappoint and trade lower, thus starting the next downward leg for BIG TECH.     If/when IBM rallies prior to tomorrow's EARNINGS, we will buy more puts of power.   With our large CASH is KING position, we have money to risk, and SHORT IBM is our play.   
SHORT BUS:  holding puts on HRB, HBC, ORCL and adding to IBM

BOTD LONGs: HK, AGU, TGT .... and for some whacked out rally monkey reason , we bought RJF today.   RJF!!!???!  .... why?  we're not sure.  we just didn't want to be like everyone else and buy UYG.   Being like everyone else caused today's short killing rally.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Check out the day to day action in IBMSD. 

$2bucks to $3, back to $2, back to $3, down below $2, up above $3 ... 50% profits over and over.    our bad,  we just held in hatred.   IBMSD with a daily low of $1.55 and earnings on THURSDAY ... POTP (that means buy puts on IBM , the July & August 120's and 125's)

Oracle broke $20 today.
it's impossible to defeat the "quafiple top" , .. we win! 

 ... sold our July puts of power today for 150%+ profits. 

  *still short ORCL*   go team. 

tech, tech.... BOOM! 

p.s.  the BREAK $70 CLUB!   ~ HBC down 1.78% with a daily low of $70.31 ... PURE HATRED.  

p.s.s.  The SHORT BUS kids love TRENDY HIPPIE RETAIL CRAP, ..yay! 
URBN 28.82-0.73-2.47%

Monday, July 14, 2008

International Bear Market ~ International Business Machines Corp. (Public, NYSE:IBM)

IBM = International Bear Market

It's no secret, ... BIG TECH is ready for #2 !!!

Oracle is an $18 stock, ... DIE ORCL, DIE! 

POTP's Pure Hatred for BIG TECH resembles our love for LEH and COF ... look what happened to them.  

p.s.  and how about the BOTD LONGs?  HK up 20% since that "dip" to $39 .... and AGU back from the 80's topped $104 today.

p.s.s. FUCK HeRB and HBC you in HELL.  

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Middle of Nowhere? ... CASH is KING!

... why guess the direction of the market?

 stuck in the middle of nowhere. 

 the US economy is dead. 

 and until your house goes up in value don't get long.  Problem is the market could rally 600 points in 3 days... 

The SHORT BUS contains the same names, ... anyone bored yet?   

Ryder (R) - descending triangle ? ... just go below 60 already.  
Con-way (CNW) added to the break 40 club. 

Global Tech is slowing ... SHORT  IBM, ORCL, etc   

Financials that "aren't" at their 52 week lows ... HRB & HBC , DIE! 

Monday BUY on the DIP:   retail bounce play (TGT) 

p.s.  who went to the Apple (AAPL) store this weekend ?

Friday, July 11, 2008

HOT SUMMER Fashion! ~ Deckers Outdoor Corporation (Public, NASDAQ:DECK)

DECK down 11%+ 

POTP wins, again.

Last night we warned you about Nordstrom's lack of sales, the fairies and their HOT SUMMER boots. 

URBN down another 4%+ ... we had to take more profits! 


p.s.  The SHORT BUS kills ALL! 
DECK112.85-10.45 (-8.48%)
URBN29.26-0.48 (-1.61%)
CNW45.60-1.09 (-2.33%)
R65.86-2.59 (-3.78%)
ORCL20.96-0.33 (-1.55%)
IBM122.22-0.96 (-0.78%)
HRB22.48-0.40 (-1.75%)
HBC73.57-2.09 (-2.76%)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Why end oil speculation ... no bad card?

SymbolCompany NameLast%ChangeMarket Cap3 Mo Perf.6 Mo Perf.YTD Perf.1 Year Perf.
Mexco Energy Corporation$29.107.94%$47.4 M+512.73%+609.47%+577.39%+391.97%
Pyramid Oil Company$18.0013.92%$73.9 M+450.14%+451.68%+489.55%+480.88%
Tengasco, Inc.$2.6513.25%$138.5 M+303.45%+310.53%+367.81%+200.00%
Fieldpoint Petroleum Corporation$4.304.88%$36.5 M+279.63%+259.65%+241.67%+126.52%
Royale Energy, Inc.$8.700.46%$68.6 M+202.59%+259.34%+271.67%+131.55%