Monday, June 23, 2008

BUNGE (BG) buys Corn Products??!! ~ Bunge Limited (Public, NYSE:BG)

SHORT Bunge (BG) our SQM/IPHS agriculture hedge finally showed its true color ... YELLOW! 

Hey, lets buy a company who's products are based on CORN!!! .... Brilliant! 

We said Bunge loves $108 , today we hit our point & took some profits.  go team.  

p.s.  IPHS has been a disappointment, what to do?  BOTD added AGU today... AGRIUM's P/E around 25 (cheap) and recent upgrades, buy AGU!   ... $150 target!

p.s.s.  COFUK you!  ... our short Capital One "puts of power" hit $16.20 today  .... remember $8 bucks??  .... can you say double? .... congrats all you COFUKers! 


Anonymous said...

Good job with COF. I'm short (with options) C and DBC and doing well in both positions.

Do you think C will break through it's 52 week low? I think it will. Jim Rogers thinks it's worth $6.00.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys think there's still momentum left in GXS after a 9000% pop in three months?

Anonymous said...

What is happening with ICOGC? It Doesn't seem to be picking up on ICOs movement.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

C is garbage, will break $18 soon.

ICOGC ..hmm.. $15 is far away...gunna take some time , thats what we get for being so late.

and GXS , damn! .we dont know that one.

Unknown said...

Info on the merger of Bunge and Corn Products