Saturday, December 29, 2007


check the link yo!


Cheers to a PEACEFUL New Years!

Friday, December 28, 2007

SOLAR needs SILICON! ... BOTD adds MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. (WFR)

MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. (WFR) is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of silicon wafers...WFR common stock @ $89.50


FEB 16, 2008 $ 100.000 CALL (WFRBT : OPRA)
-0.20 (-4.76%)
...we need to $104+ by FEB 16th...go team!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

BRAZILIAN REALS are fo' reals! ~ BUY! Votorantim Celulose e Papel S.A. (VCP)

are you down with the VCP?
-0.06 (-0.20%)

the chart says BOTD!
SELL TARGET = 10% gains depending on "your" entry point ....or when we break the high of $34.55
Let's get in under $30 tomorrow....go team!

WATCHLIST ADDS: MECHEL OAO SPONSORED ADR (MTL: NYSE) ...the action in this one today was awesome....MTL hit a $106.96 52 week high then fell to $95... this one is part of the RUSSIAN MOB = MTL, VIP, WBD & OGZPY

The good ole EMC Double Down ... EMCDD!

The ticker is EMCDD!
APR 19, 2008 $ 20.000 CALL
-0.15 (-10.00%)

EMC common stock = 18.50 -0.46 (-2.43%)

Friday, December 21, 2007

The POWER of CRAMER! ~ AGRIUM (AGU) up After Hours: 68.18 +2.55 (3.89%)

say what you want...
we love the power of CRAMER!

Jimmy showcased AGU on MAD MONEY tonight! He called it his #1 AG play and said AGU was CHEAP!?!

BOTD added AGRIUM (AGU) on DEC 13 ... and today we said we'd sell when it broke the 52 week high ... AGU crushed its high, the DIPfolio booked some nice profit and tonights CRAMER LOVIN' will take us to the next level ...... go team!


7:49 AM
Agrium Raised To Outperform From Sector Perform By CIBC >AGU

+2.62 (+4.23%)

.....our next sell target is above the 52 week high of $65.03 .... we hit 64.97 so far today... so close! we'll get there....merry x-mas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


we added AGU at $58 , bought more on the dip to $55.

now above $61 .... we win!

+3.08 (+5.31%)

.... BOTD loves 5% and 10% gains!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

NOURISHING A GROWING WORLD with AGRIUM (AGU: NYSE)....sounds profitable!

AGU down 10% from's AG-rium!
AGRIUM just issued a bunch of stock at $58 bucks....and declared their new dividend. ...maybe that's the reason for the 10% decline or this market is just gay, we're not sure.
MON, POT, BG .... and now AGU!
(does anyone like TRA, TNH, or AG?)
p.s. our EXCHANGE of frosty love is going ALL electronic... (ICE) hit $180+ today!
p.s.s.....EMC was under $19 today!!!....did you add more on the dip? .... S&P did, they upgraded EMC with a $24 target.....and CSCO is climbing back nicely! TECH TECH BOOOOM!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

VOTE in our Christmas POLL >>>>

speaking of POLES ... have you seen RICK lately? ... yes the strip club ticker of choice ...we hit $25 today!
Rick's Cabaret Int'l, Inc (NASDAQ:RICK)
The x-mas Dipfolio POLL:
(pick your favorite stock'ing stuffer)

JEC & ABB * global boom!
POT & MON * smokin' daily
RIO & PBR * brazil = hotness!
CHL & YGE * CHINA solar phones?
NYX & ICE * Exchanges print $$$
CAM & NOV * OIL is $100
CSCO & EMC * the internet?
I HATE BOTD, suck reindeer balls!

Time for some WOPEY! AUSI, AUSI, AUSI ... OIL! OIL! OIL!


Australian OIL sounds hoppy!
+1.27 (+3.11%)

Dividend Yield

52 week high target is $51.54 (10/29/07)

..BOTD owns OIL all over the world!
North Louisiana, Arkansas, East Texas, Oklahoma with PETROHAWK (HK) ....
BRAZIL, BRAZIL, BRAZIL...did you see PBR today? (+8.41%) on news of MORE OIL!

p.s.... also BUY our AFRICAN CHEMICALS/OIL play!
SASOL LTD SPONSORED ADR (SSL: NYSE) .... buy under $50!

p.s..s what about some CHINA OIL (PTR) @195?..... $220 doesnt sound like to far away....does it? BOTD LOVES 5% & 10% gains....go team!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

FED CUTS 1/4 point ..... DIP logic #1 plays out.

HELICOPTER BEN crashes into the EAST RIVER! .... taking "some" of the DIPfolio with it ... fuck!!!

good thing we went to 30% CASH....and also sold some holdings before the cut/crash...monday was green and early Tuesday was green, ... and right before the FED announced you saw the spike... our DIP logic was spot on...

1) if Market goes up Monday and early Tuesday, we only get a 1/4 point cut ... market goes to shit. (SELL BEFORE CUT)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The DIPfolio goes to 30% CA$H before RATE CUT TUESDAY!

Last cut we didn't have enough reserves to make the right moves, this time we will be ready.

The Power of CASH!!! .... ..... ... we feel you Johnny!

Here is our game plan for the CUT.

1) if Market goes up Monday and early Tuesday, we only get a 1/4 point cut ... market goes to shit. (SELL BEFORE CUT)

2) if Market sells off BIG Monday and Tuesday, letting BIG BEN know that we mean business, ... we get 1/2 point cut on Tuesday and we're off to the races! (BUY BEFORE CUT)

3) if Market is flat Monday and Tuesday, we get 1/4 point and market trends slightly lower due to credit/housing debacle. (HOLD and BUY ON THE DIP)

Friday, December 7, 2007


Cramer's pick CELG is getting beat daily... we added some a while back... ... ...
now seems like a good time to add some more.

-2.74 (-4.56%)

<< we do see some big green bars, and some red ones, but the biggest ones are green? hmmm?...and there is that last big green one, that one is neat.

BOTD's next buy target for CELG = 52 week low of $49.46 ... ... ... see you then?

The rip on FARO TECH is up 8%+!!!

Check out FARO TECH (FARO) since our "RECOOOOO!"

+0.76 (+2.81%)

up 8%+ in three days since added to BOTD ....all green!

take some profits...we love those 5% and 10% gains.

p.s. WIND blew...sorry about that one...WIND reported 3rd quarter 2008 earnings of $.08 per share on 12/4/07. This beat the consensus of $0.054 by $0.026 of the 8 analysts covering this company...the stock went down and we lost money.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


DEC 22, 2007 $ 4.000 CALL (EUSLH)
...with limit buys at .35cents and sells at many times did you make this trade today?
.... with volume of 6,158 .... we hope a few!

common E*trade stock up $4.12 +0.33 (+8.71%) ..... or with the power of options 20%+ profits ... multiple times!!!

....AND our "automatic clearing house" reco from late last night..... (ACH) up BIG! $61.11+3.33 (+5.76%) ... above $62 in afterhours! did you get in under $60?

CHALCO!!!! ~ Aluminum Corp. of China Ltd. (ACH)

BUY ACH under $60!

closed at 57.78

go team ..... fuck its late...see you in a few hours.

....did you see CHNR yesterday? up 88% ...chi-ching!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Why are we loyal to E*TRADE???? (NASDAQ:ETFC)

who knows? ....but we did BUY ON THE DIP today!

... the worst thing it could do is go to ZERO.

& with the POWER OF OPTIONS us crazy? stupid?

DEC 22, 2007 $ 4.000 CALL (EUSLH : OPRA)

....for the low, low price of 35 cents!
BUY some E*TRADE for the holidays!

*****guess whats next week? ...... RATE CUT TUESDAY!!!!

p.s. The DIPfolio account is with E*TRADE ...we sure hope they dont go to zero...wink, wink :-)

NEW HIGHS FOR THE DIPfolio! ~ Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. (Public, NYSE:JEC)

JEC = NEW 52 week HIGHS!!.. TODAY $90.36 +3.92 (4.53%)

did you "dig in deep" with us on this sexy global engineer? that dip chart!

and our stoner plays c'mon MON....and our favorite ticker POT ~~~~ MON & POT new 52 week highs! (TAKE SOME PROFITS NOW!) ....thats how it works. see the dip. buy on the dip ... wait for new highs , take profits!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The rip on FARO TECH is now $3 dollars!!!!!

if you don't know this line from BOILER ROOM .... go watch the movie now.

-0.27 (-1.04%)

FARO TECH With more than 13,000 installations and 6,100 customers globally, FARO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: FARO) and its international subsidiaries design, develop, and market software and portable, computerized measurement devices.... for anything requiring highly detailed 3-D measurements, including part and assembly inspection, factory planning and asset documentation, as well as specialized applications ranging from surveying, recreating accident sites and crime scenes to digitally preserving historical sites....ear to ear baby!

SOY BEANS BABY!!! .... BUNGE (BG) hits new 52 week high!

Our SOY BEAN play hit a new high of $122.47 today!


this is how the DIP LOGIC is supposed to down 10%+ from high, wait for new highs, take some profits. repeat.

we sold more of our JAN options today, $$$$, go team...holding the rest until $150 or buying on the next dip...

Monday, December 3, 2007

We broke something .... what did you break? (WIND: NASDAQ)

-0.30 (-2.94%)

...we see 1 point down side, 2+ up ... go A-town!

(WIND) is estimated to post earnings of 5 cents a share tomorrow.... anyone got a match?

EMC option under $2!

Do you think EMC will hit $22 before APRIL 2008?

E M C APR 19, 2008 $ 20.000 CALL (EMCDD : OPRA)
-0.13 (-6.44%)

...get in now under $2, then buy more if/when it dips below $1.60 ... the internet is here to stay ... now where do we put all this stuff ? yes we've said this before and yes, we already own EMC!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

BOTD returns from 2 week Swiss Vacation! ... ABB option play up 100%!

Our pre-vacation pick pays BIG!
100%+ gains...must take some profits!!!
+0.40 (+18.60%)

ABB MAR 22, 2008 $ 30.000 CALL (ABBCF : OPRA)

BOTD's ABB target = new highs!
(next profit taking point above $32.08)

We're BACK! go team!