Friday, March 30, 2007

Taking a DIP! ...we've been on a slight vacation.

More like month end in the sales world...

We are looking for the next DIPortunity. ................
Lets go swimming!

INVESTOOLS INC (SWIM) added to watchlist...we know its related to the dreaded financial sector, but we like the form of this dive. 10's from the Norwegian judges!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

IAMGOLD hits 5% total gains ....take some profits...and CRAMERS pumps NYX!

IAMGOLD is not our favorite gold play...but it was on the dip, we added, today it hit 5%!


MAD MONEY's Jim Cramer gave New York Stock Exchange (NYX) a triple-buy-buy-buy!
The Euro deal is 95% complete and we are ready to break on through! So glad we bought on the dip at 82.....nice!

Monday, March 26, 2007

JAZ and NYX up more than 4% each today!



side note *** AAPL 95.85 2.33 2.49% ....nearing 15% total gain!

Friday, March 23, 2007

UNP 103.88 +3.51 (+3.50%) ...take that 5% gain...again!

Friday is here... and this week has been awesome!

MPEL is climbing back, we are almost even...NYX is on the up and up!....SPAB was a fun trade to start the week...HAL took a dump, but our DIP LOGIC of taking gains at 5% and 10% made for a nice overall profit.

....the DIPfolio is alive and well!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Scotts is growing!!!! SMG up 2.7% since reco!

SMG - Scotts Miracle Gro
+0.61 (+1.42%)

***remember to take some profits at 5%!

AND ..... NOBL @ 18.88 +0.57 3.11% ..... hits our 10% profits point...we love ODD BALL gain 12.11%.

RYCEY at 48.90 ...up 2.73% since we added!

LONDON - BAE Systems (BEAS) and Rolls Royce have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to co-ordinate customer service contracts for the UK's Ministry of Defence and other worldwide customers.
The agreement builds upon the companies' success in working together to support the UK's RB199-powered Tornado fleet by unifying airframe and engine maintenance, Rolls-Royce (other-otc: RYCEY.PK - news - people ) said in a statement.
'We believe that by aligning our resources we can deliver a quantum leap in capability for our customers and better meet their requirements, said Martin Fausset, MD of Rolls-Royce Defence Aerospace.

***side note*** check out the dip on BEAS....hmmmm..

One that got away....XOM...doh!

EXXON MOBILE (XOM) 74.70+1.47 (+2.01%)
XOM up over 6% since our RECO, ...too bad we pulled the plug ...doh! ....patience is a virtue...too bad we don't have much. Live and learn.

We called higher gas prices and increased oil demand...and XOM was on a dip...arg!

original XOM POST on March 6th As for XOM ...we reiterate "rise in gasoline prices"...and again this stock gave us a chance to get in at our target entry point of 70. Did you buy on monday? we did! check out the chart:GET READY for record summer heat and gas prices! BUY XOM, drink water CWT, and look for us to add a utility soon! GAME ON!

side note*** MPEL still climbing back!!!! ... 16.94 +0.36 (+2.17%)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Can we have BEN talk everyday!!!! DOW jumps 150+

The DIPfolio got some love today from our boy BEN BERNANKE!

ABDE goes long on earnings report! 43.30 +2.56 6.28%
---nearing 15% TOTAL GAINS!

OMTR is clip-happy! up 30% since we recommended....18.68 + 1.03 5.84%

NYX 88.29 + 4.14 4.92% ....very happy we didn't listen to the negativity and bought on the dip at 82!!!! This one's going to 100! PAR BABY!

MA cracks 110!.....110.70 + 3.21 2.99% (take the 10% gain!!!!)

MPEL 16.37 +0.63 (+4.00%)

DIPfolio Update:

There is some exciting action in our favorite soon-to-open CHINA CASINO!!!

Watchlist update: SMG added - SCOTTS MIRACLE GRO

SMG current share price $42.42

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (Scotts Miracle-Gro) is a marketer of lawn fertilizer, grass seed and growing media products within the United States.

Look at that sexy dip!!!!

JAZ 4.33 +0.11 (+2.61%)

JAZ TECH jumped overnight! Our influence is amazing..haha...

And.... ADBE on earnings!!!!! 42.74 + 2.00 4.91%....we are up 13.43% total!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jazz releases some news about tech stuff (thats good , right?)

Some quick news about our newly added JAZ! This Tech stuff is a bit over our heads, but it is nice to hear positive news after we recommended this one an hour ago!!!! We do acknowledge that TECH is out-of-favor right now...and chips have underperformed, but this one is a bit unique! Lets give it a shot!

March 20, 2007 03:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Jazz Semiconductor Announces Availability of Industry Leading 0.18-Micron Bipolar CMOS DMOS (BCD) High Voltage Process Jazz BCD18 Process Enables System-on-Chip Architectures for Complex Power Management Applications

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jazz Semiconductor®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jazz Technologies™, Inc. (AMEX:JAZ) and an independent wafer foundry focused primarily on specialty CMOS process technologies, today announced the availability of its 0.18-micron Bipolar CMOS DMOS (BCD18) high voltage process targeted at complex power management and smart power applications up to 40V. The Jazz 0.18-micron process offers advanced CMOS, a combination of bipolar devices, as well as high voltage CMOS and DMOS transistors for use in complex power management chips including driver ICs, battery and portable power management, power control for PC products, Class-D audio amplifiers, and many other consumer, communications and computing applications.

New 52 week low for X-apple executive "blank check" company!

Watchlist added:

Owned by 3 x-Apple executives...we like that, i think.
52 - Week Range
4.11 - 5.89
3/20/07 - 5/24/06

current price = $4.22

HAL shares took a dump 30.76 -1.64 (-5.06%)

Still above our entry point of 29....but damn!

Another great example of why we take gains at 5 and 10%.....lock in profits!

see excerpt from post from FEB 23rd:

WINNERS: HAL crosses our 10% gain level!!!HAL $ 32.04 +0.53 (1.68%) take some more profit$.

GOOD THING we take gains at 5%!!!

SPAB back to Earth!

-0.0099 (-1.55%)


We have a WINNER!

+0.02 (+3.13%)

total gains over 6%!!!!! and its only 7:30 pacific time!

One more penny! c'mon SPAB 0.65 +0.01 (+1.56%)

Just added SPAB, and looks like so did a few others....that 3cent swing is worth 4.84%....sell at .66!

Get that 5%!

.... or for the less risky, take gains now...4.8% is close enough!


NEW BUY: Lets see if SPACE is the PLACE!

-0.02 (-3.13%)

remember this is a TRADE, take profits at 5%!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Let's take a Rolls Royce to the moon!


Rolls Royce Group (RYCEY) Last 47.60...... luxury style, and we aren't talking about autos...

SPACEHAB (SPAB) Last 0.64 .....BIG DIP, risky, soon to be delisted? check out the chart. They are cutting jobs and restructuring, potential turn around candidate!

Play that funky music! Monday and the DIPfolio is all green!

After a long, hard St Pattys Day weekend...
the market opens with GREEN! very fitting!
You spin me right round!
No new adds or watchlist....this weekend was a bit fuzzy.....look for new buys tomorrow.

Friday, March 16, 2007

VIX 16.99 +0.56 (+3.41%) --- SELL!!! take profits if you haven't yet!

"scared money don't make none!"
we win!

TOUCHDOWN!!! TAKE 5% gains..16.50 +0.07 (+0.43%)

Hey that took about 15 mins....nice gains.
Are you still scared?

3/4 of the way there $16.19 -0.24 (-1.46%)

VIX ...vapor rub? or volatility index.

VIX - half way there 16.00 -0.43 (-2.62%)

VIX on the bounce!!!!!

ODD BALL Friday! WOW it worked!

NOBL 17.85 +1.01 (+6.00%)

take profits as usual! ....again wow!

IAG and SYY the other two for ODD BALL FRIDAY, are both the the green!!! ....but NOBL the auto welder/supplier gave us an instant WINNER!!!

We added NOBL last night as it hit the DIP radar down big, then today announced they will buy Arcelor for $300 million. Shares bounced off the dip almost 10% to high of $18.22... so it luck, call it timing, we don't care which!

Thursday, March 15, 2007 word on the street is EXCHANGES, exchanges, EXCHANGES!

Our obsession with exchanges started with ISE... Jan 31st we saw the dip...then amazing support at 40... Feb 1st.. ...followed by a BUY BUY BUY...since then nothing but green and gravy!

We bought NMX at the opportune time.
See the dip:
Buy the dip: On the same night that CRAMER bashed our beloved China Hotel (MPEL) ...we said can't not buy NMX @ 119! that means BUY BUY BUY!
Sell and take some profits, ***note we even recommended selling at $133.

So now what?

Let's speculate on some odd balls!

IAMGOLD (IAG) $7.60 ...geez, wonder what they do?

NOBLE INTL LTD (NOBL) ...$16.84 ...oops not the oil play, the auto welders!

SYSCO (SYY) ... $32.55 King o' FOOD! ...opposite of tech...right?

P.S. WATCH out for CHINA tomorrow and the US market in general...we seem attached at the hip...they started the day down a bunch. Be careful or hey!, ...pick a favorite, watch it & BUY ON THE DIP!

P.S.S. get out of USO and XOM....up 1% on XOM and down 1% on USO, we are about even and don't think either have the exciting growth we are looking for....sorry for the lame ducks...we still like higher gas prices and oil demand, but these stocks aren't it right now.

ICE to buy CBOT, new offer bests CME.

Let the BIDDING WAR begin!

CME aka The MERC....CME offers 8mil for CBOT....ICE beats offer at 9.9mil....shares of ICE dropped due to the cost of acquisition...but once they lock in the deal, look for nice long term growth from ICE.

We added ICE as a trade, it gave us a quick 5%, and now almost back to our entry for another BUY.

the news:

BOT jumped 194.95+28.86 (17.38%) ....a nice testament as to the power of the exchanges!

ICE down to $128.10 -3.83 (-2.90%) on the thought of spending 9.9 for re-buy.

CME down to $532.88 -31.09 (-5.51%) ....and news is they are up'ing their bid too....uhhh ohhh..bidding war.

Lets watch this action, overall this should result in positive news for the exchages as a whole...attracting new buyers to our babies, ISE, ICE, NYX, NMX!...CME down 5%+....hmmmmm....can you say buy on the dip?!

Exchanges = cha ching!

Cameron DiazGOOD MORNING, shake yo' booty!!!

NMX 135.31 +7.75 6.08%

ISE 47.1694 1.40 3.06%

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Round 2.....fight!

Our morning post referenced Mike Tyson's Punch-Out as the market started the day in the RED:
remember in the first round... "don't block" & "don't punch" ....just duck and dodge and wait for the second round...then attack!

Today was a great example of just dodging and waiting for the next round...round 2 came in the afternoon as BUYERS jumped in and said FU to subprime!


XOM is a slow grower, but finally starting to climb....71.02 +1.11 (+1.59%)

MPEL our biggest loser in the DIPfolio to date, we were down almost 20%, and then we got a nice rally to end the day @ 15.27+0.70 (+4.80%)

MA we took our first 5% gains in the Mastercard today....we still cant believe it was under 100. (original DIP post)

ICE added mid day on the DIP ....rebounded nicely to end the day 131.93 +2.92 (+2.26%)...if you added on our RECO you'd be up 4.29%....take gains at 5%!

Winner: Mastercard - we added under 100, and now up 5%, take gains as usual

MA 105.91 +2.05 (+1.97%) take 5% profits!
watchlist update:

ICE 132.59 +3.58 (+2.77%) ...we just added to the watchlist today at $126.50...... love those exchanges!

We are exchange happy....watchlist added ICE


-2.51 (-1.95%)

ICE said on Tuesday that its London ICE Futures platform posted new open interest records Monday exchange-wide, as well as for WTI and Brent crude.

***state of the market update*** We feel like LITTLE MAC vs. Mike Tyson in Nintendos "Mike Tyson's Punch-out"....007-373-5963 (code to Tyson)...remember the first round "don't block" & "don't punch" ....just duck and dodge and wait for the second round...then attack!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sweet Sexy and Black!

USO headed up!

+0.71 (+1.44%)

Monday, March 12, 2007

HAL pumps!

AHEAD OF THE UPGRADE: NEW YORK, March 12 ( - Analysts at Capital One SouthCoast maintain their "buy" rating on Halliburton Company. The target price is set to $51.

Tonight Cramer gave another "ALL HAIL HAL" session...Cramer got behind this stock months a much higher entry point...and has been waiting for the KBR spinoff.

>See the dip...we added HAL on post #1 when we started Notice HAL hasn't dropped below our under 29 entry point!

Chuga-chuga-choo-choo! ALL ABOARD!

UNION PACIFIC FULL SPEED AHEAD! UNP 101.39 +2.65 (+2.68%) .....up almost 4 % since we added last week. Remember to take gains at 5%!


NMX 129.27 +3.40 (+2.70%)....up over 8.75% since we added last week! Remember to take our second set of gains at 10%!

AND one of our biggest holdings APPLE is having a nice day too. AAPL 89.85 +1.88 (+2.14%) gains nearing 7%.

WATCHLIST Update: LIOX was up at the bell, and then droped below our previous post price point of $5.24, & if you bought on the dip you'd be up nice on the day....Day's Range 5.19 - 5.34....End of DAY 5.33 +0.09 (+1.72%)

Watchlist Update: OIL is sinking! BUY some OIL!

USO 49.25 -0.86 (-1.72%)
under $49 would be nice &
we know patience is a virtue~
AND ....NMX says 7 million shares in 2nd offering. Shares up +1.47 (+1.17%)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

NMX sells the future...and it's damn SEXY!

WINNER: NMX 125.87 +6.98 (+5.87%) NYMEX sells futures in coffee, sugar, cocoa, cotton and orange juice! NYMEX also slings futures and options in crude oil, natural gas, heating oil and our favorite --> gasoline! And On COMEX, customers trade metals futures and options contracts, including contracts for gold, silver, copper and aluminum.....THE BIG NEWS on FRIDAY...NMX announced that they will offer only 5-10 million shares in secondary offering as opposed to prior announcement of 19 million shares...the thought of less supply made shares jump 6%...CHEERS to our freshly anointed, widely coveted favorite new exchange! *****be careful at 50-day moving averages at 127.00/127.39

Watchlist update: USO & LIOX

USO - United States Oil Fund - current price $50.11 -1.18 (-2.30%) ... we followed the BIG dip in OIL over the past 6 months from 70 to 44....we started at the end of Jan. After one of the best single months for the market in on the dip opportunities seemed like the only way we could get into this HOT MARKET. USO has been on the rise since mid JAN, and now at 50 down big on friday... -1.18 (-2.30%)... lets ride USO from 50 to 55!!! (establish DIPostion under 50 or 49 for the more patient/daily watchers)

LIOX @ $5.24
ONE WORLD = ONE LANGUAGE (or atleast a translatable one) **with the help of Lionbridge
Lionbridge Announces FY 2006 Results; Reports Record Revenue of $419 Million
First Full Year of Combined Operations Drives Year on Year Revenue Growth, 200% Increase in Adjusted Earnings, Record Cash Flows and more than 250 Million Words Through Logoport(TM) Language Platform across more than 10,000 users!

Friday, March 9, 2007

NMX JUMPS!!! ohhhhhhh we got it right!!!!!

we added yesterday, we posted about it three times over the last two days...we blasted the google and yahoo finance message boards, BUY NMX!!! ...did you listen?

MNX 126.15 +7.26 (+6.11%)


take some profits as usual, but we like this one!

HAL tops 10% gain...again!

HAL upgraded - Calyon Securities upgrades HAL from Neutral to Add. Target $36 to $41. current price: HAL 32.22 +0.49 (1.54%) DIPfolio position: added on post #2 at $28.76!

Added yesterday...
NMX - just added and on the rise! 120.14+1.25 (+1.05%)

Added on MONDAY , so far so good.....
CWT - 39.12 +0.81 (+2.11%) ... TUES, WED, THURS, and so far FRI all in the green!

UNP - headed over 100 and same story (4 green days since we added) Day's Range 99.17 - 100.50

XOM - we are half way there with a 2.5% gain so far! (gas prices on the rise, we predict record highs in gasoline)

MPEL set to open on a trial basis April 28th! - Jim who?

NEW YORK, March 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Melco PBL Entertainment(Macau) Limited "Melco PBL Entertainment", a developer and owner of casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities focused exclusively on the rapidly expanding Macau market, announced its Crown Macau Hotel Casino("Crown Macau") is targeted to complete construction and open on a trialbasis on April 28, 2007. The Crown Macau is scheduled to formally open to the public on May 9, 2007, and a grand opening event will be held on theMay 12, 2007. "We continue to make excellent progress at Crown Macau. Our construction program remains on schedule and we look forward to the trial opening," states Simon Dewhurst, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Melco PBL Entertainment. "Against tough deadlines, our construction has progressed relatively smoothly, a testament to our Crown Macau contractors and staff."

Thursday, March 8, 2007

We got CRAMER'd....MPEL sent to the SELL BLOCK

MPEL - our favorite under construction Chinese casino, which Cramer has repeatedly pumped, got sent to the MAD MONEY SELL BLOCK today... the 20% loss is too much for "Jimmy Boy" and he's pulling the for the DIPfolio, we are holding strong for the open of the CROWN as per our original thesis. The Crown is said to be compared to the Bellagio in Vegas, the epitome of high-end...the Asian population is crazy for gambling and luxury accommodations... We bought this "speculative", China HOTEL stock in a country and industry which had HUGE gains in 2006 and Jan 2007....thus money is pulling out in every direction, and now with Jim's painful departure we watched as MPEL tumbled to a new low afterhours.

MPEL @ $15.50??? :-(

SUDDEN DEATH: Jim did give the thumbs up to UNP which he owns for his Charitable Trust, which we recently added and have seen some nice action!
p.s. NEW BUY: We thought more about NMX and at $119 we can't not BUY! (that means BUY BUY BUY!)...the 52 week low is 115.07...

WATCHLIST UPDATE: NMX added - & yes we love the exchanges!

NMX down over over 15% lately...we just want the 10% gain on the bounce!

END of DAY = Last 118.89 LOOK TO ADD tomorrow!! and sell at $133!

SUPER SPECULATIVE: Our American IDOL play is CKX Inc. (CKXE) on a dip from 14 to under 12...speaking of under 12...hehe... did you see the pics of Antonella Barba?

Ride the Rails with #1 - UNION PACIFIC

FORTUNE magazine has named Union Pacific the most admired railroad in its America's Most Admired Companies list. For the second consecutive year, Union Pacific was named the U.S. railroad industry leader in key attributes of reputation on FORTUNE's annual list of Most Admired Companies.

UNP 99.50 +2.00 (+2.05%)

SIDE NOTE *** BFLY back in the green from our last buy at $1.06... This morning 1.09+0.03 (+2.83%)...we lucked out as NORDSTROM, SAKS and others report strong quarters and same store sales, BFLY gets a boost...we'll take all the luck we can get right now :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ahead of the upgrade - NYX ....water ends flat.

S&P Marketscope - March 07, 2007 2:34 PM ET
NYX83.90 -2.44

We believe this operator of the NYSE and NYSE Arca exchanges is well positioned for an increasingly global competitive environment. We view as positive NYX's acquisition of Euronext, pending necessary approvals, and the product and geographic diversification it will bring. Despite the risks associated with integrating Euronext, rolling out hybrid trading, and implementing Reg. NMS, we see '07 as a positive transformational year for NYX. We estimate '07 EPS of $2.38, and '08's at $2.88. Our 12-month target price of $98 reflects a P/E of 41X our '07 estimate, a premium to peers.

SIDE NOTE***** did you take 5% gain in CWT like we recommended, it ended at 38.14+0.03 (+0.08%)....the diphilosphy of taking gains at 5% and 10% is there to LOCK IN PROFITS!

WATER is the essence of wetness! CWT 39.26 +1.15 (+3.02%)

and wetness is the essence of beauty! - zoolander


California Water Service Group...
on the rise once again! We called water over the weekend...take our usual 5% gain today!

CWT 39.26 +1.15 (+3.02%)

& XOM 72.46 +1.46 (+2.06%)...gasoline prices on the rise!


Watchlist update: Mastercard falls 100.78 -3.21 (-3.09%)

Look to BUY under 100! MA bounces between 100-110 often, lets get that 5% and 10% gains!!!

AND....CWT, XOM, and UNP all in the green today, so far...!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Healthy Dividend & Clean Water = Quality of LIFE! ...did we mention higher gas prices;-)

California Water Service Group (CWT) was added to the watchlist over the weekend. We try to give three new stocks each week with entry points. If you read Saturdays update you saw we added CWT, XOM, UNP...our thoughts were on rising gas prices and rising temperatures. We said to buy CWT under 37. The stock gave us two opportunities. One on Monday, and again at today's open... CWT was today's biggest winner.

CWT 38.11+1.36 (+3.70%)

37 was our magic number!


As for XOM ...we reiterate "rise in gasoline prices"...and again this stock gave us a chance to get in at our target entry point of 70. Did you buy on monday? we did! check out the chart:

GET READY for record summer heat and gas prices! BUY XOM, drink water CWT, and look for us to add a utility soon! GAME ON!


AND (UNP) ....UNION PACIFIC is under our entry buy target of 97...with high gas prices, thoughts are of an increase in rail use. We dont see as big a potential return here as the other two, but we are still confident in UNP 96.21+0.10 (+0.10%)...Prudential hit it with a neutral rating and a $102 target...Merrill targets $ know we love 5-10% gains....let's ride the rail and find out!

ROOOOOOOOO train part 2! and 3!

Watchlist update: our pick for "video on the internet" is back! We added on the dip and today ROO Group...RGRP 3.70+0.32 (+9.47%)

Extended Hours added more gains!!!:
Last 3.835
Change +0.135 (+3.65%)

take usual 10% gains...

Beauty is a joy forever!!!!

The Rule says that you should take emotion out of your investment strategy...and not get too excited, but what a beautiful day!


ISE is so HOT right now! .....ISE has been our biggest winner to date.....and today ISE 47.85+4.01 (+9.15%)

NYX 86.34+5.75 (+7.13%) - our biggest holding! we bought the dip at 82!

MPEL 16.76+0.86 (+5.41%) - we are still down, but today helps our confidence in waiting for the CROWN to open! People want to own this stock, and we are all-in.

(if you bought on the recent dip, remember the Diphilosphy of taking gains at 5% and 10%)

Ahead of the Upgrade - XOM & ISE

NEW YORK, March 6 ( - In a research note published yesterday, analysts at Banc of America Securities reiterate their "buy" rating on Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM.NYS). The target price has been raised from $80 to $85.
XOM 70.68+0.70 (+1.00%)

International Securities Exchange up 7% at $46.89
Banc of America Sec upgrades Neutral to Buy. BofA upgraded ISE to Buy from Neutral and raises their tgt to $58 from $56, saying they expect volume strength to continue for the near-term, and believe ongoing structural catalysts (increased institutional trading, penny pricing, portfolio margining), to help support volume growth in the event volatiliy subsides.

Monday, March 5, 2007



The Bears won the open, again, as the market started the day down big. Then the "dip buyers" came in and pushed us in the green, only to finish the day in the RED.....Buyers continue to buy on the dip, but all-in-all the market and our stocks are trending downward.

So what do we do?

HOLD - AAPL up 1% on the day, and with our DipPosition at 83 (current price of 86)
- NYX with DipPosition at 86....our largest single holding. (current price of 81)
- CSCO is back to our OG entry point, hold for 5% gains.
- ABDE gave us 5% and is still up overall, hold for next 5%.
- AMGN hit its 52 week low today, but finished up.
- HAL finally had a nice run, we took some profits...still in the green!
- TWX down 10%, ...dont feel like taking this loss. hold.
-, ouch, down 12%, might as well just hold for the CROWN!
SELL - SBUX , as much as we loved this one, PE is to high, and growth too slow. (sell at 30)
- BFLY we are kicking ourselves for this reco, an internt retailer, wtf? (stop loss 5%)
- CPKI we love pizza, but peace to the restaurant industries for now...(stop loss 3%)
- SWY stop loss at 4%...look to rebuy after next big dip, we see one coming!
BUY - yeah right! nothing now, we have enough capital invested in the market at this time. Need to see some gains before investing more...lets ride this one down with our current positions~

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Weekend Upgrade and Watchlist Updates

Saturday Upgrade for MCO - we bought on the first dip, and held through the second, now with two upgrades we are looking for our 5% gain. NEW YORK, March 3 ( - In a research note published yesterday, analysts at Bear Stearns upgrade Moody's Corp (MCO) from "peer perform" to "outperform."

WATCHLIST Updates: We try to bring three new buys per week, and from our last post we gave a few sectors to avoid...we searched long and hard for some safer plays and looked for high dividend...Exxon Mobile (XOM) is down 10%, we feel that gas prices are on the rise watch to add under 70...&.... California Water Service Group (CWT) was recently upgraded and was down 4%+ on to add under 37. AND last we like Union Pacific (UNP) another play on rising gas to add under 97.

Friday, March 2, 2007

The Big Brown Bear - market correction in full effect.

Where's the bottom? ....we search long and hard!
The week we've been waiting for has finally arrived. Now what?!? We wanted a dip and we got one...from China to San Diego...Gold to in a wreck, quality schmality, hot is cold...and we are in search of a bottom.

Nothing worked this week and thus we've changed our mind set to fit the current market. So in answer to the big question...where do we put our money? let's start with where not to put our money...and we learn the hard way.
1) Retail dipped end of 06...and has had its 15% run in both low and love left.

2) Financials and housing are tied to the sub-prime debacle....stay away.

3) Healthcare is too volitale and tied to industry regulations

4) Tech is favorite growth sector for this decade but...wait another month or two.

5) ANY STOCK S THAT HAVE BEEN HOT OVER THE PAST 8 MONTHS...any big winners have given back Jan gains this week, and look to be giving back 2006 Q4 gains in the coming for another 5-10% correction in ALL previous BIG WINNERS...big money is taking gains, scared money is taking gains, recent buyers that were late are taking small losses, & new money is waiting on the sidelines...wait for the DIPS and then buy in stages on the way your favorite STOCKS and buy the dips, establish position! AND lets beat this bear!!!

NYX up on Euro record volume!!!!!!! BFLY dives ...ROO bounces!

NYX on EURO news!

we reup'd on NYX at 82....and NYX is our LARGEST DIPfolio holding. Today helps.

+3.48 (+4.26%)

AND our BOY BLUE (BFLY) , takes a the movie and in life he dies...hmmmmm....

-0.07 (-6.42%)

(stop loss at 10%).....side note $1.01 held nicely...hope we dont have to test it again.

AND yesterdays WATCHLIST ADD bounces like a good ROO should!

RGRP 3.80
+0.05 (+1.33%)
(if you added on our reco, take gains at 5% and 10%)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

You're my BOY BLUE! ...BFLY reports earnings and dips more than usual!

On TUESDAY we watched as BFLY dropped with the rest of the market. Then on WEDNESDAY it hit our original BUY TARGET of $1.12, then shot up to $1.21....we listened to the conference call, we know our lady CEO blaming the weather is BS, but 73% increase in sunglasses in DEC shines bright..hehe...and this morning, within the first half hour, BFLY dropped below our $1.12 target....a bit timid on the sidelines until mid day when BFLY hit $1.06. BUY BUY BUY! New DIPfolio POSITION established at $1.06

BFLY Last 1.09
(take gains at 5% and 10%)

Jump on the ROO train!

ROO Group, Inc. is a digital media company engaged in providing products and solutions that enable the broadcast of topical video content from the customers' Internet Websites.

We started watching this stock when added ROO as their VIDEO on demand provider. Since then both stocks TSCM and RGRP have skyrocketed up almost 50%!!! only to retreat 15% this week....we believe that video feed content is a HUGE GROWTH story! And ROO is in the sweet spot as Cramer would say.

AND have you seen ARTG over the past 10 days...up over 10% (6% today)...niche internet stocks are on a mini-rally ...check out ADBL.

ALSO check out CSCO ....we bought the dip at the end of JAN, sold near the top and now its back and below where we originally bought in....very interesting!

DOWN HUGE again in AM, buyers say BUY THE DIP!

We logged in this morning, and watched the DOW drop 150+ pts.....then the buyers came in and pushed the market back to even. We picked up some more NYX at 82 bringing our Dipfolio average to 85ish for NYX.

On a bad note...STZ fell off the map. You would think with all the BIG DIPS folks would head for the bottle, but this drunk stock just got a DUI........down 13%+ today....and hit our 10% stop loss for the DIPfolio. we got dipped.

This week has hurt much of our portfolio gains, we are still up overall because of our motto to always take gains at 5% and 10% (with early wins in CSCO, A, BFLY, HAL, ISE, ADBE) but hanging tough (with recent stop losses in STZ, FMD) (and note that NYX, AGMN, SBUX and TWX are down overall)....

On a better note...

AAPL hangs tough!

+3.188 (+3.77%)