Thursday, May 31, 2007

NRG ENERGY INC.... (NRG) 88.00 +1.69 (+1.96%)

5%+ gains !

and its been a whole two days...

new 52 week high today!

original buy reco:

Roo Group gets an upgrade!

ROO Group Started At Buy At Cantor Fitzgerald NEW YORK, May 31 ( - Analyst Boris Markovich of Cantor Fitzgerald initiates coverage of ROO Group Inc (ticker: RGRP) with a "buy" rating. The target price is set to $3.50.In a research note published yesterday, the analyst mentions that the company is a leading provider of IP video application services. ROO is expected to generate revenue growth of 60% in FY07 and 81% in FY08 due to an anticipated 40%-50% jump in the online video sector in the forthcoming years, the analyst says.

+0.49 (+21.30%)

we're back in the green....go Dipfolio! (take some profits)
most recent buy post:

(this bouncey ROO keeps making us money,

5%+ gains for everyone! (TSCO) (RIO) (FD) all pay!

+0.97 (+1.85%)

+0.47 (+1.20%)

+0.76 (+1.70%)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

FD soon to be just M.

We added Federated on the DIP....and its starting to climb on positive consumer spending news...we see 5%+

+0.43 (+1.11%)
and we love "one letter tickers"....FD is soon to be just "M"......Macys rocks!

This BULL MARKET is too strong!

NRG up
+1.33 (+1.58%) ....up nicely...

+0.02 (+0.04%) .....atleast its green...

+0.20 (+1.26%) .....our baby is above $16 again...makes us happy :-)

+0.92 (+2.25%) ..... keeps climbing fast...Brazil IS THE HOTNESS!

and even ....TRACTOR SUPPLY (TSCO)
+0.52 (+1.00%) ....

SELLOUTS!...MONTH END = traders take profits ....again...

Look out below!!!!

selloff in ASIA and US
....blah, blah.

Get your shopping list out, we love the dips!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Watchlist adds PCG and NRG....take your pick...West vs. East

really? a public utility...check out the PCG chart

PCG $49/share.....

....we have paid PG&E a pretty penny over the years and we hear they are charging more everyday. BUY ON THE DIP. PG&E has taken our money for years, lets profit from it!

or NRG Energy (NRG) $84.14 (down 3%+ last few days)....with a ticker like NRG, how can we resist? and this helps..

NEW YORK, May 29 ( - Analyst D Eggers of Credit Suisse maintains his "outperform" rating on NRG Energy (NRG) The target price has been raised from $86 to $109.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Beauty is a joy forever - John Keats, red, red, red, (buy on the dip)...GREEN!

we want that 5%+ gain!!!! (is that too much to ask?)

HAPPY DIPoliday Weekend!

Viva Brazil!

Before the close yesterday we said to BUY ......RIO, SBS, & TSCO....all are up nice!!!!


yesterday was a nice opportunity, did you buy the dip?

we did. this market is too strong!

we said Brazil is sexy.....


Last 6.16
...and ANF paid 5%...2 for 2 on this BUY RECO POST:

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sao Paulo in the house!

Brazil is a beautiful place.

Hot women and hotter growth!

$$$$$ BUY ON THE DIP $$$$

RIO 41.72 -2.22 (-5.05%)
everyone has loved this stock, we added some on the last dip, and made money, ...we are adding again. go RIO!

SBS 39.01 -1.06 (-2.65%)
Sao Paulo Brazil water infrastructure play!
Eric Bolling from Fast Money called this one.

Teen what? ...the dipper rolls on! not the biggest win, but its green!

+2.20 (+2.72%)

$$$$$$$$ BUY ON THE DIP $$$$$$$$$$$

WATCHLIST ADDS grocery domination!

down from high of $30...we see new highs over the next 6 months....go team!

Tesco PLC is an international retailer. The principal activity of the Company is food retailing with over 2,000 stores in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan and China.


200 stores in CALIFORNIA?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

LVLT .....more love for the dip! 6.12 +0.32 (+5.52%)

hmmm..that was almost too easy.

piggyback Cramer.

Teenspending reports today for ANF! ..... .... do naked people wear clothes?

The consensus of the 25 analysts covering ANF for 1st quarter 2008 is a per share value of $.65.

Mean Estimate:
High Estimate:
Low Estimate:

[audio] Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Earnings Conference Call (live today at 4:30 pm ET)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


+0.23 (+4.16%)
....5%+ gains! ...

Monday, May 21, 2007

LVLT moving up....

We mentioned LVLT as a DIP PLAY, we figured Cramer would pump it up and some good news would come about...

+0.23 (+4.31%)

HK hits 52-week high ....oil on the rise!

PETROHAWK soars on!
+0.32 (+2.06%)

Friday, May 18, 2007

SUMMER LOVIN' watchlist adds ANF prior to earnings, and take SIX for a ride this summer...

So hot right now...

Summer is here, time to bust out the bikinis and go on "day-cations"... we see record summer heat, travel and teen spending...who cares about $5 gas...

We took a trip to SIX FLAGS (SIX) Magic Mountain in SoCal the other day...the rides made us a bit dizzy in our old age...but the kids had a great time: rides, games, food, good ole captive American commerce at its best...As we sat and ate a caveman sized turkey leg and a large soda (no alcohol in the park?! who's idea was that)...anyways....we saw group after group of teenagers all wearing "Hollister" brand gear...backwards hats and t-shirts with the A&F all screamed BUY AMBERCROMIE & FITCH (ANF) before earnings next week!!!!

...and might as well buy (SIX) why we are at it, $6/share sounds good for a summer play! we see a bottom....

and its a summer sexy one!

RGRP 2.35 -0.22 (-8.56%) .....old name, same idea....quick trade...lets buy in!


ODDBALLS pay! ....and our video game play is going up, up!

....opened at $1.05...look at the rise!
+0.029 (+2.68%)


+0.0025 (+5.00%) ...that was easy!



up 2.5% since our call.....

+0.26 (+1.37%)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

ODDBALL FRIDAY picks ... the internet is a fad!

-0.039 (-3.48%)

just release more shares, which usually isn't good, but at $ price is a bargain...right? and those new folks can't sell for a while...

-0.05 (-7.25%)

This stock is a piece of poo....but we've watched it long enough and we see a tell. They call us and email about new websites and buying their stock, blah, blah....just a day trade, that's it.

-0.009 (-15.25%)
This "odd ball" , down 15% yesterday, recently announced that it has significantly enhanced its suite of products by integrating two intelligent grid applications into its core BPL communications platform for use in both overhead and underground systems.

and one more ...
...summer is coming...airlines? no... travel? spending is a growth story!

-0.45 (-1.59%)

on the big dip from $38/share in late April...very trippy bro...!

Interesting Article from Jan which plays into our DIP THEORY!

If a Stock Drops 5 Days in a Row, Should You Buy It?
By Ashton Dorkins & Larry Connors
TradingMarkets.comJanuary 26, 2007 10:00 AM ET

What happens to stocks that close up, or down, consecutive days? Most people would say stocks that close up consecutive days are strong, and stocks that close down consecutive days are weak. This type of thinking makes perfect sense. After all, it feels good when a stock you own keeps going up, and bad when a stock you own keeps going down. Therefore it's only natural to think strong stocks go up and weak stocks go down -- therefore you should buy strong stocks and sell weak stocks.

However, our research shows there is an edge in stocks that have declined three or more consecutive days.

Consecutive Up/Down Days
We looked at over seven million trades from 1/1/95 to 6/30/06*. The table below shows the average percentage gain/loss for all stocks during our test period over a 1-day, 2-day, and 1-week (5-days) period. These numbers represent the benchmark which we use for comparisons.
We then looked at stocks that made exactly three consecutive up/down closes, all the way to stocks that made exactly seven consecutive up/down closes. Here's what we found:

Consecutive Up Days
Stocks that closed up exactly three consecutive days, on average, underperformed the benchmark 1-week later (+0.14%).
Stocks that closed up exactly four consecutive days, on average, underperformed the benchmark 1-week later (+0.02%).
Stocks that closed up exactly five consecutive days, on average, showed negative returns 1-week later (-0.11%).
Stocks that closed up exactly six consecutive days, on average, showed negative returns 1-week later (-0.30%).
Stocks that closed up exactly seven consecutive days, on average, showed negative returns 1-week later (-0.40%).

As you can see, the statistics show even greater underperformance each step of the way.
This research shows that traders should avoid buying stocks that make consecutive up days and aggressive traders may consider short selling these stocks.

Consecutive Down Days

Stocks that closed down exactly three consecutive days, on average, outperformed the benchmark 1-week later (+0.36%).
Stocks that closed down exactly four consecutive days, on average, outperformed the benchmark 1-week later (+0.54%).
Stocks that closed down exactly five consecutive days, on average, outperformed the benchmark 1-week later (+0.63%).
Stocks that closed down exactly six consecutive days, on average, outperformed the benchmark 1-week later (+0.82%).
Stocks that closed down exactly seven consecutive days, on average, outperformed the benchmark 1-week later (+1.06%).

In this case, the statistics show even greater out-performance each step of the way.
This research shows that traders should look to build strategies around stocks that make consecutive down days.

AHEAD of the upgrade! TPTX gets some love!

Rodman & Renshaw upgrades Mkt Perform to Mkt Outperform. Target $13. Rodman & Renshaw upgrades TPTX to Outperform from Market Perform and sets a $13 tgt, based on their lead molecule, tezampanel, as a promising candidate for the treatment of migraine headache and believe the peak market potential for tezampanel could exceed $850 mln

+0.55 (+8.27%)

it took a month....but we got that 5%+ gain!

original BUY RECO post:

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WATCHLIST update: RUBO down 10% the last 8 days...

so we can't catch Chipotle (CMG), or maybe we could get in now, but the chart scares us, so we look for an alternative...we do love a good burrito, and like Cramer says Mexican is the new pizza. ...and RUBIO's just signed a new advertising deal that should bring some hotness to their salsa.
and the Wifes love the fresh mex... RUBO added to watchlist, look to buy on the dip!
CURRENT PRICE = After Hours: 11.34
52Wk High:

also added: MACY's aka Federated (FD), ...and... an old Cramer Pumper (LVLT) ...and one more...Activision (ATVI). FD we have made money on before and still like MACYs model, CEO, and Alfani brand. And LVLT is just on a DIP and we can see cramers SPEC play of the year getting some additional Cramer love soon...along with CSCO. And ATVI is our Wii video game play...currently under 19, we see a quick 2 pts. go team!

also rumor around the campfire is to SHORT ,
....DELL (Last 25.96) and MOT (Last 18.30)
...any thoughts? .... if they continue to rise look for us to SHORT these names in the next few days.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What the MPEL ?!?!?!!!

This is awesome...

-1.09 (-7.23%)

NEW 52-week LOW!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

the joke continues.... BFLY 1.15 +0.07 (+6.48%)

and we are back up again....does anyone else love this?
We sit and laugh, take gains, rinse, and repeat.
so nice.

BFLY ..bzzzzzzzzzzz....

up, down , up down, 5% up , 5% down..
Busy lil' fly!
still our day trading fav...its almost comical.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

BEND was fun

sarcasm is fun too.

Losing money isn't, today sucked.

&...bad timing on MPEL. :-(

BUTT did you see RGRP today!

Last Trade:2.74
0.19 (7.45%)

...take that, take that.

WATCHLIST UPDATE: shopping list: RIO, NMX, (5%+gains potential looks good) both have their issues, but we made money on NMX in the past and kick ourselves about RIO daily for not getting in sooner....happy friday, go team!

WAKE UP!!! Today will be a telling day...

RGRP daily volume has been slowing until this morning.
<---see the big green buy...we like.
RGRP 2.69 +0.14 (+5.49%) ....we bought at $ know what that' money!
BFLY jumps after hours, but the fly swatter came out and slowed our roll....
HK news gets mixed reviews...14.94-0.33 (-2.16%)
.....lets wait til our boy speaks....buying opportunity trick?....

May 10, 2007
Q1 2007 PETROHAWK ENERGY CORP Earnings Release - 12:00pm ET
May 10, 2007
Q1 2007 PETROHAWK ENERGY CORP Earnings Conference Call - 10:30am ET

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

HK reports and our favorite M&A target CEO speaks!

"Petrohawk continues to focus on operating margins. We are committed to our low-risk, low-cost drilling programs in North Louisiana, expansion of our Fayetteville Shale program, and the application of tight gas sand completion expertise,” said Floyd C. Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We plan to continue our strategy that encompasses drilling within cash flow, hedging to protect our program from commodity price risk, and maintaining a balance sheet that supports flexibility and opportunity with the primary objective of delivering value to shareholders.”

Petrohawk Energy Corporation (NYSE:HK; “Petrohawk”) today announced first quarter 2007 financial results with cash flows from operations before changes in working capital (a non-GAAP measure) of $142 million for the quarter, or $0.85 per share, a 123% year over year increase. Before adjusting for non-cash items, mainly generated by a mark-to-market of future derivative contracts, the Company reported a net loss of $19 million, or a loss of $0.12 per fully diluted common share, for the quarter. Net income for the quarter reached $29 million, or $0.17 per fully diluted common share, after excluding selected items (see Selected Item Review and Reconciliation Table). Revenues were $209 million, a 103% increase over the same period one year ago.

Hey, this all sounds good, and the stock has done nothing but go up since our RECO! ...lets watch tomorrows open and potentially take some profits...although this is our STOCK OF THE YEAR and M&A target of choice...our sites our on $20/share!

BLFY reports earnings and this time they didn't blame the weather!


Extended Hours:
Last 1.26
Change +0.09 (+7.69%)....Ba-Ba-ba-BOOyahhh!


MPEL on the rise once again... (remember to take gains at 5%+ profit)
+0.41 (+2.49%)

MPEL set to open!

watch this, then BUY MPEL on this dip! go team!

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Melco PBL Entertainment (Macau) Limited (NASDAQ: MPEL) a developer and owner of casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities focused exclusively on the rapidly expanding Macau market, confirmed that the Grand Opening of Crown Macau will take place as scheduled on May 12, 2007.
The original public opening date of May 9, 2007 has been moved to augment the opening festivities into one extraordinary event. Highlights will include a gala party for 1,700 invited guests featuring a live show produced by the internationally acclaimed Dragone Group, a spectacular fireworks display, and a chance for the first visitors to Crown Macau to win HK$3.8 million in prizes.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

With the market selling off a bit today..we had a complaint about "too much text, where are the hotties?"

ask and you shall recieve....

Ms. Lima loves the DIP!

...... Adrianna says,
"I dip , you dip, we dip"

RGRP ...another win!

+0.14 (+5.38%)

we said we liked to trade this one....
bought two days ago at $ look!

can you say PHASE III ? holla!

Aastrom Biosciences Inc. (ASTM) said the Food and Drug Administration cleared it to begin a 120-patient Phase III clinical trial to treat osteonecrosis, also known as avascular necrosis, of the femoral head. Osteonecrosis is a progressive disease that often leads to a total hip replacement.

Extended Hours:
Last 1.56
Change +0.12 (+8.33%)

we added this oddball a few weeks back....

TAKE SOME PROFITS as usual ....we love those 5 and 10% gains!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

FIG tree pays....too bad we just watched.

we added to the watch list but the dip ended and now its too late.... FORTRESS (FIG)

closed at:
+0.71 (+2.40%)

Extended Hours:
Last 30.98
Change +0.73 (+2.41%)

we saw promise in this one....hmmm...shucks!
original post:

NEW 52 week high for HK! $15.22 ....

now lets see if we can end the day above $15.....we were getting sick of hitting our head on that ceiling....looks like we might have broke through today...45 more mins until the bell....go team!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

our baby HK breaks the coveted $15/share mark...lets see if it holds.

PETROHAWK (HK) 15.02 +0.41 (+2.81%)

a whole lot o' buyers!

Watchlist update: Does money grow on trees?

if the tree is a FIG tree!

recent hedge fund IPO ....we like FIG at 28.

+0.16 (+0.56%)

RTI on the big dip....NEW BUY!

(RTI) $80.39

See the dip, buy the dip!

RTI International Metals, Inc. (RTI) is a United States producer of titanium mill products and fabricated metal components for the global market. The Company conducts business in two segments: the Titanium Group and the Fabrication and Distribution Group (F&D).

Check out who they service and supply:

F&D's products, many of which are engineered parts and assemblies, serves aerospace, defense, oil and gas, power generation, and chemical process industries, as well as a number of other industrial and consumer markets.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

BFLY opened at $1.05 ...hit $1.10 and is back....hmmm

The trade we recommended paid.

Use limit orders for your buy and sell targets, this one moves fast...

take profits and repeat.