Monday, June 23, 2008

RIDE "NATTY" RIDE! ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:HK)


DIPfolio highlights:  HK up 8.5% , XTO up 4.53%, PDE up 3.08%, NE up 4.88%, ICO up 2.06%, JRCC up 3.64%, BUCY up 5.24% ... lastly STEEL, Goldman Sacks adds (X) to conviction buy list, hmmm... AKS up only .045% , GGB down 1.69%, .. c'mon pin-action?!!

go team. 

p.s. Happy with Cappy!!   CPST up 3.6% ... new 2 year high!


BUY ON THE DIP said...

United States Steel Corp. is best positioned among steel companies to benefit from higher steel prices, a Goldman Sachs analyst said.

Aldo Mazzaferro added U.S. Steel (nyse: X - news - people ) to the bank's "America's Conviction Buy List" in a note to investors Friday. He also raised his price target to $228 from $210, implying he expects a 25 percent return on shares in the next 12 months.

Mazzaferro said he expects a recent increase in steel product prices to boost annual revenues by about $1 billion and add $5.70 per share in yearly earnings. He raised his profit outlook for the next three years.

why didn't we just buy X? doh!

AKS option players .... remember AKS reports JULY 22nd after the july option expiration... trade accordingly.

BUY ON THE DIP said...


nice job on KBH.

down 8% in 5 days.


new lows coming soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I also mentioned CP which is up quite well too.