Friday, February 29, 2008



+2.633 (+7.19%)

....if you joined us on SMN, today was nice and the next two weeks look even better.

CB Richard Ellis Group, Inc. (Public, NYSE:CBG)
-1.47 (-6.83%)

... lesson learn'd = persistence and patience.

p.s. did anyone see the SHORT BUS kill lil' Dean the milkman ? (DF) dead.

Play the CHINA Battery bounce...

BOTD adds CBAK ... the china popper from last on the dip under $4

Monday, February 25, 2008


YES, yes, yes... we suck ..... 

SMN and CBG*short both kicked us in the nuts... sucks being on the WRONG SIDE of the TRADE.

The commodity boom of FEB 2008 has been amazing ... who knew? not us.


p.s. RJA hit another 52 week high today, $12.92! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

COLDWELL BANKER is a DOG! ~ CB Richard Ellis Group, Inc. (Public, NYSE:CBG)

 SHORT the CBG.  up almost 5% today, we had get back on the SHORT BUS.  

wanna buy a house?

above $20 start a new SHORT POSITION on CBG.  

Or with the "power of puts" ... try CBGRC .... for .75 or .85 cents, wow!   

for the short term players:
...    CBGOD!    ...    how can we fail
(low of .80cents for the MARCH 20 put today, get in under $1)  

stock pops = buy puts = p.o.p. 

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Tonight we decided to go to CHIPOTLE to pay our respects.

We asked for this one to go under $100. we win!

After Hours: 94.26 -14.39 (-13.24%)

We got the big decline , time to take PROFITS!!!
(we will not give back gains in 2008)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


With the recent BULL RALLY & RETAIL numbers being good, our only explination is....

STOP PAYING YOUR MORTAGE = extra cash to buy crap at retail stores!

America is funny, we just keep spending.

Max out those credit cards, buy your kids new solar powered bikes, charge a 90" plasma TV to your best buy account, and get into more DEBT that you can't pay back.

How long can it last?

We got word from friends at CFC that they are FREEZING 100's of socal HELOCs. Makes sense right? Why would the bank keep that loan open with your house value going to shit.

THIS RALLY WILL FAIL. write it down, take a picture, IDGAF.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

RJA up too much = BOTD gets "ultra" short with (SMN)

Our "safe" commodity play (RJA) is supposed to be a slow 52 week high on FRIDAY, up 3%+ .... thats a bit toooo much. So what do we do? take more PROFITS, we will not give back gains in 2008. What do we do with our profits, flip it and get "ultra" short. Thats how this market seems to be going, anything up too much gets slapped down. 

BOTD gets "ultra" short with (SMN) ... 43.06 -1.60 (-3.58%)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Whats in your burrito?

the BOTD chipotle(CMG) short play pays! in 2008!

Get under $100....

we added our CMG puts on the pop ... how could CMG go higher? a restuarant stock, P/E above 60, a 125+ stock price, was a "hot" stock, ..... we just knew the $4 burrito couldn't last at those levels.

p.s. sorry for the lack of posts, we just cant get LONG stocks right now, and the SHORT game is risky (ben and george could attack again at any moment) .... cash is cash, cash is KING!

sure, we missed the last run up in the financials, the homebuilders, lame retail stores, but our CASH keeps us warm at night. 10% SHORT , 10% LONG, 80% CASH....still waiting.

p.s.s. we took some profits in our CMG short today, DONT GIVE BACK GAINS in 2008!

RJA hits new 52 week HIGH TODAY!

nice to see one of our few longs hitting new highs.

go team!