Monday, June 30, 2008

Q2 ends on a "natural" high! ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:HK)

With recent complaints about "homie shit", naked boobs, and the "off topic" lack of substance in our posts .... hmmm... is it time for lengthy stock-only posts full of reason and research?  nah!  we'll save that for Cramer and the hordes of "real" analysts. 

No one can complain about Petrohawk (HK) or BOB ... can they? 

p.s.  Last nights $5 dollar SPEC oil play worked like magic... 

~ abracadabra! 

ABP up 8%+

BOO   - yah

Horizontal wells = Vertical Profits! ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:HK)

FLOYD!  HK announces that it has completed its initial horizontal well in the Haynesville Shale. On June 27, 2008, the Elm Grove Plantation #63 was placed on production. On June 29, 2008, the well produced at an average rate of approximately 16.8 million cubic feet of natural gas per day with 5,600 pounds flowing casing pressure on a 26/64" choke. The pilot hole drilled on the well encountered approximately 212 net feet of Haynesville Shale. The targeted interval in the reservoir was at 11,005 feet true vertical depth, and a lateral of 3,880 feet in length was drilled. The completion of the well included eleven stages of fracture stimulation. The Elm Grove Plantation #63 is located in Section 9 - Township 16 North - Range 11 West, Bossier Parish, Louisiana. The co is currently drilling three horizontal Haynesville Shale wells and expects to have six operated rigs drilling Haynesville Shale wells by mid- September, 2008.

PETROHAWK (HK)  $47.80 +4.84 (+11.27%)   .... Faith in FLOYD! 

Sunday, June 29, 2008


          SHORT BUS? .... short trucks!  

Ryder (R) $69.82 and Con-Way (CNW) $46.37 
       ... with the HIGH price of diesel, SHORT BOTH! 

Sunday Night ~ $5 dollar ~ Spec OIL play ... abracadabra! 
         BOTD adds (ABP) Abraxas Petroleum!

Friday, June 27, 2008

The SHORT BUS to PROFITS! ~ International Business Machines Corp. (Public, NYSE:IBM)

 IBMSD ... what does the SD stand for ? 

$3.50 (+ 22%)  

 up 50%+ at one point and a great "team" entry this morning!  

MUST TAKE "some" PROFITS in 2008!   

How fun is it watching the DOW die, as the DIPfolio profits?

there is no reason for the "general" market to go up.  no support. just pain.  but with respectable gains in IBM, ORCL, BG, CAT, YZC.  Call us what you want, we didn't want to go into the weekend without taking some deserved short bus profits. COFUK it.  If you've read the site for the past month or more you know we've been patient and worked hard to get here.   



PETROHAWK (HK) up 4.65%, if you didn't buy this week and you know the "team rules", shame on you.  homework: call Floyd and tell him you are sorry.  

XTO, NE, PDE, BWP etc... LOVE to DRILL and lay PIPE!  

AK STEEL (AKS)  after buying MORE on the "sexy pullback" gets S&P500 lovin' ... up 8%  

JRCC, ICO and BUCY the "late to the coal party" crew stumbling around drunk waiting to get higher, 4:20 bro! 

AGRIUM (AGU) is LOVE.   buy on the dip anywhere under $110. 

Happy with CAPPY (CPST) .... turbines! 

Who loved Stillwater (SWC) and (PAL) today!  rock on! 

go team. 

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The SHORT BUS adds BIG BLUE! ~ International Business Machines Corp. (Public, NYSE:IBM)

How about the good old $120 to $80 rule? 
upside 10pts max, downside more. 

we don't actually think BIG BLUE will go to $80, but a few points means big options profit! Option Lovers:

     try IBMSD under $3
(guess what the SD stands for...) 

cheers to success in ORCL, ha! 

SHORT BUS passengers:  ORCL, IBM, YZC, BG, CAT, fuck URBN, and of course COFUK em' all!

p.s.  sorry about RICK down another 8%,  strip clubs in a recession? even with HUGE GROWTH, not the best idea with a busted consumer.  *still long and losing money*  

p.s.s. AK Steel (AKS) just replaced CFC in the S&P 500
        ... kiss of death? or BOTD! *steel long and losing money* 

HK HK HK!  ... Faith in FLOYD! 

The END of Suburbia? ...LONG ENERGY! 

A Crude Awakening ... LONG OIL & NATGAS! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What is Democracy? ~ Oracle Corporation (Public, NASDAQ:ORCL)

     Nothing is real but PAIN!  ~ DIE ORACLE! 

     ....    After Hours: 21.77 -0.78 (-3.46%)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BUY the PULLBACK??!!?!

HK down 6%

AKS down 2%

AGU down 5% 

JRCC down 8%

RICK down 3%

Angie says ...

 "pullbacks are sexy"

 ... BOTD! 

Insider Activity: Under the Boardwalk ... BWP!!
director of natural gas pipeline operator Boardwalk Pipeline Partners LP indirectly bought 13,552 shares of stock, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing Monday.

In a Form 4 filed with the SEC, Andrew Tisch reported he bought the shares through a partnership for $23.98 to $24 apiece Thursday and Friday.

p.s. today sucked.  

p.s.s. huge call buying in NLY ... add as a hedge. Fuck banks, but we like to have one on the books for fun.  WFC fucked us last month, lets see if NLY can do the same. 

p.s.s.s ORCL earnings = HATRED ...and Death to CAT! *short both* 

Monday, June 23, 2008

please don't ruin our party!


 - Ben Bernanke July 24th 2008 

RIDE "NATTY" RIDE! ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:HK)


DIPfolio highlights:  HK up 8.5% , XTO up 4.53%, PDE up 3.08%, NE up 4.88%, ICO up 2.06%, JRCC up 3.64%, BUCY up 5.24% ... lastly STEEL, Goldman Sacks adds (X) to conviction buy list, hmmm... AKS up only .045% , GGB down 1.69%, .. c'mon pin-action?!!

go team. 

p.s. Happy with Cappy!!   CPST up 3.6% ... new 2 year high!

BUNGE (BG) buys Corn Products??!! ~ Bunge Limited (Public, NYSE:BG)

SHORT Bunge (BG) our SQM/IPHS agriculture hedge finally showed its true color ... YELLOW! 

Hey, lets buy a company who's products are based on CORN!!! .... Brilliant! 

We said Bunge loves $108 , today we hit our point & took some profits.  go team.  

p.s.  IPHS has been a disappointment, what to do?  BOTD added AGU today... AGRIUM's P/E around 25 (cheap) and recent upgrades, buy AGU!   ... $150 target!

p.s.s.  COFUK you!  ... our short Capital One "puts of power" hit $16.20 today  .... remember $8 bucks??  .... can you say double? .... congrats all you COFUKers! 

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Profitable Pipeline Partnerships! ~ Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP (Public, NYSE:BWP)

With all the attention on SHALES, SHALES, SHALES!   

Natural gas transportation demand is on the rise.  Boardwalk (BWP) enters 10-year pact with Chesapeake (CHK) for Fayetteville Shale pipeline ... and holds another 10 year agreement with (XTO) ...  hmmm... what happens when Haynesville needs additional out flow?  

Boardwalk Pipeline's (BWP) current price $24 , ... lower than the recent $25.30 per share, 10 million public offering.   BWP offers a 7.75% dividend yield.    

Love to lay pipe? 

... go team! 

p.s.  Earnings Watchlist:  North American Energy Partners Inc. (NOA) provider of heavy construction, mining, piling and pipeline services in western Canada reports EARNINGS on Monday ... big volume on Friday, new highs ?? 

p.s.s.  "There Will Be Blood"  .... must see!!!  

 Go buy it, rent it, or watch online (click) .... it's FLOYD! 

Friday, June 20, 2008

Water from Dorking! ... WINNER! ~ Cascal N.V. (Public, NYSE:HOO)

Wetness pays! 

Cascal missed earnings, stock goes up 33% in 3 days.  

$14.00 +1.40 (+11.11%) 

Rural water is the new hotness!!! 

the BOTD "late to the" COAL TRADE update:

JRCC up 6%+,   ICO ended at 12.50 as promised ... YZC down 7.84%!!!  ...we started a BUCY "dip" position today ... and what makes all this possible?  Steel! STEEL!  

STEEL THIS BLOG! ~ Gerdau SA (ADR) (Public, NYSE:GGB) & AK Steel Holding Corporation (Public, NYSE:AKS)

Steel has been flat for the past month...options expiration!    


GGB just split ... under $25

OptionAddict loves AKS ... under $70 

p.s.  ICOGC = ICOGoCoal,  we bought more today ... and started a "dip" position in BUCY.

p.s.s.  Who wants to buy a bank?  

Thursday, June 19, 2008

JIM, FLOYD, & The Haynesville Shale! ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:HK)

Fayetteville, Terryville, Elm Grove, and Woodford are nice....but It's all about the Haynesville Shale! 

Who was first in the HAYNESVILLE SHALE?  Floyd.  

If you follow the Energy or Natural Gas've probably heard of The Haynesville Shale Natural Gas Field.  Researchers are saying that the Haynesville Shale could be as big as the Barnett Shale, which is estimated to produce around 29-39 Tcfe's in the future.  This would make it one of the biggest U.S. gas finds in history.

The first two companies to issue conference calls about the Haynesville Shale, were Goodrich Petroleum GDP and Petrohawk Energy HK.  Soon after, Chesapeake Energy CHK came out and also said it was there as well. Another company, EXCO Resources XCOhas 100,000 acres and just increased its capital budget by 90 million for the Haynesville Shale Play Project.

June 17th, 2008....  
GMX Resources GMXR adds additional Haynesville Shale Acerage
June 16th, 2008....  
EnCana ECA establishes substantial land at Haynesville Shale
June 16th, 2008....  GDP and CHK strike a deal
June 10th, 2008....  Berry Petroleum BRY Announces it is at Haynesville Shale
June 10th, 2008....  
XTO Energy XTO buys Hunt Petroleum; now at Haynesville Shale
Cabot Oil & Gas COG gets serious about Haynesville Shale on June 4th
Cubic Energy QBIK has announced on June 2nd that they did some drilling also.
Mainland Resources MNLU has announced on June 2nd that it will drill as well.
Penn Virginia PVA announces successful drilling May 30th

- from 

Who's your friend? ~ North American Palladium Ltd. (Public, AMEX:PAL)

PAL is our new friend.  
Who likes clean air? 

 Higher palladium prices are coming!
        ... remember the run back in February.  

Don't forget ... stillwater! (SWC)  .... "I AM A PALLADIUM GOD!"

Kill the Energy Rally!?!! ~ BUY COAL!

Yesterday we bought JRCC & ICO .... this morning up 5% and 3%+ , both made new 52 week highs!  Is it that easy??? is coal this sexy?? ...blah, blah...  Then came the HAND OF DOOM!  ... Did we buy the top in coal? is the run over? Adam mentions interesting timing in COAL put buying today...hmmm...  ICO down 7% ... we had to buy more!   

With options expiration tomorrow, look for ICO to head toward $12.50 ... next week the energy rally is ALIVE!   ~ BUY ON THE DIP! 

p.s.  YZC SHORT, our DIE CHINA COAL hedge, ... down another 4.65% ;-) 

p.s.s. Non-Petrohawk owners? did you buy HK today?  ... "team rules"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Late Night XTOFuN Breakout Propaganda! ~ XTO Energy Inc. (Public, NYSE:XTO)


Green line passing a purple line?  "breakout!"

NEW HIGH $73.01 
more XTOFuN? 
"yes please!"

p.s. SD, that stock is money! that CEO is money! our readers are money!  BUY. 

Can't beat em? ~ International Coal Group, Inc. (Public, NYSE:ICO) & James River Coal Company (Public, NASDAQ:JRCC)

Today we broke down and bought COAL!

JRCC 59.30+4.76 (8.73%)

ICO 13.28 +1.09 (8.94%)

BOTD Options Activity: ICOGC = ICOGoCoal!

Coal for x-mas? try ICOLC ... big volume.

p.s. yes, we are extremely late to this trade, sure we called coal in January adding BTU, saying CHINA and INDIA love COAL! ... but we got out way too soon ... now we chase. not the best idea. who's coming with us?

p.s.s. we're still short YZC , ...death to china coal ...and hey, now its a nice hedge. go team!

p.s.s.s. SQMazing !!! up 6.13% vs. BG down 2.35%

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Call the COPS! ~ C&D Technologies, Inc. (Public, NYSE:CHP)

LAKERS LOSE ... season over.  

BuyOnTheHigh adds C&D TECH (CHP) $8.97 ... with our success in CBAK, time for more battery power ... CHP is a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of electrical power storage systems for the standby power market.  

California Highway Patrol ... BUY CHiP on the DiP! 

BOTD is HK, HK is BOTD! ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:HK)

FLOYD & BOTD celebrate victory. 

BOTD pick of the year 07 & 08 ... HK is BOTD! 

Trade the options, HKGG up nearly 200% within days, we took some profits as HK broke our wimpy $39 price target.   Still holding HKGH .... and LONG the common stock until CHK buys HK.    

We won't sell until Floyd sells. 

UPGRADES:  Shares of Petrohawk Energy Corp. extended gains for a third consecutive session Tuesday after Raymond James raised its price target to $64 from $54.

On Monday, HK gained 5.4% following a price target raise to $70 from $40 at BMO Capital Markets. 

New "team" rules:

1) must own HK
2) must buy options if HK ever falls 5%+
3) can't sell common stock until floyd says so. 

go team! 

p.s. who's happy with cappy!   .... as promised CPST broke $4 today, NEW HIGH of $4.18!  

FLOYD. ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:HK)

Petrohawk at $38.50 

HKGG wins!!!! 

100%+ PROFIT! 

BOTD is HK, HK is BOTD.  39? 

...SQM NEW HIGH $51.25, thanks Cramer! 

Monday, June 16, 2008

Why can't we not be SOBER? ~ Innophos Holdings, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:IPHS)

Dipfolio Highlights:  RICK up 1.5% , CPST up 3.25% , V up 2%, AAPL up 2.59%, SQM up 3.75%, ENG up 9.36%  ....  and our baby HK up 5.47%! 

Waiting like a stalking butler ... FUCK ORCL! 

AG stocks on fire, we sold a bunch of SQM last week for HUGE profits, Cramer pumped it again tonight, hmmm..... and with our BG puts stuck at $122ish, ... today we added SPEC play Innophos (IPHS)!  Drunk? Stoned? Sober? ...!  

 go team. 

p.s.  want more wacky Pot? ... Western Potash from Canada (WPX)  $2.15 +.33 (18.13%) 

p.s.s. no coal? no solar? ... cheers to a few of our readers calling for SOLAR stocks over the weekend, SOL up 12%+ SOLF up 15% ... and why don't we own JRCC yet? Shorting coal was asinine, ASS #9 .... YZC worked sort of, but PCX is a fucking rocket.  Had we just bought both we'd own coal and be up 30%+ ... doh! 

Saturday, June 14, 2008

3G iphone .. Black or White? ~ Apple Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:AAPL)

Apple (AAPL) is RED! ... down 7%+ on the week, with a Friday low of $165.31 ... 

Black or White?  ... Steve Jobs is alive.

Thinner, Faster, Cheaper, Stronger! 

  With June option expiration on Friday, let's wait for the dip below $165 and BUY the JULY 160 and 170 CALL's! 

.... an apple a day Steve, c'mon!!



Legal Prostitution? ~ Rick's Cabaret Int'l, Inc (Public, NASDAQ:RICK)

Call the DIP SQUAD!!! 

Rick's Cabaret (RICK) completes private placement at $20 share.   Buys 2 strip clubs! 

.... a restaurant with sexy "raw costs"

Our original RICK RECO was at $8bucks ... the cover charge has gone up a bit.   Will strip clubs feel the "Great Recession"? ... is $20 the new bottom? shorty get low, low, low!  


Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Feature Film: 4:20 to YUMA ?

Who's HAPPY with CAPPY? ~ Capstone Turbine Corporation (Public, NASDAQ:CPST)

 CPST up 8.5% after initial earnings afterhours 10+ drop.  

 HAPPY with CAPPY!  ... Capstone (CPST) BOTD! 

Did someone say "backlog"

  458% increase, to$27.9 million! 

last years total rev only $21 million.  What do you get when your backlog is bigger than last years total sales?  ...  a winner with a big booty!  

go team!  

p.s. to the OldMan who said, "you screwed the pooch" ... please believe!  

Thursday, June 12, 2008


LAKERS up 20+ in Q1

then gave it all back and lost GAME 4

... must take profits in 2008.

Shuttlesworth Saves!

SHORT LIST update:

HUGE "put" buying in BG today, normally trades 3000, today 19,000! ... but in Laker-like fashion BUNGE(BG) fell 7 points this morning, only to end the day down 2.

Oracle (ORCL), down 5.79% in the past 5 days, is an $18 stock! ... why does e*tard still show $21.86??? ha .... we might even short (N) as our hatred for ORCL grows stronger.

YZC up 4%,

** SPEC "bottom picking" PICKS for Friday! **
India bounced today, up big!! ... will the momentum continue! or dead cat?
BOTD adds The India Bottom 5 (IBN, PIN, IFN, TTM, WIT)

That's That ... smoke break? ~ Philip Morris International Inc. (Public, NYSE:PM)

The Liars of Lehman send a few of their own out for a "permanent" smoke break ... FUCK EM! 

After the Lakers GAME 3 win ... BOTD added PMGJ! 

take some "SMOKING" profits ... 75%+ in 2 days! 

Daily High of $2.10 

go team, go Lake Show! 

p.s. yes, CPST reported earnings, missed by a few pennies, stock was down 10%+ ... settled at $3.25 (-4.69%)  ... nice backlog ...  "BUY more CPST on the DIP!"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Great Recession of 2008 ~ Part 666

LONG Highlights : HK up 6.5% , HKGG up 33.33%, XTO up 4%+, and last nights PMGJ up 25%, was up 50%+ twice today.  go team! 

SHORT LIST : COFUK up 10%+, CAT down 1.5%, BG up .5%, ORCL down 2%, YZC down 3.75%, and lastly our "just for fun leftovers" ~ LEH 25's JULY & OCT  ...haha...we never thought LEHm would actually get there, closed at $23.75  ... shorting LEH has been a dream come true. pure hatred pays! 666! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

LAKERS WIN! ... Late Night Smoke? ~ Philip Morris International Inc. (Public, NYSE:PM)

Unusual Options Activity in Altria (MO) ....hmmm .... we like Philip More (PM)!   ...ah, umm, ...we like Gisele More! 


Option Lovers try:

    ... $1.05ish... 

Gisele loves BOTD!!! ... and buying Marlboro lights in other countries with non-dollars! 

COFUK you! ~ Capital One Financial Corp. (Public, NYSE:COF)

Puts of POWER - WINNER! (again) 

Remember last time we traded COFUK from under $8 to over $12?   .... we did it again! 


Take some profits, dude bro!   

p.s. we sold a bunch of SQM today, HUGE GAINS, still short BG.  SNCR = ouch.  XTO finally broke that $70.00, new high, but closed RED ... and of course, HK down 7% at one point, we added HKGG at $2.20!   go team.  

Monday, June 9, 2008

TRUST FLOYD , not JIM! ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:HK)


Last:  37.06
Change:  +1.61 (+4.54%)

Cramer gives HK the BULL HORNS:

 "Petrohawk is a $48 stock masquerading as a $35 stock!  .. HK is one of the lowest-cost producers." 

Hey Jim ... Have you met FLOYD and his map? 


Fayetteville, Haynesville, Woodford, & MORE!  

 FLOYD says
  "I bought shales on the dip.  Now they are worth a whole lot more.   You want em? pay up suckers!" 

TURBINES!!!! .... get your TURBINES! ~ Capstone Turbine Corporation (Public, NASDAQ:CPST)

  Capstone Turbine Corp (CPST) down 12.79% in the last 5 days.   Wind , Oil, Biofuels, Natgas ... they all need TURBINES! 


$3.41 -0.22 (-6.06%) 

52 week high = $4.04 

... reports earnings on the 12th after the close.

SQMazing! ~ Sociedad Quimica y Minera (ADR) (Public, NYSE:SQM)

SQM up 9.67% !!!

10-1 RATIO-split = SEXY! 

~ Voodoo CHILE ~

... yes, our BG puts lost money, today.  But that's kinda the point with a HEDGE, right? 

Sunday, June 8, 2008




...boring trade so far. 

Our SQM hedge trade.

BOTD owns puts on BUNGE (BG) @ $122+ 

Quadruple Top?

Oracle is an $18 stock. 

go team! 

Insufficient Funds & Negative Money ?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Double Feature: Mr. Galikanokos ... repeater!


THE DOW loves 12,000!!! ~ part 83.

NO JOB?  nice spike in unemployment today, guess what? 
         next announcement will be worse.  trade accordingly. 

FOOD = $15 Lunch, $50 dinner ... one word = CORN (chart click here)   SQM up 56.18% in a month, pays for breakfast with Howard (SBUX) lunch & happy hour at (EAT), don't forget dinner at (RUTH) ... guess who's short (BG) at $122+?

CAR = $100 tank of gas  ... not yet? wait a month or two 
... can BEN save us? Baracktopussy? Mc'Cain'Donalds
    FLOYD can! HK up 100.06% YTD ... keeps the BMW full! 

 might as well SELL the HOUSE.  why own a palace of depreciation?  
sure, the write off is nice ... but the payment?  ... no problem. 
 SHORTING LEH paid the mortgage for the next year!  

... zero balance compliments of "puts of power" on Capital One. Justice! (still COFUKing)

CELL PHONES =  VeryImportantProfits from "calls" in VIMPEL COM! 
... we'll never sell AAPL, 3G! 3G! 3g! ... SNCR hit $14.99, our target was $15+.  We took some profits, as did many of our readers.  congrats! (still long SNCR ) 

CABLE BILL =  our Scarlet (LPL) trade last month paid the (TWX) bill.  want more entertainment? our SPEC plays pay! ... (NOG! , CFSG) $10 stock that go to $12 ... (ENG), the 3rd winner out of four, hit $12 today, take some profits ... go team!  (we added puts on ORCL today, quadruple top!?! , down 3% ;-)


 ... hmmm ... what's left? 

This lovely Market ... go team! 

p.s. (RICK) down 10% today, 
   ... what are their "raw costs"? haha. 
have a nice weekend.  

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The WEST is the BEST ? ~ Lakers Lose Game 1

         The End. ....  that's only game #1.   go LAKE SHOW! 

Heaven's Kitchen ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:HK)

... serving up FAT GAINS! 

Two Letters = HK

+3.55 (11.35%)

Petrohawk up 34% in 5 days!!!!!

NATGAS risotto?   

p.s.   SQM is SQMazing!  up 12.48% today  (NEW HIGH $44.91) .... we don't want to sell SQM yet, .... solution =  BUY  "puts" on BUNGE (BG) tomorrow AM at $122+ 

p.s.s.  SNCR up 4.26% today!  ... Dennis "2.3 million" Phelps, the insider buyer who gave us the confidence to go LONG SNCR!   thanks for the lead ... next catalyst: Apple's WWDC event MONDAY 9th ... 3G!  

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Water from Dorking? ~ Cascal N.V. (Public, NYSE:HOO)

WATER IPO on the DIP! 

  $11.61   (HOO) 

... the United Kingdom, South Africa, Indonesia, China, Chile, Panama, Mexico and The Philippines  ... HOO needs water? 

BEN LOVES WELLS FARGO! ~ Wells Fargo & Company (Public, NYSE:WFC)

SMALL POSITION SPEC BUY in WFC call options ... buying a bank? about as crazy as shorting coal, eh?


.50 (-16.67%)

JUNE 27.50 CALLS:  WellFargoCoFuckYou! ... we hate the banks as much as the next guy, but at $26 WellsFargo finds miracles ... our plan  = buy WFCFY tomorrow on the dip! (we are willing to lose our entire initial investment, fun)  

p.s. Bank Of America (BAC) hit 52 week low today...hmmm...

DIE CHINA COAL , DIE! ~ Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. (ADR) (Public, NYSE:YZC)


$96.64 -11.063 (-10.27%)


.... still down on patriot (PXC) , darn ... but YZC gains made this trade profitable!  go team! 

p.s.  SNCR upgraded! ... up 3%+ 

p.s.s.  HK is GREEN!  &  SQM = NEW HIGHS!  

p.s.s.s. and we bought HQS on the dip today 13.89 -0.86 (-5.83%)  ....go FISH!