Monday, June 2, 2008

Upgrade/Downgrade Irony ~ LEH upgrades HK! ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:HK)

PetroHawk (HK) adds 5.31% today on FLOYD power and LEHm upgrade!  ...  LEHm poo'd 8%+ on "shit paper" and  S&P downgrade.   haha.   The BOTD pick of the year (HK) was up 10%, new high $32.40!!! ... did we take profits? no.   With Petrohawk we are in a STATE OF LOVE & TRUST!  

go FLOYD!  go team! 

p.s. yes, we are "officially" short coal.  PCX at $115ish and YZC at$111 ... so far, so bad.  Let's give it a day or two.  10% stop loss. PCX might hit that tomorrow. ouch. 

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BUY ON THE DIP said...

nice call by one of our readers on SD, that CEO is BOLD.


and CWEI hit another new high today.

its the follow the CEO game. go team!