Tuesday, June 3, 2008

LOVELY LEH ! ~ Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (Public, NYSE:LEH)

LEH down 13.5% at one point today on the break $30 club...  we could almost kiss ourselves!!?!  Remember us bitching about LEHm hitting $45, $47, and $49 ... buying "puts on the pop" , repeatedly saying "hatred, blah, blah" ... With post like:  Pay of your mortgage early, short your mortgage lender.  and The Liars of Lehman ... we even played PANTERA! 

... down 10%+ we had to take more profits today!  

Buy in chunks on the way up, sell in chunks on the way down.  

 CNBC's FAST MONEY update: 

1) tonight's cover story, FUCK LEH!  ... 
     DIP LOGIC = trade is almost done (take profits!) 

2) Pete "pony tail" Najarian added HK today, afterhours up 1.83% ...hmmm... do we really have to sell our baby soon? ... TARGET still $39  

p.s.  $10 stocks going to $12 update:   NOG broke $12 today, up 10.67% ... that makes 2 out of 4

p.s.s.  The BOTD chilean agriculture play SQM hit $39+!!!  .... thinking about adding puts on BG as a hedge.  go team! 


Anonymous said...

Concerning LEH,

Any more dips today and I'm buying. I don't think Ben will allow for LEH to drop any more? Also, this selloff has been on low volume. I don't see capitulation here yet. I doubt this will be another BSC. Only question is how much lower does she drop? But if confidence returns to leh, she'll jump up at least 10%. I know, crazy move .. but I noticed Finnerman on Fast Money yesterday said she 'thought about it'. Also, LEH has plenty of liquidity on hand. What do you think? (Thanks for Megan, nice to wake up to that!!!)

Anonymous said...

SNCR -- More unusual options activity observed this morning in the first 45mins of trading. See June 15C (QQRFC)

Hoesuay said...

I am also going for LEH if it dips.I know I shouldnt take it personal but LEH just freakes me out now! hah WTF Also check this out I bought in today!!

You may have see this but his article on smallcapnetwork was very
encouraging; here is part of it:


Voyant Boosted by RocketStream 'Stage 2'

Last week when I was singing the praises of Voyant's RocketStream, I
had a feeling it was something big. A technology that actually makes
the internet work up to 200 times faster? No wonder Nielson Mobile
wanted it! With somebody else is embedding the very same technology
into their own software (less than a week later) it's confirmed...this
technology is finding a market. As a result, Voyant International
(OTCBB: VOYT) has decidedly dropped the word 'pre' from their pre-
revenue description. I really hope you were already a shareholder.

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Use Their Technology

Here's the deal ...Voyant's RocketStream makes full use of the
internet's data transmission capacity. That just means they know how
to send large files via the internet much faster than you and I
typically can. Like I said, the speed of RocketStream can be up to 200
times faster than our average experience.

He then goes on to give a pretty favorable prediction of the price
soon.. Double the current

Unknown said...

Woah! Check out MA. Down 5%+ today. Talk about BOTD!

Anonymous said...

What is up with PBR!!! Buy on the Dip!! Unfortunatly, I have June calls at $70 $72.50 and $75 bought a few weeks back and it hurts. Will PBR break $75 before June 16th???