Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CACH is QUEEN!!! ~ Cache, Inc.(Public, NASDAQ:CACH)

High traffic, upscale malls, and style-conscious women! ... what's not to love?

$4.72 +0.42 (9.77%)

up 24.87% in 3 days.

Original RECO on StockTwits... Cach'e is QUEEN!

Q1 earnings are expected to be announced before market hours on April 30, 2009

-0.12 -0.131 -0.16
(High Mean Low)

p.s. Papi wins! ... a MELI, a $MELI 27.02+3.07 (12.82%), a MELI! *must take some profits*

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bacon taste good!! ~ Sadia SA (ADR) (NYSE:SDA)

The Imported frozen "swine flu" play!

Sadia SA (SDA) is a Brazil-based company engaged in refrigerated and frozen products including poultry, pork, beef, turkey and chicken.  Its operations include 18 farms for poultry and hog stock, hatcheries, pork breeding centers, slaughterhouses, processing units, animal feed production plants, representative offices and distribution centers. In addition, the Company operates an international unit in Kaliningrad, Russia.  

The BIG green HOT DOGS! 

Volume: 1,286,039 (2x average)

5.48 +0.34‎ (6.61%‎) 

TAKEOVER TACOS?! ... Sadia (NYSE:SDA) Chairman Luiz Furlan told reporters on April 15 that the foodmaker was in “weekly” merger talk-Os with Perdigao (NYSE:PDA) ....hmmm.   

Evil minds that plot destruction, 
Politicians hide themselves away, 
Treating people just like pawns in chess, 
No more war pigs have the power,
Hand of God has struck the hour.

p.s. FUCK USB. $18.14 -0.83 (-4.38%) ... Satan laughing spreads his wings. 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend DIP-view: ... Stock Chart Heaven!

A Simple Concept: is Twitpic for stock charts. 

A Basic Function: upload a stock chart to Twitter and StockTwits simultaneously with  

A More Complex Approach: itself can become a visual vicarious venture of vivid stock charts from verified voyeurs with varying views. (yes, I own two toddlers and read Dr. Seuss nightly) 

If you love "Lines on Charts" like we do, you'll love!!!

The SEARCH: has a SEARCH function allowing users to view past/current charts of favorite stocks.  You can check out lines of support, pivot points, trends,  gaps, etc ... Find "uploaders" that share a common interest in a particular stock.    

Side Benefit: find new STOCK TRADERS to follow on twitter. 

Is POPULAR profitable? hmmm, not sure about that, but at least it's a "pulse" of "a market" ... The side bar contains "Most Popular Charts" ..... side-note: "Top Tickers/Top Gainers" (the most talked about stocks on StockTwits) section is becoming a nice resource for the day's movers. 

Warning: is "User Generated" ... take each chart and point-of-view and decide how it effects or affects your POV.   

A New Concept?:  hmmm, we see a lack of "barriers to entry" into the 'uploading a picture to twitter' market, but the great thing about is 1st mover advantage.  Each "hobby/interest" will soon have its own TwitPic inspired site to categorize and catalogize its fanatics pictures.  In the Stock Market world ... wins!  

What's your passion?  WE LOVE STOCKS!!!  ... it breaks down like this ~> Blogs (pictures, videos, and words), Twitter (words), (pictures),  StockTwits (community) ... How about Video??!  ... BOTD announces stock videos uploaded to twitter via youtube ...,, or my personal favorite!!!  

p.s. Don't forget ... the BOTD stock blogroll reader thingy!  .... badly in need of a face lift and real-time scrolling update functionality ... anyone know a reliable web designer? 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Guantana~MELI ~ MercadoLibre, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:MELI)

The Latin American Pal-BAY!!

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Panama. MercadoLibre has two principal services: The MercadoLibre marketplace and The MercadoPago online payments solution. 

BOTD is also LONG the American MELI: $EBAY After Hours: 15.58 +0.78 (5.27%) 


... the ascending channel flag of break out?!

ONE TON a' MELI  !!!  

OWW1.61+0.13 (8.78%)
BGP1.85+0.24 (14.91%)
CACH3.50+0.77 (28.21%)
CAR2.31+0.41 (21.58%)
PSUN3.33+0.31 (10.26%)
CWTR3.14+0.18 (6.08%)
CHRS2.86+0.23 (8.75%)
TWB2.78+0.54 (24.11%)
SKS3.98+0.38 (10.56%)
CROX2.34+0.43 (22.51%)

The Masters Of Global LIVEness!!
LYV4.21+0.39 (10.21%)
+0.47 (9.34%)

*Baila baila! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

JOIN the P-WAVE!! ~ Powerwave Technologies, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:PWAV)

the P-WAVE pop!  ... can't ignore that volume.  (3.5 million)

*hat-tip Kunal00(must follow) 

The Bridge ... $CX, $MT, $USG up 22% on earnings ... sheet is a rockin!!!

p.s.  ... not selling SRS and *short* $USB (fuck us)

Monday, April 20, 2009

The MANIFEST Destiny ~ *short* U.S. Bancorp (Public, NYSE:USB)

U.S. Bank & the gap of Manifest destiny. 

Earnings in the AM.   
*short and early, fuck US* 

... yes, it's personal. 

The Earnings EXODUS. 


** Late Night with Jim Cramer! **

"when we work, it works." ~ BOTD 2007

Day of the Green ~ ProShares UltraShort Real Estate (ETF) (Public, NYSE:SRS)

Step 3: Knock on the 200. *

p.s. it's HOOTER than $FAZ in San Diego.  BEACH out! 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What is your QUEST?! ~ Oilsands Quest Inc. (Public, AMEX:BQI)

Oilsands Quest (BQI) 

$1.29 +0.07 (+5.74%)

.... do it for Johnny! 

Target = $2+ 

Notable Mover: WRES $1.59 up 48%.

FloTek (FTK) 

$2.74 +0.43 (+18.61%)

.... 71% in 5 days. hmmm. 

Notable Chemical Plays: ARJ, OMG, ASH. 

ION Geophysical (IO) 

$1.97 +0.14 (7.65%)

BOTD added on the mid-day volume pop!

Notable Competitors:

  BEWARE:  ... The BRIDGE of DEATH! 

The Bridge to Profits:  $CX (long) , $MT (long) , and $USG(sold) 

SPEC LONGS: $BDX (medical) , $NUAN (voice recognition) , $TAP (beer) , $PPD (lawyers) ... tight stops! 

Buy the BUZZER:  added SRS ... pure hatred. 

The Hedges:   PPS (sold) up 10%+, MHO (sold) up 40%+ in 3 days, ... and the "volume watch-list warrior" DFR up 340% last week!!  

p.s. NBA Playoffs: the JAZZ?! .... the LAKE SHOW!! 

Friday, April 10, 2009

This SHEET is a ROCKIN' ~ USG Corporation (Public, NYSE:USG)

Building the BULLish Bridge to Profit!!

USG ~ Sheetrock 
$9.74 +0.93 (10.56%)

CX ~ Cement
$8.14 +0.70 (9.41%)

MT ~ Steel
$25.85 +1.81 (7.53%)

Original RECO included WOR up 9%, CNH up 15%, MTW up 25%, etc ... Missed the Rally? 
 "build a bridge, ... and get over it." 

Need a place to stay while on the job?
...  try PPS 13.12 +1.55 (13.40%) 
 Post Properties ~ Find your perfect space! 

"Buy It Now!" on EBAY. 

One, Two, ... third time's a charm? 

... check the big red bar of potential. 

SOLD 1/2 our "COC" for 300%! 

hmmm, should i put my house on EBAY? 

*Bridge School Benefit 1996 ~ Shoreline Amphitheatre*

Genworth-less (GNW) up 30%+ in 3 days,  BOTD sold on THURS "pre-non-TARP" After Hours: 2.30 -0.45 (-16.36%) 

p.s. HINDSIGHT is a BITCH ~ $FAZ 10.49 -7.35‎ (-41.20%‎) ... we could have easily added front-month $FAZ puts to protect our POS (position a.k.a. Piece Of Shit) ...  NOW, we hold in hatred until MAY, AUGUST, or OCT.  DOW 5000-6000.  Once all these "asinine banks" sell off their "inflated" shares to the public, they'll go back to shitting the bed.  Until then, i'm back to changing diapers.  cheers. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

KING SKYPE with Calls of Confidence! ~ eBay Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:EBAY) & Halliburton Company (Public, NYSE:HAL)

The Market "running on E-tarded" ... BOTD owns EBAY!!! 

The power of Skype on the iPhone!  .... Imagine the "booty call" possibilities once $AAPL adds video lovin' 

The "COC" ~ Calls Of Confidence.

0.29 +0.13 (+81.25%)

.... QXBDC the 
April 15s 

(check that volume, over the Open Interest!!) 

How about PayPal Stock Trading?! 


.... Dr. J with a HUGE HALLIBURTON (HAL) PUMP on FastMoney.  (thank you sir) 

side-note: Twitter inside TradeMoster, how smart!

Unusual Options Activity: 

CRAZY CALLS on the $XOM buyout rumors (can't ignore that VOL!!) ... ALL HAIL the COC!  

p.s.  BUY the BUZZER: added $SRS late in the day under $40, felt terrible.  (look to hedge with spec long DFT or long PPS

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The BRIDGE to MEXICO! ~ Cemex SAB de CV (ADR) (Public, NYSE:CX)


+0.82 (12.35%)

SLOW & LOW? ... Stochastic Oscillator (Fast, Slow, and Full) ... Developed by George C. Lane in the late 1950s, the Stochastic Oscillator is a momentum indicator that shows the location of the current close relative to the high/low range over a set number of periods. Closing levels that are consistently near the top of the range indicate accumulation (buying pressure) and those near the bottom of the range indicate distribution (selling pressure)Readings below 20 are considered oversold and readings above 80 are considered overbought.  %D %K 

The "quick sand" bullish bridge of profit plays:  $MT, $CX, $CBI, $GVA, $MTW, $CNH, $GNA, $WOR, and never underestimate the power of SHEETROCK > $USG.

    "you only think about yourself" 

p.s.  CEMENT is SEXY!  *hat tip UrbanRyno , lol.