Tuesday, June 17, 2008

BOTD is HK, HK is BOTD! ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:HK)

FLOYD & BOTD celebrate victory. 

BOTD pick of the year 07 & 08 ... HK is BOTD! 

Trade the options, HKGG up nearly 200% within days, we took some profits as HK broke our wimpy $39 price target.   Still holding HKGH .... and LONG the common stock until CHK buys HK.    

We won't sell until Floyd sells. 

UPGRADES:  Shares of Petrohawk Energy Corp. extended gains for a third consecutive session Tuesday after Raymond James raised its price target to $64 from $54.

On Monday, HK gained 5.4% following a price target raise to $70 from $40 at BMO Capital Markets. 

New "team" rules:

1) must own HK
2) must buy options if HK ever falls 5%+
3) can't sell common stock until floyd says so. 

go team! 

p.s. who's happy with cappy!   .... as promised CPST broke $4 today, NEW HIGH of $4.18!  


BUY ON THE DIP said...


down 1.75%

Oracle Corp. call options should be sold because shares of the world's third-biggest software maker may stay below $25 for the next three months, Citigroup Inc. said.

ha. ORCL is an $18 stock . DIE!

Anonymous said...

BOTD, I'm long on *both* HK and CPST... and VERY happy with both of them. I haven't delved into the options buying thing yet, but I sure as hell am tempted to do it!

Save me from this profit making madness! :)


BUY ON THE DIP said...

tip off, go LAKE SHOW!

Unknown said...

HK 40.51 up 1.28 % after hours !!


HK Fan And a Lakers fan . Can't beat this site.

Anonymous said...

damn i love celebrating with you guys. CHEERS!

TraderTamas said...

Just bought some .HKIG for 8.00!!!

Anonymous said...

you idiots are fucked and trapped right now.

USO is going to 100 and below. HK is fucked.

BuddyD said...

I am new to the options trade as well...where do I go for info on this.