Tuesday, June 17, 2008

BOTD is HK, HK is BOTD! ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:HK)

FLOYD & BOTD celebrate victory. 

BOTD pick of the year 07 & 08 ... HK is BOTD! 

Trade the options, HKGG up nearly 200% within days, we took some profits as HK broke our wimpy $39 price target.   Still holding HKGH .... and LONG the common stock until CHK buys HK.    

We won't sell until Floyd sells. 

UPGRADES:  Shares of Petrohawk Energy Corp. extended gains for a third consecutive session Tuesday after Raymond James raised its price target to $64 from $54.

On Monday, HK gained 5.4% following a price target raise to $70 from $40 at BMO Capital Markets. 

New "team" rules:

1) must own HK
2) must buy options if HK ever falls 5%+
3) can't sell common stock until floyd says so. 

go team! 

p.s. who's happy with cappy!   .... as promised CPST broke $4 today, NEW HIGH of $4.18!  


Anonymous said...

BOTD, I'm long on *both* HK and CPST... and VERY happy with both of them. I haven't delved into the options buying thing yet, but I sure as hell am tempted to do it!

Save me from this profit making madness! :)


BUY ON THE DIP said...

tip off, go LAKE SHOW!

Unknown said...

HK 40.51 up 1.28 % after hours !!


HK Fan And a Lakers fan . Can't beat this site.

Anonymous said...

damn i love celebrating with you guys. CHEERS!

TraderTamas said...

Just bought some .HKIG for 8.00!!!

BuddyD said...

I am new to the options trade as well...where do I go for info on this.