Sunday, June 1, 2008

BORED? SHORT COAL! ~ Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. (ADR) (Public, NYSE:YZC) & Patriot Coal Corporation (Public, NYSE:PCX)

Last time we got bored we shorted oil for a few days, remember UNAPI!  (70%+ profit :-) ... We must be bored again.  Shorting coal stocks? ... wish us luck.   

this "trade" is our "fuck us, how did we miss this coal run" ... revenge energy hedge! 

 POTP Logic =  Short two $110 coal stocks (YZC & PCX), if our energy stocks go down, these should go down too ... thus making some money while losing some.  hedge on! 

p.s. JRCC & ANR have actually performed best over the past 3 months.  If coal does dip, we might buy.  How's that for a trade?  short YZC & PCX for a few days, then with the profits buy JRCC & ANR on the dip.   


Anonymous said...

BOTD RECO'd SNCR about a week ago I recall.

FYI: Appears to be unusual options activity on the June 15C today...

BUY ON THE DIP said...

Nice!.... Thanks for the heads up... SNCR has been a nice play so far. Insider buying and unusual option activity!

P.s. Two letters = H K

Anonymous said...

Ouch! PCX up 10% today. Do you still recommend shorting?

Anonymous said...

WHQ has "unusual options activity"

Looks like it's gonna jump!

BUY ON THE DIP said...

WHQ looks strong.

should break $88+

good luck.