Friday, June 27, 2008

The SHORT BUS to PROFITS! ~ International Business Machines Corp. (Public, NYSE:IBM)

 IBMSD ... what does the SD stand for ? 

$3.50 (+ 22%)  

 up 50%+ at one point and a great "team" entry this morning!  

MUST TAKE "some" PROFITS in 2008!   

How fun is it watching the DOW die, as the DIPfolio profits?

there is no reason for the "general" market to go up.  no support. just pain.  but with respectable gains in IBM, ORCL, BG, CAT, YZC.  Call us what you want, we didn't want to go into the weekend without taking some deserved short bus profits. COFUK it.  If you've read the site for the past month or more you know we've been patient and worked hard to get here.   



PETROHAWK (HK) up 4.65%, if you didn't buy this week and you know the "team rules", shame on you.  homework: call Floyd and tell him you are sorry.  

XTO, NE, PDE, BWP etc... LOVE to DRILL and lay PIPE!  

AK STEEL (AKS)  after buying MORE on the "sexy pullback" gets S&P500 lovin' ... up 8%  

JRCC, ICO and BUCY the "late to the coal party" crew stumbling around drunk waiting to get higher, 4:20 bro! 

AGRIUM (AGU) is LOVE.   buy on the dip anywhere under $110. 

Happy with CAPPY (CPST) .... turbines! 

Who loved Stillwater (SWC) and (PAL) today!  rock on! 

go team. 


Anonymous said...

Hey BOTD! Check out PII. I think it's a really good short.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

nice, atv and snowmobiles, ha, recreational spending doesnt exist with a broken consumer.

nice job on C and KBH, among others.

you the man TOM!

BUY ON THE DIP said...

are you in HBC too?

lots of "puts" ...and they have so much credit card exposure, half the cards in my wallet are backed by HSBC ....

down to $70 looks easy.

Jim Collins said...

Are any of these positions too late to get into?

Jim Collins said...

Hey, HBSC gave me a credit card with a $1000 limit a year after my bankruptcy!! And it was a decent card! HBSC rocks!

BUY ON THE DIP said...

no offense jim, but thats kinda the point of shorting HSBC (HBC) .... they give credit to "high risk"

previous BK is "high risk"

and yes, you can always buy HK.

we love AGU under $110. COAL & STEEL are going higher. BOTD!

Anonymous said...

Yeah i'm holding my HBC puts til the month they expire. Same with my HK calls. Don't wanna miss out on a 1000% profit again.

Check out DGL. Everyone should own gold.

Jim Collins said...

Thanks for the rapid reply BOTD;
(Actually BK isn't high risk because under Worst-prez-evars draconian bank-and-credit-card-corporation-written-laws you cant file again for eight years. )
OK Im buying more HK.
AND Im buying more IPI. Nice spinning top on Fri. And POT had a nice candle on Fri and I expect IPI to play catch-up.
Can I still short IBM and the others?

Anonymous said...


Check out heavy PuT activity on HK for August. What's up with that?

-Dark Side

BUY ON THE DIP said...


Yep the aug 35 puts , huge volume...also HK common had unusual volume on Friday about 8 million over the average...and most of the action was right before the bell ...a bit concerning, but our unconditional faith in floyd will overcome! Haynesville is THE play!

Unknown said...

Is this not due to people thinking oil is going to drop due to them up production. I think oil is going to at least $185.

Anonymous said...

I personally think it's too risky to short oil. I know a lot of people that keep shorting and keep losing money.

TheeJMan said...

aaarrrrrrgh! ICO bit me in the arse today...doing OK in this bear market until today...hold or let go BOTD?