Thursday, June 19, 2008

JIM, FLOYD, & The Haynesville Shale! ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:HK)

Fayetteville, Terryville, Elm Grove, and Woodford are nice....but It's all about the Haynesville Shale! 

Who was first in the HAYNESVILLE SHALE?  Floyd.  

If you follow the Energy or Natural Gas've probably heard of The Haynesville Shale Natural Gas Field.  Researchers are saying that the Haynesville Shale could be as big as the Barnett Shale, which is estimated to produce around 29-39 Tcfe's in the future.  This would make it one of the biggest U.S. gas finds in history.

The first two companies to issue conference calls about the Haynesville Shale, were Goodrich Petroleum GDP and Petrohawk Energy HK.  Soon after, Chesapeake Energy CHK came out and also said it was there as well. Another company, EXCO Resources XCOhas 100,000 acres and just increased its capital budget by 90 million for the Haynesville Shale Play Project.

June 17th, 2008....  
GMX Resources GMXR adds additional Haynesville Shale Acerage
June 16th, 2008....  
EnCana ECA establishes substantial land at Haynesville Shale
June 16th, 2008....  GDP and CHK strike a deal
June 10th, 2008....  Berry Petroleum BRY Announces it is at Haynesville Shale
June 10th, 2008....  
XTO Energy XTO buys Hunt Petroleum; now at Haynesville Shale
Cabot Oil & Gas COG gets serious about Haynesville Shale on June 4th
Cubic Energy QBIK has announced on June 2nd that they did some drilling also.
Mainland Resources MNLU has announced on June 2nd that it will drill as well.
Penn Virginia PVA announces successful drilling May 30th

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BUY ON THE DIP said...

PDE hit new 52 week high today!

still long XTO, HK, PDE, NE

Anonymous said...

The race to acquire Haynesville acreage started fewer than two years ago. Petrohawk was already drilling a gas deposit known as Cotton Valley, a separate deposit that runs roughly 3,000 feet above parts of Haynesville’s deposits, when it became aware of Haynesville in 2006.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

haynesville was $250 acre in 2006 $4,000-$10,000...hmm...

FLOYD knows. he has the map.

Tim said...

Hi, just so you know, this was stolen from my website and i'm not happy about it! You coud atleast provide a link to me