Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BUY the PULLBACK??!!?!

HK down 6%

AKS down 2%

AGU down 5% 

JRCC down 8%

RICK down 3%

Angie says ...

 "pullbacks are sexy"

 ... BOTD! 

Insider Activity: Under the Boardwalk ... BWP!!
director of natural gas pipeline operator Boardwalk Pipeline Partners LP indirectly bought 13,552 shares of stock, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing Monday.

In a Form 4 filed with the SEC, Andrew Tisch reported he bought the shares through a partnership for $23.98 to $24 apiece Thursday and Friday.

p.s. today sucked.  

p.s.s. huge call buying in NLY ... add as a hedge. Fuck banks, but we like to have one on the books for fun.  WFC fucked us last month, lets see if NLY can do the same. 

p.s.s.s ORCL earnings = HATRED ...and Death to CAT! *short both* 


Anonymous said...

Goldsource Mines was drilling for diamond in east central Sask, where
they intersected 25 m of coal in two holes, 1.6 km apart. The
discovery could have a huge impact to Canadian coal reserves and
industry because of its thickness, shallow depth from the surface, and
proximaty to all infrastructures.

The U.S. Geological Survey uses 400 m radius to estimate Measured Coal
Reserves, 1,200 m radius for Indicated, and 4,800 m radius for
Inferred. So if you do a quick calculation, each hole could bring (1.2
km * 1.2 km * 3.14 * 25 m) * 1.31 = 148 million tons measured and
indicated coal, where 1.31 is the specific gravity for the
bituminous / subbituminous coal. Or, (4.8 km * 4.8 km * 3.14 * 25 m) *
1.31 = 2.4 billion tons inferred! The area GXS has applied permit for
coal exploration is 1,430 square km, and if half of that area is
filled with half of the discovery coal thickness, you would have 11.7
billion tons.

The U.S. produces about 1.1 billion tons each year. Over 10 billion
tons of open pittable coal right next to a railroad is hard to place a
value on. GXS has only about 21 million fully diluted shares, and at
$18 it's only $378 million market cap it's still very inexpensive. A
lot of potential here.

A sever-hole drilling program will commence in about two weeks, and
the results could propel GXS to $35 to $50 range. The stock has a
potential to be in a triple digit before a M&A in six to twelve

Anonymous said...

Goldsource Mines Inc. ("Goldsource" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:GXS) is pleased to announce that the Company and Genuity Capital Markets (the "Agent") have set the terms of the Company's private placement financing announced June 13, 2008 (the "Offering"). The Offering will consist of 1,532,000 common shares ("Shares") of the Company at an issue price of $11.75 per Share for gross proceeds of approximately $18 million, and is expected to close on June 27, 2008.

Unknown said...

Any idea on what could be shaping up with HD? Another director just bought some shares, which brings the total to 4 directors buying shares in the last month. Although most of the shares bought are still from David B, who has purchased around 198 million dollars worth!?

Old Man Coyote said...

Look at MTW - its on a dip temporary of $36.40. Should rise up into the low 40's in July...

Troy said...

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Keep up the awesome work.

Anonymous said...

Wohoo! HK will finish today in the green. Faith in Floyd.

Oh, for those people that aren't playing options in HK my options from last month were up over 1000% the other day! Too bad I pussied out and sold them for a 60% loss!!! It's ok though because since then I've closed a 100% profit and I'm currently holding some more options that are up 40%. I'm not planning on selling those till the month they expire.

Unknown said...

Is the huge vol.today in Hk a good sign ?

Anonymous said...

Check out the insider buying at CNB. LOL

Anonymous said...

Q for BOTD:

NLY. Huge call volume, yes. Were you watching T&S or how do you know it is necessarily buying and not someone writing a s-ton since they know it's ripe to fall. Just curious... Thanks and keep up the great work.

Team rules rule!

BuddyD said...

Damn, GXS looks like the real deal. There are some great reads on this company and if you believe in coal right now, then why not buy GSX. Sure it is a supposed discovery and nothing is absolute, but isn't that what speculation is all about...potential?

I think I am in on this buy.

Here are a couple links:



But the most important one is here - directly from website: