Sunday, June 22, 2008

Profitable Pipeline Partnerships! ~ Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP (Public, NYSE:BWP)

With all the attention on SHALES, SHALES, SHALES!   

Natural gas transportation demand is on the rise.  Boardwalk (BWP) enters 10-year pact with Chesapeake (CHK) for Fayetteville Shale pipeline ... and holds another 10 year agreement with (XTO) ...  hmmm... what happens when Haynesville needs additional out flow?  

Boardwalk Pipeline's (BWP) current price $24 , ... lower than the recent $25.30 per share, 10 million public offering.   BWP offers a 7.75% dividend yield.    

Love to lay pipe? 

... go team! 

p.s.  Earnings Watchlist:  North American Energy Partners Inc. (NOA) provider of heavy construction, mining, piling and pipeline services in western Canada reports EARNINGS on Monday ... big volume on Friday, new highs ?? 

p.s.s.  "There Will Be Blood"  .... must see!!!  

 Go buy it, rent it, or watch online (click) .... it's FLOYD! 


BUY ON THE DIP said...

HK is love!

HKGH is money

Floyd is the man!

We win

Anonymous said...

LOL I was gonna say, "speaking of FLOYD!!!"

BUY ON THE DIP said...

you see GDP on haynesville news!

Floyd was there first ...$80!!

Anonymous said...

wow nice. I can't believe I didn't see that NOA had earnings today. I would have gotten in on friday. Oh well.

I'm short KBH they have earnings on friday which will not be good. They do their mortgages through countrywide for Christ's sake. lol

Anonymous said...

Just bought two .BWPIX contracts @ 2.50.

Anonymous said...

You guys have any thoughts on GXS?

Anonymous said...

Need to get into this HK option play! Should I wait for a pull back or Buy the July 40 Call

Anonymous said...

Same question for HK Jul 40 call, or possibly even further OTM (feeling particularly lucky...)

Comments welcome.

BuddyD said...

Smart Business coupling these two stocks - I like HK, and to get an idea of how well they are positioned, check one of their like minded companies in RRC. Same kind of players, same kind of game. Partnered with MWE to build their pipeline, Floyd likes RRC biz model.

Anonymous said...

SATC down 5%... BOTD?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

as for HK options,

we say buy em!!! 45's or 50's ...

Faith in FLOYD!

another move is just buy the common stock to "get in" ...... then if/when HK dips buy options to leverage the play.

team rules = must own HK.