Saturday, June 18, 2011

The StockTwits Edge! ~ with @BuyOnTheDip $$

The StockTwits Edge

StockTwits Edge

The StockTwits Edge:

Part One: Trend Following.
Chapter 1: Find Trends, Ride Them, and Get Off (Howard Lindzon, @howardlindzon).
Chapter 2: Trade, Trend, Tail (Keith McCullough,
Chapter 3: Don’t Quit (Michael K. Dawson,
Chapter 4: Know Thyself (Chris Peruna,
Chapter 5: Insider Information Is Reflected in the Charts (Keith Kern,

Part Two: Value Investing.
Chapter 6: Margin of Safety (Todd Sullivan, @toddsullivan).
Chapter 7: The Bean Screen (Daniel Miller and Jason Robinson,
Chapter 8: Fallen Angels (Michael Bigger,
Chapter 9: Dividends Don’t Lie (Eddy Elfenbein,

Part Three: Day Trading.
Chapter 10: Only Price Pays (Brian Shannon, @alphatrends).
Chapter 11: Intraday Earnings Momentum Gap Trade (John Lee,
Chapter 12: Trading the News (Mike Bellafiore,
Chapter 13: Intraday Momentum (Steven Spencer,
Chapter 14: The Underlying Psychology of Large Players (Gilbert Mendez,

Part Four: Swing Trading.
Chapter 15: Flags and Wedges (Joe Donohue, @upsidetrader).
Chapter 16: Breakout from a Tight Base (
Chapter 17: The Base is Everything (HCPG,
Chapter 18: Trading People, Not Stocks (Joey Fundora,
Chapter 19: The Top Down Technician (Greg Harmon,
Chapter 20: Identifying Trend Shifts (Derek Hernquist,
Chapter 21: A Chart Will Never Lie to You (Sunrise Trader,
Chapter 22: The Short Squeeze Trade (Frank Zorrila,
Chapter 23: The Price Tells the Story (Derald Muniz,
Chapter 24: Force Confirmations, Not Trades (Nick Fenton,
Chapter 25: The Birth of a New Trend (Ivan Hoff,
Chapter 26: The Trend Intensity Breakout Setup (Pradeep Bonde,

Part Five: Options Trading.
Chapter 27: Unusual Options Activity (Joe Kunkle, @OptionRadar).
Chapter 28: Put Ratio Spread (Jared Woodard,
Chapter 29: Know What You Don’t Know (Adam Warner,
Chapter 30: There Is Always an Option (Steven Place,
Chapter 31: Selling Premium (Darren Miller,
Chapter 32: The New High Dip (Chris Stauder,

Part Six: Forex Trading.
Chapter 33: They Call Me Mrs. Cable (Lydia Idem, @faithmight).
Chapter 34: The Mind of a Chartist (Raghee Horner,

Part Seven: The Art of Trading.
Chapter 35: Trading Is An Art (The Fly, @the_real_fly).
Chapter 36: Embrace the Tape (Quint Tatro,
Chapter 37: Macro Setups at the Crest of Structural Change (Gregor Macdonald,
Chapter 38: Broken Butterfly Formation (Anne-Marie Baiynd,
Chapter 39: Always Happy, Never Satisfied (Joshua Brown,
Chapter 40: One Step Ahead of the Herd (John Benedict,
Chapter 41: Change is the Only Constant (Steve Gomez and Andy Lindloff,
Chapter 42: The Kirk Report (Charles E. Kirk,
Chapter 43: Stick with Names You Know (Ronald Roll,
Chapter 44: Massive Trends and the Trajectory of Noise (Phil Pearlman,
Chapter 45: We Have Met the Enemy, and It Is Us (Abdel Ibrahim,
Chapter 46: A Contrarian at Heart (John Welsh,

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