Friday, June 20, 2008

Water from Dorking! ... WINNER! ~ Cascal N.V. (Public, NYSE:HOO)

Wetness pays! 

Cascal missed earnings, stock goes up 33% in 3 days.  

$14.00 +1.40 (+11.11%) 

Rural water is the new hotness!!! 

the BOTD "late to the" COAL TRADE update:

JRCC up 6%+,   ICO ended at 12.50 as promised ... YZC down 7.84%!!!  ...we started a BUCY "dip" position today ... and what makes all this possible?  Steel! STEEL!  


BUY ON THE DIP said...


15.00 +0.30 (+2.04%)

congrats all you COFUKers!

Anonymous said...

Am I going crazy or has $136,100,423.00 worth of insider buying really been going on in HD?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

yes, that dude is BOLD....keeps buying at $26ish.

you thinking of joining him?

currently at $26.25 , 52 week low of $23.77.

Anonymous said...

IDK what could possibly drive the stock up. Maby HD will be bought out. I think I'll get a small options position on monday.

My current positions:

Short: C KBH HBC

I wanna get in AKS too.

Unknown said...

HD...only 1 of the director buying....he knows something that others don't know??!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna say that FUL will do really well after earnings.