Thursday, June 26, 2008

The SHORT BUS adds BIG BLUE! ~ International Business Machines Corp. (Public, NYSE:IBM)

How about the good old $120 to $80 rule? 
upside 10pts max, downside more. 

we don't actually think BIG BLUE will go to $80, but a few points means big options profit! Option Lovers:

     try IBMSD under $3
(guess what the SD stands for...) 

cheers to success in ORCL, ha! 

SHORT BUS passengers:  ORCL, IBM, YZC, BG, CAT, fuck URBN, and of course COFUK em' all!

p.s.  sorry about RICK down another 8%,  strip clubs in a recession? even with HUGE GROWTH, not the best idea with a busted consumer.  *still long and losing money*  

p.s.s. AK Steel (AKS) just replaced CFC in the S&P 500
        ... kiss of death? or BOTD! *steel long and losing money* 

HK HK HK!  ... Faith in FLOYD! 

The END of Suburbia? ...LONG ENERGY! 

A Crude Awakening ... LONG OIL & NATGAS! 


BUY ON THE DIP said...

does anyone want to short DECK with us again!!!?!!

@ $137 ...... we say yes please!

BUY ON THE DIP said...

p.s. which gold stock performed best today?


The Conqueror said...

I love your recomendations.

Vivat BOTD/PUTP !!!!

Unknown said...

I'm in on IBM, burn it all

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it would be prudent to have a BOTD Team Rule to own one of the PM’s? Be a shame to miss out on imho.

Anonymous said...

BWP has very low volume. With all the good news I wonder why???