Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The US Stock Market grabs a small rebound

One interesting side note to yesterdays DUMPING, is that with our "buy on the dip" startegy, we entered into stocks that had previously been beaten up, so yesterdays knockout punch only scrathed our DIPfolio.

Biggest losers : SBUX, MPEL, NYX

SBUX - growth is slowing, their CEO claims saturation and stale experience. We are looking to get out soon.

MPEL - one word = CHINA

NYX - our biggest loser down over 10%. Like Carmer and many others, we too are sticking with this one.

We still LOVE THIS GAME and will be looking for some NEW BUYS soon!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ohhh what a beautiful day!..................... Bulls see RED!... We see Scarlett!

WORST DAY SINCE 2001! and we love it!

The market is having a beautiful down day as news of slowing growth in CHINA and softer commodities prices weights down the DOW. Our baby MPEL is getting trampled in the wake...and NYX is back in the 80's. Can you say BUYING OPPORTUNITY?!

On days like today we look through our DIPfolio for "back up the truck" BUYS. One that stands out is AMGN @ 64.53, near its 52-week low of 63.52 on 7/18/06 and note the 52 week high is 77.00 on 10/27/06....we are still waiting but anxious to re-buy under 52 low.
also.....MCO - AHEAD OF THE UPGRADE - (yes, yesterday we were ahead of the downgrade, but we like the positivity from Citi)
Moody's upped at Citi, buying opportunity seen
Marketwatch - February 27, 2007 6:05 AM ET


LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Citigroup upgraded credit rating agency Moody's Corp. to buy from hold, saying it believes the market's over-emphasis on the latest quarter rather than the road ahead has created an attractive buying opportunity. The broker told clients the stock is now off 15% since early reports of rising defaults on sub-prime mortgages, an asset class that contributes a modest 7% to 8% to revenue. "We believe Moody's is likely to prove more resilient than expected," Citigroup said, arguing that it's one of the best franchises in the information space

Monday, February 26, 2007

Downgrade on a down day :-(

It may be best to stay away from "the financial sector"all together....anything related to credit, loans, mortgage, banking, etc.....its a tough market out there, with residential foreclosures and the sub-prime default rate going full throttle....get out while you can....and then BUY THE DIP....we are still confident in MCO, but the DIP FOLIO strategy is one of quick "swing trades" and somewhat predictable 5 to 10% gains....not a buy and hold type model. So although MCO is a "best of breed" long term winner, we are looking to exit (this stock and sector) on the next up day.

S&P Marketscope - February 26, 2007 1:55 PM ET

MCO 65.49-1.94

Analyst Brandon Dobell tells salesforce downgrades given his concerns about potential impact from slowdown in CDO (collateralized debt obligation) issuance on growth expectations for '07, '08... Given MCO's high capital efficiency, thinks concerns about growth will likely have big impact on valuation in near term... Would be seller in near-term given potential for slowdown in growth in Q2, beyond (thinks Q1 in good shape), particularly if these issues have spillover effect into other segments, especially intl CDOs... Cuts $2.62 '07 EPS est. to $2.57, $79 target to $64.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

OSCAR night with the Apple iphone! APPLE showcases iphone during the Oscars!

hello, hello!, hello? hello! --- we thought APPLE would debut an ad during the superbowl...we were wrong.

Tonight in the first hour of ABC’s Academy Awards...APPLE showed off the sexy iphone in all it's beauty!

31 movie clips of "answering the phone"...with the classic "hello"...from The Dude from The Big Lebowski to Betty Rubble from the Flintstones...

HELLO! to the iphone.

end caption read:


Friday, February 23, 2007

WATCHLIST UPDATE: OMNITURE up 8.33% since added!

we saw the dip! we liked the company! we got gun shy :(

We added OMNITURE (OMTR) @ 14.28 on the dip ... (see post)
UP over 8%

...too bad we didn't "click" BUY on this "click-master"!

.....Natalie says:

"don't look back, the past is the past!"

In the MOOD for MOODY's - NEW BUY

MCO @ 66.78 -2.01 (-2.92%)
We have been waiting for a chance to get into this one...and now looks good! The DIP FOLIO needs some exposure to the financial industry and we thought FMD would be the one, but with yesterdays dumping of FMD our DIP FOLIO had some room. And we are in the MOOD for MOODY's!

NEW YORK, Feb 7 (Reuters) - Moody's Corp. (MCO), the parent of its namesake credit rating agency, on Wednesday said fourth-quarter profit soared 86 percent, helped by growing demand for ratings and a gain from the sale of its downtown Manhattan headquarters. Revenue rose 25 percent to $590 million, topping the average $552.3 million forecast. Moody's largest shareholder is Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

SWY UPDATE: Safeway dips to $35.03....we reiterate our BUY and the support level of $35. DIP POSITION = $35.19

ISE goes $50.50 +2.82 (+5.91%)

WE love ISE! Wachovia upgrades International Securities Exchange to outperform, as it believes market-share gains from the penny pilot program will make up for lackluster volumes.

20.95% DIP FOLIO total gains!

WINNERS: HAL crosses our 10% gain level!!!
HAL $ 32.04 +0.53 (1.68%) take some more profit$.

and....STOP LOSS update:

FMD 46.25 0.66 1.45% -----FMD - SELL if you didnt yet. over 46! stop loss!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

FAST MONEY says BUY ON THE DIP & SAFEWAY is the safe way!

Safeway Inc. (SWY) 35.60 -1.36 -3.68%

We grew up with SAFEWAY in Northern California, now we've grown to love VONS in SoCal. And sure its not the biggest dip out there but we've been looking for a opportunity to get in. Now is our chance. $35 is a great support level and BUY ON THE DIP!

>FAST MONEY: Jeff Macke, from CNBC's Fast Money, said he would "BUY THE DIP on SAFEWAY here"..., BUY THE DIP...then DYLAN RATIGAN and the guys reiterated the BUY ON THE DIP strategy....

FAST MONEY says...


FMD is a tough one, and we want out!

FMD dipped, and dipped, and dipped....will it stop?....we wont wait to find out.
45.59-0.60 (-1.30%)...

We want to hang on but with our first all out dud, we are selling our position...luckily we recommended on SATURDAY , ...Monday was a holiday...and TUES we watched FMD open and go straight down... we did pull the trigger under 47 and arent too bad off...down just -2.92%.....but we want out!!!
We live in the 5 to 10% gain range and cant afford to take a big loss. We do see upside for this company, but with "lenders" like New Century (NEW) going down 40%+ we cant take that risk. sell @ 3% loss. (for the riskier folks, wait for the first sign of an uptrend and dump it above 46)


HAL ends the day up over 4% 31.51+1.24 (+4.10%)

ISE continues to climb 47.68 +0.62 (+1.32%)
- our DIPFOLIO POSITION is up over 16%

Starbucks gets some support 33.01 +0.61 (+1.88%)
- we are down but climbing back...DIP POSITON is down 2.3%...

HAL talks about spinoff! 31.07 +0.80 (+2.64%)

Hal breaks through 31!!! ....with 7.17% total DIP PROFIT, take some more gains, and let the rest ride until we hear more news of buyout.
KBR split-off talks!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hit in the HEAD with MARBLE! Dipped! - opportunity? or stop loss?

First Marblehead boosts quarterly dividend to 15c from 12c...we notice stocks tend to dip in proportion to an added dividend. The company gives the shareholders "x" dollars, resulting in "x" less dollars profit for the company, thus the stock is worth "x" less

...and remember "pi" is 2.14159265358979323...

FMD 46.19-1.60 (-3.35%)

We do have concern with some negativity toward the "lending" industries as a whole. But we also noticed The Student Loan Corporation(STU) was up +4.56(2.41%) today and had a similiar dip...we chose FMD becuase of more upside potential...and we are very interested to see if tomorrow will bring a 2nd BUY or a stop loss.

Stock Market Booyah - NYX, AAPL (the dipfolio staples) & CPKI (just added) all rise on overall market bullishness!

NYX dipped and dipped again. We took advantage and the outlook is positive. 86 held its ground like a champ. TODAY
Last 93.60 Change +2.42 (+2.65%) (see chart)...One of Cramer's pick for 07:

"NYSE Group (NYX - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr): "Indeed, when that merger is done ... the Euronext deal ... the numbers will go up. ... Of the 14 analysts who follow this, only one is recommending it. NYX is my stock of the year. And I am proud to say that I backed up the truck* when it went into the 80s. Did you?" Cramer owns it for AA PLUS" -the

AAPL up! Last 89.20Change +3.30 (+3.84%)

And you know we are all-in on this one with DIP POSTION @ $83.90.

CPKI up 2.4% since we added our pizza party passion to the DIP FOLIO early tuesday morning! look to take gains at the usual 5% and 10% (see chart, see dip, love dip)

Pizza delivers some lovin' 33.62 +0.69 (+2.10%)

Pizza for breakfast? why not! 33.62+0.69 (+2.10%)

California Pizza Kitchen entered into an agreement with Grupo Calpik to open at least 15 CPK locations in Mexico during the next ten years AND signed a letter of intent for the development and operation of at least 15 restaurants in South Korea over the forthcoming ten years...going global!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

BFLY don't bother me!! 1.22 +0.06 (+5.17%)


the bouncy ride continues .....we bought again at $1.16 (previous post)

selling at $1.22 .... we love that 5%...look to rebuy at $1.15ish....


Saturday, February 17, 2007

WATCHLIST UPDATE : PIZZA & BEER! adding CPKI - California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen Inc. (CPKI)
On Feb 16: 32.80 2.46 (6.98%)


After adding STZ to the watchlist, all the alcohol made us hungry for PIZZA. But not the ordinary cardboard stackable variety... We want CPK! California Pizza Kitchen with their tastefully decorated dine-in eateries, and ASAP(CPK's new takeout service), or from your local supermarket frozen food section, California Pizza Kitchen in making its' pizza more convenient. We hear great things about their artichoke dip, ...have you tried their STOCK DIP! does go well with the MONDAVI~

...and CPK is going GLOBAL.

California Pizza Kitchen Announces International Franchise Initiatives and Domestic Extension

Friday, February 16, 2007

HUNG OVER on a friday.....STZ added to WatchList

portfolio includes: was downgraded to neutral from buy at Goldman Sachs. "Valuation remains inexpensive and the company looks well-positioned in growth segments like premium wine and imported beer. However, we believe upcoming guidance is likely to be uninspiring and a recovery in the U.K. and Australia is likely at least a year away," the broker said.

Check out the DIP! We think STZ is oversold and beverages are on the up!

WE like under 24!
23.98 -0.52 (-2.12%)

ADBE breaks through $40, take some profits and watch out for 42

40.10 +0.85 (+2.17%)

Thursday, February 15, 2007




Nice day for the letter "A" ..... AGILENT up again today! 33.83 +0.89 (+2.70%)

- check out the 10 day chart since our recommendation! (with our 7%+ gain, take some profits)

AND ...another "A" on the victory path is ADBE. Check out the green since our call! ADBE

BFLY hits our 2nd BUY TAGET of $1.16

Bluefly, Inc. the leading fashion and lifestyle e-commerce website, and our favorite volatile stock.....we know is a bouncy ride but we like it! Just remember to take gains often.

AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC (A: NYSE) continues its rise from the dip... 33.53 +0.59 (+1.79%) ...take some profits as usual.

AND did you see OMNITURE this morning?
14.94 +0.63 (+4.40%)

NYSE Group sets new session low of 88.23, sliding back to its three day range floor/three month lows at 88.40/88.21

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What the MPEL?!! 18.34 +0.70 (+3.96%)

On Friday of last week, HOTEL STOCKS like WYNN, LVS, MGM (which were up HUGE last year, and up HUGE again in JAN) took a hit. Shares of anything related to the HOTEL STOCK BOOM plunged 10%+ as big money took profits and celebrated the past years' gains. Our baby MPEL got beat up during the ride. We bought the dip and are now back in the green!!!

WATCHLIST UPDATE: added Omniture, Inc.NASDAQ (OMTR) Omniture is a leading provider of online business optimization software, "Web Analytics" is a booming industry. Look at their list of clients,, these players need to know "who clicked on what"....omniture delivers! CHECK OUT THE DIP! Down today to 14.2899-0.6601 (-4.42%)....the original dip was an 18% tumble on Friday Feb 9th = DIPYAH!
LAST BUT NOT LEAST : our good friend SOUTHWEST AIRLINES *LUV* took off without us and now they're servin' drinks, who wants a cocktail? 16.09 +0.29 (+1.84%)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Watchlist: Southwest Air(LUV) takes off without us!

Fueled by a Bear Stearns upgrade, LUV takes flight and we missed it! SOUTHWEST has been on our watchlist since Tues Jan 30th, on Wed 31st we said "SOUTHWEST AIRLINES (LUV) everyones favorite gas guzzling air coffin is headed for a crash. Look to BUY LUV under $15!"

But alas, we never did "officially" pull the trigger and thus no LUV for the DIP MASTER.

Bear Stearns Analyst Strine-pointed out that shares of Southwest are down 35% from their peak in 2000 and down 8% since Jan. 1, 2006 even while the airline index gained 9% and the S&P is up 16%. Still, the analyst mulled over the numbers and thinks the risk/reward profile is favorable

HALLIBURTON unleashes the ENERGY! (+3%)

HAL 30.65 +0.92 (3.09%)
We added HAL on POST #1 and today we had our biggest single day gain for this "hated" stock. (as usually look to take profits at 5%, 10%, and 25% total gains, then let the rest rise!)

ADBE 38.43 +0.34 (0.89%)
Check out the 5 day chart and the 3 month chart. We are happy with our entry point and the potential for this stock.

Beware of the "temporary" top around 42.

And notice the SUPPORT right under 38!


DSCM had a nice day & is back to our entry point 2.99 +0.12 (4.18%) This stock seems tied to $3, look to take profits on next 5-10% gain.

Monday, February 12, 2007

FINETUNE ADDED ~ is finetune stock market friendly?

Feel the music, feel the DIP!


We bought MPEL in low 19's...sold some over $20....then bought more when it hit a new 52 week low of $18.55.

We are extremely confident in the future prospects for MPEL and thus reiterate our BUY RATING. Watch the open tomorrow and BUY ON THE DIP! MPEL 17.45 -1.17 (-6.28%)

Our standard operating procedure is to ENTER a stock, then buy on dips to establish position, but we understand that FUNDS aren't infinite. This will be our last BUY on MPEL.(at least for a while;-)

DIP FOLIO "current position" = $17.98

Now we will hold until THE CROWN opening in Q2.

WAKE UP! ABDE upgraded! +0.42 (1.11%) AAPL upgraded! +1.62 (1.95%)

Adobe Systems (ADBE - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr - Rating) upgraded at Oppenheimer: Oppenheimer upgrades Adobe Systems from neutral to buy and establishes a 12 month price target of $43. - from

Citigroup raised Apple Inc. (AAPL: Quote, Profile , Research) to "buy" from "hold," saying the company remained one of the best ways to play the ongoing digitization of all entertainment content. The brokerage said it has a price target of $105 on Apple's stock and added that its estimates on the company for 2007 and 2008 are well above the consensus view. (Reporting by Shivani Singh in Bangalore)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Does anyone remeber the iphone?

It's ONLY been 1 month since Steve Jobs unveiled the iphone at MacWorld and sent APPL from $85 to $97/share.
Today AAPL is trading below pre-iphone hoopla at $83.27
Did we forget how damn sexy this thang is!?!
Just in case, we went to THE APPLE STORE in La Jolla, CA today and the verdict is BUY MORE AAPL ON NEXT DIP!



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Friday, February 9, 2007

BULLS CONFUSED? we got dipped..ouch! NYX.....$92.07 -5.17 (-5.32%)

DIPPED! 5% on the day.... if you bought a bit at the open from our recommendation, then bought more on the BIG DIP, you would be in a good position with an average entry point under $94....

although Goldman Sachs analyst Joshua R. Carter removed NYSE Group Inc from his "Americas Buy List" - Carter tells salesforce to remain positive on LongTerm prospects for NYX.
-Associated Press 02.09.07

NYX GS downgrade & a big early morning dip! buy now!

NYX under $92 over $5 & more than 5% down on the day...its only one downgrade and GS's target is still $105 , they just dropped it from $120. now 91.98 -5.26 (-5.41%)

we liked it before this dip, we love it now!!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

NYSE Group, Inc. (NYX) - down from 107 - 97

With the recent success of ISE (ISE ) , the exchanges appear to be great "buy on the dip" opportunities....The NYSE is as american as apple pie. The public understands the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE.
NYX is a BUY


"smart money" bought a bunch at $ can too!

(<----see the big buy!!)



18.55 NEW LOW!
OLD 52Wk Low:
READ THIS!!!!! (all about MPEL's IPO and future plans)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

ADOBE dips, tech rises = buying opp!

Adobe Systems initiated with "outperform"Wednesday, February 07, 2007 3:16:24 AM

ETCredit SuisseNEW YORK, February 7 ( - Analysts at Credit Suisse initiate coverage of Adobe Systems Inc (ADBE.NAS) with an "outperform" rating. The target price is set to $47.


BUY TARGET $38 sell target $46

this week started with "A" on the DIP and now look~

See the dip, buy the dip!

MONDAY we said to BUY AGILENT TECH (A)....and it ended UP on mon, tues and today that DIP!

(chart updated thursday - etrade chart - Last 32.67)

32.57 +0.57 +1.78% (wed close)

ISE keeps climbing! over 15% gain since FEB 1st.


ISE 47.90 +1.39 (2.99%)

take some profits TODAY.


MPEL is on another DIP.


this stock belongs above $20!!!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

ARTG - eCommerce "best of breed" just took a BIG DIP! - adding to watch list today

we liked ARTG as a tech play for 2007, then it jumped from $2.22 to $2.65 from mid DEC to mid JAN ...we thought we lost our shot at this one...then todays earnings with slower growth dropped this e-commerce "best of breed" player to an attractive entry point.
ATG makes the software and delivers the on demand solutions that the world's top brands use to power their leading-edge e-commerce Web sites; attract prospects; convert them to buyers; and offer stellar ongoing customer care. Together, these capabilities help our customers create a satisfied, loyal, and profitable online customer base.
In the 2006 Forrester Wave™: Commerce Platforms report, Forrester Research ranked ATG.