Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The OIL STOCKS of 2009 ~ PowerShares DB Crude Oil Double Long ETN (Public, NYSE:DXO)

How did Great Grandpa get rich? 

 .... take your pick. 

$ $ $ $

1)  OIL



 ... with DXO you get 2 of the top wealth creators in history. 
... with PBR you get emerging market lovin' and 1/2 of Brazil. 
... with HK you get NATGAS and Floyd's 100% success rate. 
.... and with CAM you control the FLOW.

p.s.    4) what is the Internet?  AMZN & AAPL calls. 

The Temptation of Speculation! ~ Gold Reserve Inc. (Public, AMEX:GRZ)

Penny Pimpin' 

with GRZ +9.46%

.... BOTD up 33% in 2 days! 

*stop at .75

ENDO Pharma (ENDP)

Manage your PAIN & PROFITS! 

$ $

$27.84 +1.70 (+6.50%)

"our size IS our difference" 

         *thin to win

KING of the JUNGLE! ~ Amazon.com, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:AMZN)


33% pop. 

... still down on OG buy. 


 $   the victory cry of the bull ape?!!   $ 

Monday, December 29, 2008

Move #123: "Spread the Board" ~ Bank of America Corporation (Public, NYSE:BAC)

         ** Spread the Board ~ Like Butter, baby! **
MOVE # 123:  Spread the Board aka Cover the Board.  

EXAMPLE:  We currently own BAC puts.  But we only have JAN 12.50s.   We are confident that BAC will eventually break down,  it just might not happen in the next 18 days.  So here's the play ... SPREAD the BOARD!  ..... buy puts in JAN, FEB, and MAY.    That gives us 5 months to be right.   Look to add FEB 12.50s with BAC above $13 tomorrow AM.   Then the MAY 11s. 

The SHORT List:  ICE, BAC, COST .... the Amigos & FAZ! 

The Life Of ... PowerShares DB Crude Oil Double Long ETN(Public, NYSE:DXO)

The LIFE of ... DXO!

29.65 - 1.76

BOTD added at $2.29

+0.29 (+14.43%)
hmmmm, we're back!


What is the Internet? ~ Amazon.com, Inc.(Public, NASDAQ:AMZN)

Short COST, Long AMZN!

JAN 17, 2009
$ 50.00 CALL

2.58 -1.77 (-40.69%)

The 5 days of X-mas!

.... buy the monday dip

HK, HK, HK ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation(Public, NYSE:HK)

JAN 17, 2009
$ 15.00 CALL
-0.04 (-3.36%)

... Faith in FLOYD!

Gold Reserve Inc.
+0.074 (+12.54%)
Spec Gold Penny Play!

p.s. BAC puts. Gap fill Special.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Night "MUST WIN" Football ~ San Diego!

    ** The NFL's "BEST" THEME SONG!  ** 

The GRINCH Returns! ~ Costco Wholesale Corporation (Public, NASDAQ:COST)

The Costco AMEX, your DEBIT card or CASH!  ... that's it.  

What a concept!?! ...  you can only spend money you actually have.  NO RANDOM CREDIT CARDS ... and a return policy made for the GRINCH! 


Option Lovers try:  PRQMJ the Jan 50s. $1.35

... NO cars, NO boats, NO trucks, NO houses, NO pets, ... no clothes, jewelry, planes, trains, hotels, restaurants, furniture, appliances, vacations, computers, sporting goods, video games, toys, etc ... STOP SPENDING, BUY NOTHING! 

Our motto for 2009  ... "Get short, stay short." 

The NEW YEAR's Resolution = CUT COSTS!!! 
p.s.    dear pool man, gardener, nanny and maid, 
               "Happy New Year .... you're FIRED!" 

Friday, December 26, 2008

ICE MELTS UNDER PRESSURE ~ IntercontinentalExchange, Inc. (Public, NYSE:ICE)

ICE is NOT an $80 stock. 


BOTD wins. 

Options are "thin" ... tread carefully.

TARGET:  $68. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DRUG are Profitable! ~ Merck & Co., Inc. (Public, NYSE:MRK)

Paging Dr. Profit!!

JAN 17, 2009 
$ 30.000 CALL

1.45+0.50 (+52.63%)

.... move stop up! daddy wins! 

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mr. KAF & the Merck!!! ~ Merck & Co., Inc.(Public, NYSE:MRK)

JAN 17, 2009
$ 30.00CALL

.... top gainer in the DOW

The potential breakout!
watch $30 ish ... the "navy blue line"

Faith in FLOYD!!???! ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation(Public, NYSE:HK)


~ Floyd C. Wilson


Hedged in Confusion! ~ ENERGY BEAR 3X(Public, NYSE:ERY)

JAN 17, 2009
$ 50.00 CALL
-0.60 (-19.35%)

Buy 'more' on the dip!

Transocean (RIG): Has 3,752 months of rigs under contract, or an average of about 26 months of backlog for every rig in the fleet. That translates to a dollar value of backlog of $41.1 billion, as of Nov. 3, 2008. can you say ? ... cancellations!

LONG'ERY again!

+1.89 (+4.43%)

BOTD Strategy ... unknown.


ERY Strategy
The investment seeks daily investment results, before fees and expenses, of 300% of the inverse (or opposite) of the price performance of the Energy Index. The fund normally invests at least 80% of net assets in Financial Instruments that, in combination, provide leveraged and unleveraged exposure to the Energy Index, and the remainder in Money Market Instruments. It also holds Money Market Instruments. The fund is nondiversified.

ERY ... Overview
Category = Bear Market
Expense Ratio 0.95%
Net Asset Value (as of 12/18/2008) $42.41
Premium / Discount (as of 12/18/2008) -0.73%
Total Net Assets $7.8 M
Inception Date 11/06/2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Stock Market is RIG'd ~ Transocean Inc. (Public, NYSE:RIG)

We "bought the BUZZER" on Friday! 

JAN 17, 2009
$50.00 CALL
3.10 -1.80 (-36.73%) 


UNG22.27-0.94 (-4.05%) * What is NatGas? 

USO33.06+0.33 (1.01%) *Usually Stopped Out*

OIL23.38+0.25 (1.08%) *nah*

DXO2.63-0.05 (-1.87%) *BUY SOME!*

-1.18 (-2.46%) *OWN IT*

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Memorandum of Moratorium!

"Families sleepin' in their cars out in the Southwest
No job, no home, no peace, no rest, NO REST!"
 ~ Zach


We got an email this week asking, "Do you trade full-time?" 
                  ... answer, NO. (sort of) 

BOTD specializes in SMALL BUSINESS LENDING.   Our relationships with US Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, CIT, etc .... have become increasingly difficult.  In 2003, 04, 05, 06, and even most of 2007 we were able to get approvals for OWNERS with at least 1 year in business and a good Dunn & Bradstreet rating.   Now, in 2008 ... DECLINED!  DECLINED! DECLINED! 

When we're not trading,  we're looking at credit.  Experian, Equifax, Transunion, DNB reports, tax returns, bank statements, and P&Ls.   Exciting stuff!   We can tell you first hand that "everyone's credit" has gone to shit.  Personal and Business credit, all bad.  Our approval percentage was in the 80% range, now it's lower than 50%.  Tough times for all.  We got a memorandum last week from a subsidiary of Wachovia saying "we are on a two week moratorium" .... no more loans!! .. WTF?!!?! ...  One of two things will happen; we'll get an email from them in 2009 saying "we are no longer in business" , or ... "our credit window has widened and we are loosening guidelines in an effort to stimulate lending"  hmmmmm.   The former seems more likely as we also got word that that subsidiary just laid off their marketing and sales staff.  All this the same week that the FED cut rates to ZERO.  Go figure. 

The UPDATED 'Restricted' List:    

1) Local & Long Haul Trucking
2) Non-Franchise Restaurants 
3) Farms
4) Real Estate & Mortgage 
5) Construction
6) Casinos 
7) Adult Industry 
8) Churches & Non-profits
9) Vending & Coin Operated Gaming
10) Oil & Gas Industry 

EXAMPLE:   let's say you're a small non-franchise restaurant owner, one location, 5 years in business with excellent credit looking for $70,000 for equipment or working capital.   guess what?  DECLINED!  or how about a residential construction company lucky enough to still have work, you sir are DECLINED!  or what about a cattle farmer, sure he's owned his land for 60 years, but he too is DECLINED!  ... our last approval that actually FUNDED was a doctor with 800+ FICO.   So bottom line for small business owners, unless you have $200,000 in cash sitting in the bank, ...  you're FUCKED.   Merry Christmas. 

p.s.  our "example" is a bit exaggerated, but you get the point.   

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Expiration of BOTD ~ Research In Motion Limited (USA) (Public, NASDAQ:RIMM)

The DEC 40s.

ticker = RUPLH 

... more like RALPH, ... almost "blew chunks" watching that 10% pop dissipate.   Buy the AM dip!!!  

... it's time to bring back an old tradition,  the FRIDAY HAPPY FUN HOUSE!   

I wanna be Jackie Onassis
I wanna wear a pair of dark sunglasses
I wanna be Jackie O
Oh oh oh oh please don't die!
Yeah ya tryin' ta tire me, tire me
I can see you in front of me, front of me
Ya tryin' ta tire me, tire me
Why don't you get from in front of me?
We're already dead!
We're already dead!
We're already dead!

p.s.  anyone sick of RAGE yet? ... is FAZ over $55 yet? 

UPDATE:  Prestige Worldwide presents ... 

Friends of BOTD: A Taste of KALRI$$IAN

A Taste of Kalri$$ian from Ben Sutherland on Vimeo.

     .... FEB 12th, 2009 ... *KALRI$$IAN*

Buy the BUZZER! ~ Research In Motion Limited (USA)(Public, NASDAQ:RIMM)


.... option lovers try:

DEC 20, 2008

$ 40.000 CALL(RUPLH)

Swimming in Profits! ~ ENERGY BEAR 3X(Public, NYSE:ERY)

+5.34 (+14.83%)
*take profits*
.... anyone want to play RIMM earnings?

BOTD "never sleeps"!!! ~ Citigroup Inc.(NYSE:C)

DEC 20, 2008
$ 7.50 CALL(CLQ)
-0.15 (-31.91%)
Buy "Citi Calls" on the DIP!
FYI ~ expiration tomorrow.


an inverse ETF and we're up? ...

+3.16 (+8.78%)
go figure.
p.s. Santa? AAPL calls. DEC 95s , JAN 90s.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bear On The Dip! ~ ENERGY BEAR 3X(Public, NYSE:ERY)

-0.57 (-1.64%)
.... more worthless paper?
get LONG ERY! ... "longery?"

Are you on StockTwits.com ? ~ Potash Corp./Saskatchewan (USA)(Public, NYSE:POT)

BOTD wins.
"calls of confidence"
... go team!

... trade starts at the bottom.
all times PST (add 3 hours for EST)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Golden RATE CUT play! ~ Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.(Public, NYSE:FCX)

DEC 20, 2008
$ 22.500 CALL
0.00 (0.00%)
.... gold, copper, and Freedom!

UPDATE: !!!!!!!!!!!

+0.68 (+55.28%)

BOTD wins.

UPDATE After-the-Close!

+1.35 (+109.76%)

Ben "santa" Bernanke!

Check the TIME on StockTwits.com

"calls with confidence!"

The BA Team! ~ The Boeing Company(Public, NYSE:BA)

"unusual options activity"
DEC 20, 2008
$ 40.000 CALL

+0.38 (+56.72%)

.... also check out JAN 09 45s
(BAAI) 0.90 +0.10 (+12.50%)
HUGE VOLUME ... 11,066

*hat tip* optionmonster!

Green Surprise! ~ Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.(Public, NYSE:GS)

DEC 20, 2008 $ 70.00
+0.95 (+32.20%)
.... GS also reported that its average compensation per employee in 2008 fell to about $395,000, down sharply from more than $660,000 in fiscal 2007.
p.s. QAALS 1.96 -0.82 (-29.50%) .... c'mon AAPL!

Monday, December 15, 2008

What's your FANTASY? ~ Go EAGLES!

Our opponent has Curtis.

we have 3 and need 30+!

go team!

The "Johnny McMargin" Earnings Play! ~ Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.(Public, NYSE:GS)

it's an APPLE X-MAS!
DEC 20, 2008
$ 95.00 CALL
-2.57 (-48.04%)
... the late day rally saves.

Goldman "Johnny McMargin" Sachs reports in the AM.
DEC $ 70.00 CALL
2.95 -0.75 (-20.27%)
.. the consensus of the 18 analysts covering GS is -3.50
p.s. Did FAZ almost break out today? ... we're still down on (SRS), (SKF), (EEV) ... the lone green Amigo (SDP )
BuyOnTheDip.com on Google Finance:

The Roll-Down Move # 95 ~ Apple Inc.(Public, NASDAQ:AAPL)

... with the (GS) downgrade, our AAPL 100s felt a bit too distant. SOLD the 100s, rolled-down to the 95s.
DEC 20, 2008 $ 95.00
good luck.

The Christmas 70% OFF sale! ~ Apple Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:AAPL)

DEC 100s


.95 cents!!! 

.... next buy on AAPL , the Jan 90s when AAPL hits $88.

p.s.  did FAZ hit $55 yet? 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

DECK the CALLS! ~ Apple Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:AAPL)

 ... with the DEC 100s! 

BOTD loves expiration week. Check out how closely the option contracts will trade with the common stock.   AAPL options have tons of volume and open interest.  Watch/Trade/Buy (QAALT).

Hey, this chart looks just like the one above!  

$108 by X-MAS ??!!?


... ho, ho, ho! 


 Apple (AAPL) goes from $100 to $108, hmmm, that's 8% profit.  
    (QAALT) goes from $3 to $6+ ... that's 100%+ profit!  

 30 shares of AAPL @ $100 = $3000   (8% profit = $240)
   or   10 contract @ $3.00  = $3000    (100% profit = $3000)

OPTIONS = RISK = COAL for Christmas! 
...  if AAPL goes down, flat, or closes under $103 by Friday.  bye, bye $3000!!!  

p.s.  yes, our math is terrible.   

         The Sun?  ... it's coming back around again

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Maturation of BOTD ~ Father of TWO!

The BOTD Christmas gift to our faithful readers = More Transparency!!! (gosh, we sound like a bank) .... Over the past month we've received numerous e-mails asking "Where did all the chick pics go?" ... and our man Kevin's chant ... "titties, titties, titties!"    For 2 years BuyOnTheDip.com has been THE place for sexy BOTTOMS and tantalizing TOPS.   When we were asked to go on TapeTalk.tv , Quint (Qman) asked us to take down "the chicks" temporarily for the show, we happily obliged.   With all the butts and boobs off the site, we felt like a Dad.   And after all, that's what we are.  That's who we are.  A loving husband and caring father of two beautiful girls.  So here is our post of explanation and maturation.  

Cameron Paige

 3 years old,  going on 13. 

recent quote: "i want a polar bear for x-mas" *
      *what happened to ... "a pony" ?

Marley Michelle

 ...  yes, we named  her after BOB MARLEY.  

 "red lightning!" 

One Year, One Love. 

 ... Daddy (Chris aka BOTD) playing guitar with Cameron about a year ago, hmmmm.

31 years old, we're BALD now, ... don't laugh.

Happy Holidays.  
   *Go Team!*

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Christmas "Calls of Confidence" ~ Apple Inc.(Public, NASDAQ:AAPL)

Friday Fun with Apple!

DEC 20, 2008
$ 100.000 CALL
+0.72 (+40.91%)

... $108 for x-mas~!

AAPL 98.27 +3.27 (3.44%) * Dec 12 - Close *
The 5 day.

we're still down on our original DEC 100 buy(3.75), but traded out a win on our 2nd & 3rd buys! holding the rest until $108 ;-)

The "calls of confidence" play:
1) buy/hold the Amigos (EEV, SKF, SRS, SDP) and FAZ
2) intra-day trade calls on the LONG side!
.... holding the Amigos gives you the confidence to get long during the day, knowing that if/when the market shits, you'll be in position.

Weekly Winners: GS & AAPL up 100% on Monday, X calls up 50% on Tuesday, FCX up 100%+ on Wednesday, Thursday The Amigos and FAZ up 20%+, and Friday fun with AAPL 100%!!!

LOSERS: HPQ puts, FRO puts, SPLS puts, MEE calls.

p.s. don't forget the MON *puts of profit* (100% from Tuesday to Thursday)

Did FAZ close above $55 today?

day's range: 45.30 - 56.49