Monday, October 27, 2008

The Wingless World Series! ~ Buffalo Wild Wings (Public, NASDAQ:BWLD)

BWLD Earnings  ~  After Hours: 25.03 -4.03 (-13.87%)


Anonymous said...

Yeah They could have atleast put terminator and prison break blah!

BUY ON THE DIP said...

-6.12 (-21.08%)


cl said...

DRYS 12.45 -2.18 (-14.93%)

Looks like I covered my short too soon!!!

patience is not my virtue...gotta work on that ;)

cl said...

but even big wigs make mistakes.. for instance,
Carlos Slim's 9-11-08 investment in NYT (The New York Times Company)

9.1 million shares at $13.96 a share. As NYT notes, Slim has a history of investing in depressed assets that can be turned around for a profit and "several analysts familiar with his investments say they see the purchase of the Times Company stock in that vein." NYTCo certainly fits, dropping from $40-plus three years ago to the cost of a discount DVD today.

NYT price on 10-28-08 $9.63

why pay for a newspaper when you can get all the news you want online FREE!!

cl said...

looks like the dollar is trying to become a dollar again!

+ 0.45 (0.52%)

I wonder how long it will last?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

"looks like the dollar is trying to become a dollar again!"