Sunday, October 12, 2008

INSIDER BUYS on the DIP! ~ Calpine Corporation (Public, NYSE:CPN)

CALPINE (CPN)  selling at BOOK VALUE! 

big insider BUYS under $10! 

The past week was a switch from "weak" holders to "strong" buyers!  

Multi Level Marketing?   no. 

 Insider buys on (MLM) under $80! 
Two BIG Open Market Purchases
10/7/08    Cost $10,145,787.19
10/7/08    Cost $9,055,920.88
Martin Marietta Materials  (MLM) 

 What the (TUX) ??? 

   TRIAN still at $8.56, get a better price than Nelson!   

   who? ...  NELSON PELTZ.

p.s.  Honorable Mentions:   SKS, AIR, ATLS, EPB, AA, and ES 


BUY ON THE DIP said...

yep. at $11ish.

looked pretty good at $8.49 , eh?

we basically own every stock in the market with our,
ETF basket of Bullishness.

futures are up right now!
DOW 8,629.00 up 259.00

BUY ON THE DIP said...


(EEEI) for .25cents +0.140 (127.18%)

and hey, they aren't even doing business now..... that's always good , right?

September 16, 2008) - Electro Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: EEEI), a provider of battery technologies and associated systems, today announced that it has nearly depleted its cash reserves and has been unable to raise additional capital. Consequently, the Company and its subsidiaries will suspend operations immediately.

cl said...

yep, crude is up too...besides HK another good company to watch is CLR...big in the Bakken.... if oil is up watch for the bounce

BUY ON THE DIP said...

CLR is money!

we also like PXP and RRC for bounce plays.

how about PDO ?

cl said...

PDO, let me tell something about them...added to my watch list in late feb around 6 or 8 bux..forgot about them, next thing i know fucker is at like 40+... very volatile but BIGGGG moves

cl said...

I like Proshares Ultra ETF's this week because if we see a rally I want to capitalize off the leverage...and what about and the SHORT SQUEEZE!!!!

cl said...

I'm too fired up to sleep

Danny said...

Muahaha....XL ..XL..look at that gapper!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ABK and AIG are still the plays for me

cl said...

hey u wanna talk about a hot penny stock...what about TGB, been crushed from around 6 bux to now .86 cents.....I know copper has been hammered lately but this is good company...Canadian mining play...

cl said...

bear trap?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

The ETF basket of GAINS!


_we win! take some profits!


UYG up 28.12%
UYM up 22.89%
UKF up 19.55%


penny stock love?

EEEI 0.350 +0.120 (52.17%) (LOL)

HK 11.76
+2.12 (21.99%)

BUY ON THE DIP said...


10.73 +1.54 (+16.76%)

hmmmmmmmmmm.... INSIDER pop!