Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy with CAPPY! (again) ~ Capstone Turbine Corporation (Public, NASDAQ:CPST)

Capstone (CPST)

+0.22 (+19.82%)

.... get your turbines!
"don't CHASE johnny"
buy mini-pullbacks!


Anonymous said...

Credit Card defaults about to soar!

Credit lines will be chopped or closed down. People will go to sleep with a $40k amex and wake up with a $5k limit.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

those apple earnings calls we bought at $7,

18.90 +5.95 (+45.95%)

already sold, but hey...!~

Anonymous said...

nice BOTD, too bad i gotta be on sidelines for awhile. I shouldnt' come here, it makes me want to start trading again.

Mattyrye said...

can i get REW REW please!

Anonymous said...

Come on Markets. Gives us a Treat instead of a Trick

BUY ON THE DIP said...

REW under $95... wait for it.

HK just popped into the green, go team!

Anonymous said...

i might have to get out of a lot of my positions. Market's been decent this week, next week will be a whole new trading session.

Closing some of my positions and getting into REW and FXP.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if the market is going to tank again this week coming >/

Mattyrye said...

I couldn't wait for 95 on REW, had to REW my boat @ 96.

EEV is next, holidays will blow, nothing will sell. Where do we make products what we sell , emerging markets. Emerging markets going down..and on a side not a bullish chart to die for..