Thursday, October 9, 2008

INVESTOR CONFIDENCE is this BIG! ~ Ultra Financials ProShares (Public, AMEX:UYG)

"Hey little buddies ... it's all good!"

- GEORGE double U 


-2.34 (-21.77%)
Oct 9 - Close


p.s.  Will (SKF) hit new highs? ... Does anyone own (SEF) ? ... ProShares resumed its normal process of creating new shares of its ProShares UltraShort Financials (SKF) and ProShares Short Financials (SEF) exchange traded funds. ProShares suspended creating new shares in these two ETFs in response to a September 18 SEC order banning short sales of certain financial stocks. The SEC order was extended on October 2 and is set to expire tonight. During the suspension of creations, average daily trading volume of SKF and SEF exceeded 19 million shares.     today SKF traded 46 million shares, hmmm ... Serenity NOW??! 


Anonymous said...

how much lower would uyg go ?

Anonymous said...

under $5 bucks

If WFC hits new lows..

cl said...

oil's now 82 a drum in Europe....bout time for "big oil" to stop milkin it match that shit at the pumps...still $3.69 a gal here in bama

BUY ON THE DIP said...

very true. help us out, c'mon!

imagine if gas was still $5bucks at the pump ....*&^#%

.... unfunny thing , corn, soybean, wheat, etc have all come down a bunch too.... and the wife's weekly grocery bill hasn't dropped in comparison. damn you (SWY) & (COST)!

BUY ON THE DIP said...

sleeping is for sheep. zzzzzz...

why are we long UYG?

GS and WFC are going lower, right?

GS back to the low 80's and WFC breaks $25 tomorrow , .. right?

.... FUCK BANKS. johnny McMargin and his hopped up loans of leverage are no more. what is an investment bank? , do they still have those? ... the world is over. why do we buy stocks? the pen is blue. our site is black.

dow target = 7,899.52

good night and good luck.

Anonymous said...

looks to be an ugly open today.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

check out the daily low on the DOW.

Low: 7,882.51

hmmmm.... our target was $7899.52!