Wednesday, October 1, 2008

DIG - The Sequel ~ Ultra Oil & Gas ProShares (Public, AMEX:DIG)

DIG under $57!

-5.392 (-8.66%)

"go clan"

we rode it to $77+ last time, check the sequel!


Anonymous said...

SCORE on yesterdays LONG SIL , short DZZ !

Anonymous said...

AUY anybody?

Anonymous said...

wait for a recession on shore gold (SGF) then BUY! This stock is making me money like nobody's business :)


Anonymous said...

i can't wait for some news to come out for SGF

BUY ON THE DIP said...

siezure or big mike,

one of you was all over

ABK 3.43 +1.10 (47.15%)

nice call. did you make the play?

Anonymous said...

i said last nite i was going to get into either sov/abk/aig this morning...i fucked up and bought in at 3.30 for ABK..

BUY ON THE DIP said...

Nice call Mr. Patel!

you were all over that move.

anyone see MOS afterhours?

After Hours: 57.00
-12.06 (-17.46%)

Anonymous said...

still got faith in floyd?

Anonymous said...

buy on the dip, didn't realize your from SD.. i live in cardiff myself...AGU is also getting crushed after hours...might have to nibble a bit..

BUY ON THE DIP said...


..... we used to live in Encinitas, back in our single days.

now out in Sabre Springs, married, kids, house, and a pool!

damn its HOT, 90+ today!

Anonymous said...

I'm bettin the farm on home depot.

Anonymous said...

BOTD, in at $2.60 ABK out at $3.30ish.

I should've held for bailout, but when I saw ABK just moving up non stop I figured I lock in profits. LIke you said, it's 2008 gotta lock in profits