Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Feature: The ASSassination of American Wealth!



cl said...

funny but true shit from some dude on yahoo boards...

"The market will turn, then it will twist, then it will turn somemore.. like a dying snake.
Up down and flatline.
Two major market CRASHES this decade, and you think that the heavily traumatized and mistrusting masses are going to be rushing into equities anytime soon?
We've had several previous years of growth and wealth accumulation, and through it all the market hasn't done anything...not a damned thing this decade.
Why will it ramp up heavily in the coming years?
The stock market has become nothing more than an online trading casino, since people can buy and sell stocks with the click of a button.
Any rallies will continue to be sold into, as people try to recoup some of their losses ,while they swear off ever getting into equities again.
You will see a further loss of trust and interest in the market, as the average PE ratio gets compressed to lower and lower levels.
Fuck the bulls, the booyahs, and the buy and holds.
The stock market is toast for the forseeable future.
If you do get a 1,000 point rally, sell it all before everyone else does...and they will"

Anonymous said...


Once all the CBs start devaluing their currencies to "stabilize" the banking system, we will have have money rushing into certain things in order to protect wealth/capital.

Gold/silver, commodities like agriculture, anything in limited supply that has quality assets. This is Jim Rogers line of thinking as well as some others and I tend to agree with them. Most big investors are steering clear of US equity markets and taking advantage of the massive sell off in the over-seas markets, knowing that their economies are much more fundamentally strong than ours for the most part.