Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TECH, TECH .... BOOM! part 72 ~ International Business Machines Corp. (Public, NYSE:IBM)

As promised, ... BIG TECH blew up today! 

IBMSD up 72.22% 

BOTD added yesterday at $2 

ended the day:
$3.10 bid, $3.30 ask. 


p.s.  yes, EMC hit our stop loss.  that's twice we've lost money with EMC, never again. 

CAT68.43-1.08 (-1.55%)
DECK128.21-4.05 (-3.06%)
URBN31.62-0.69 (-2.14%)
HBC75.39-0.57 (-0.75%)
CNW47.43-0.14 (-0.29%)
R67.51-2.57 (-3.67%)
ORCL21.11-0.47 (-2.18%)
IBM120.40-3.48 (-2.81%)

***FUCK HRB .... we bought more PUTS on the POP ... up 1.36% today ... above $24 and .50cents of its 52 week high... DIE HERB, DIE! 

p.s.s. Agrium's CEO is Mr. Wilson, ...PertoHawk's CEO is Mr. Wilson.  hmmmm... coincidence? 


Unknown said...

You still think IBMSD is going to 4.00 ?? or should have I sold at 3.10

Unknown said...

I bought in at 1.80

BUY ON THE DIP said...

we will hold some until , or through earnings depending on how the stock moves. earnings is the 17th.

CSCO shit the bed today, and if the action continues tomorrow morning, we may take some profits. we want $4, but 50%+ profits are nice.

not sure if that helps.

Anonymous said...

what does the term mean

buy with a tight stop ?

The Unusual Option said...

hey Sara,

you pick a SELL point before buying, if it get to your "stop loss" ... you sell.

keeps you from losing too much. takes emotion out of the investment. like EMC, we said if it hits its 52 week low , we would get out and sell. we did.

Unknown said...

Also wondering if you think AGU is going to hit 105 by expiration ?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

not sure about AGU , did you listen to the CEO on fastmoney tonight? ... good stuff.

AGU should start higher tomorrow.

go Mr Wilson!

*we are just long the common stock for now, lost some cash on aguga.... but love the stock.


Anonymous said...

well today they were talking about chk .. on fast money . that it hit 20% low,

so they said, it's a good time to buy , also hk is around 20%..

they just said, buy on a secondary with a tight stop .

so if i buy at 57 and it goes down to 52 to sell and wait till it goes more down before i get it

is that what tight stop mean ?

thanks guys

Unknown said...

Yeah up 1.74% after hours . Still holding aguga that's why I was wondering. Go Wilson ! Wilson ! (a.k.a) HK ,AGU

Anonymous said...

Nice job BOTD!

I'm still short HBC up 50%... patiently waiting for it to start diving. Still long HK up 35%. I'm also short TIF up .06% and C. C is up 56%.

BUY ON THE DIP said...


57 to 52 isn't a very "tight" stop.

tight would be like buying at 57 and if it goes to 56, sell.

but its all relative, the idea is to just know how much you are willing to lose before starting the trade. if you always sell when you are down 5%, ... then you can't lose more than 5%, right?

Anonymous said...

ok great i get it,

what does hk and chk have in common ,

is there more down side to hk . down 20% for the high

thanks for the info

BUY ON THE DIP said...

c'mon sara,

now you're just messing with us , right?

Anonymous said...

The only difference between CHK and HK is the "C". You C?