Thursday, July 24, 2008

PILLS ARE GOOD! ~ Genzyme Corporation (Public, NASDAQ:GENZ)

With our recent mental breakdown, we've decided to take some pills and scan for stocks. 

GENZ @ $75.34 

BIOTECH and DRUG stocks are the new hotness!

Earnings report caused an unjustified sell-off.  


Option lovers prescription:  GAAHO and GAAHP 

p.s.    Did anyone notice VRX hit a new 52 week high today?  

      PANTERA ~ Good Friends and A Bottle of Pills! 

UPDATE:      Break-out / MOMO pick!   

BUY on mini-pullbacks! 

AmerisourceBergen (ABC)

 #4 on the top 10 ticker list.


BUY ON THE DIP said...

Genzyme "buy," target price raised by UBS and S&P

NEW YORK, July 24 ( - Analysts at UBS reiterate their "buy" rating on Genzyme Corp (GENZ). The target price has been raised from $86 to $92.

S&P REITERATES STRONG BUY OPINION ON SHARES OF GENZYME CORPQ2 EPS of $0.85 vs. $0.70 is $0.07 ahead of our estimate, as revenues of $1.17B were 4% higher than we projected. Revenues rose 25%, and we remain encouraged by sustained double-digit sales gains across GENZ's diverse product group. Further, we see several near-term catalysts for new products and expanded indications, led by Myozyme and Mozobil, while GENZ invests in capital upgrades and expanded pipeline to support future growth. We boost our '08 EPS estimate by $0.06 to $3.45, trim '09's by $0.04 to $4.17, and raise our 12-month target price by $3 to $90

Anonymous said...

it's nice to see a "normal" RECO, welcome back guys!

Jim Collins said...

Heres what I have for tomorrow; remember very tight stops. If these effers move against me I will close out quickly!

Buy to Open Put 2 Contracts of -ZNQTE
Buy to Open Put 1 Contracts of -LVSTH
Buy to Open Put 2 Contracts of -MARTE

Take Profits Quickly! GO TEAM BOTD!

Jim Collins said...

CANCEL: "Buy to Open Put 2 Contracts of -MARTE " No vol on the options dont want to be market makers bitch.

CONTINGENT: QCOM Last less than or equal to $51.50

Anonymous said...

Pharmas??? Great recipe for ass-handing!!! Good luck in that sector...

Anonymous said...


Should I buy hk? It is LOW!


Anonymous said...

I call SHORT on MTH

Jim Collins said...

Kevin: HK made a Bullish Harami on Fri (
I would place a conditional buy if the stock goes above 35 expecting resistance at 40ish