Sunday, July 13, 2008

Middle of Nowhere? ... CASH is KING!

... why guess the direction of the market?

 stuck in the middle of nowhere. 

 the US economy is dead. 

 and until your house goes up in value don't get long.  Problem is the market could rally 600 points in 3 days... 

The SHORT BUS contains the same names, ... anyone bored yet?   

Ryder (R) - descending triangle ? ... just go below 60 already.  
Con-way (CNW) added to the break 40 club. 

Global Tech is slowing ... SHORT  IBM, ORCL, etc   

Financials that "aren't" at their 52 week lows ... HRB & HBC , DIE! 

Monday BUY on the DIP:   retail bounce play (TGT) 

p.s.  who went to the Apple (AAPL) store this weekend ?


Troy said...

today will interesting with the fannie and freddie fiasco. Once again taxpayers are the ones getting hit. Market should do well today but it will probably only last a few days. I'm certainly not buying anything today.

Anonymous said...

hk , agu ?

Anonymous said...

wouldn't HRBVX be a better bet than HRBVD considering the break even point is $20.24 as oppose to $18.54 I am just getting into this option thing and have been watching this site for about a month. BOTD you rock at picking stocks! I lost out on stop loss in place...I think it will recover, what are your thoughts? I want on the team! Keep on rockin!

Troy said...

ok..I lied.

I had to buy 2.5 PUT on DSL. It was way up and its on the short list of next bank to fail. High was 2.09 and now 1.45

Anonymous said...

What do you think steel stocks are going to do?

Anonymous said...

getting happy with Cappy (CPST) again. who's coming with?

Anonymous said...

when does cpst announce earnings? also, i might wait , its on the nekkid short list

Unknown said...

could someone explain the naked short list to a noob?

i have a bunch of GTE, and as far as i could tell it means as long as the stock doesn't tank there are a ton of shorts that have to be covered???

BUY ON THE DIP said...


thanks for the comment, and yes, the break even point would easier to hit, but the returns from the Out-of-the-money puts would be more profitable.

we also like to "scatter the board" ... we bought the july , august, oct puts on HRB, making sure that we make money in the short term, and if it takes a month or more to develop, we wont expire before the "big move" ... and fuck EMC, no offense.

cheers, and go team!