Thursday, July 17, 2008

the BIG TECH earnings KABOOOM! ~ International Business Machines Corp. (Public, NYSE:IBM)

Our readers know that we have been aggressively calling for a BOMB in BIG TECH

 ... with heavy bets against ORCL and IBM.   

We've been waiting for weeks for today's afterhours earnings reports.  

GOOG, MSFT, and IBM ... 


First was GOOG earnings, ... report comes out, stock drops HUGE, 11% initially.  nice! 

Then MSFT, reports earnings, stock down 6%+  ... getting excited! 

Our anticipation grows anxiously ..... c'mon BIG BLUE! 

IBM reports!!!  shares "halted" ... HALTED!! ... WTF!!!!  the momentum from GOOG and MSFT was sure to knock IBM down.... but with the shares "halted" , and the afterhours screen stuck at $126.25 ... we sat in disbelief as other BIG TECH traded lower.... even ORCL (which didn't report) was down 2%+ ... ...  ...  IBM finally resumed trading, in scrabbled egg fashion, only to end down .40cents.   FORTY CENTS??? .... was all our time, money, and effort betting against IBM for not?  

p.s.   and yes, HK down HUGE (-15%+) ... daily low of $36.57 ... next buy under $35, then $29 ... Faith in FLOYD.    ..... Since we can't sell HK , we add "hedges" to limit our downside risk.... HK is falling as oil and natgas takes a dump, ...when oil goes down, airline stocks, cruise ship stocks, transportation stocks go up.  In the past we bought puts on GDP as our hedge, ... this dip we added  LONG RCL.... Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL) up 10%+ hedged some of our HK losses today.   

p.s.s.  newly added TGT up 3% more and RJF up 6.65%, ... look to take profits!  



BUY ON THE DIP said...

VCLK down 20% , was a nice "tell" on GOOG.

also EBAY down 14% ....

tech, tech, tech .... KABOOOOOM!

fingers crossed that IBM will trade lower tomorrow along with the rest of BIG TECH.

cheers ;-)

Anonymous said...

It is amazing the positive spin the media puts on things. JPM profits down 53% but they BEAT ESTIMATES!!! STRONG BUY, THE BANKING CRISIS IS OVER. BULLS ON PARADE.

Anonymous said...

what do you think of the uso etf put? Also what about pot put. I bought at 5000 at 2.00 and was in a hurry and only put 2.40 sell stop. I made 2000.00. I should of made 50k doh. What do you think of pot? Fast money say sell pot. I still have hbc and deck. I have lost some money but they are aug puts. I made 2k on urbn thanks. keep up the good work. Who was that girl that was laying on the ground. She looked like tachel bilison. so hot and such a nice ass!!!!

The Conqueror said...

More buying Put on JPM, Kill it!

Anonymous said...

you guys sucks, who is FLOYD?
why ave faith in anything?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

"who is FLOYD?"

.... Floyd is the CEO of Petrohawk (HK)

and we might suck, but Floyd is the man.