Tuesday, July 8, 2008

BEN says 2009 sucks!

The world is over!

Here comes the SHORT BUS rally. 

Buy Puts On The Pop! 

IBM, ORCL  ... big tech will guide lower as global spending retreats. (vmw down 30%, ha.) 

R, CNW ...  fuck trucks.

HBC, HRB ... why aren't you at your 52 week lows? 

URBN, DECK ... trendy hippy specialty retail crap. 


Took some nice profits in KOLSuX!!!  and $old our GDP puts up 200%+ (the HK hedge is off) 

p.s.   Did you buy more AGU and HK on the dip?  


Jeb said...

yep. I got some URBN. Actually really like the store, but it should die.

BUY ON THE DIP said...


we just bought more IBM puts. earnings july 17th.

HRB keeps getting stuck at $23, we want more puts above $23.... go team.

Unknown said...

Dammit! Missed HK at 39. In yesterday at 45, in today at 40.3.

Not seeing enough volume for the panzerfaust yet though... in fact, we're heading back down. Guess I'll be in on another dip tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on a coal bounce? Soon? An hour ago I thought today was the day.

Luck to all

Anonymous said...

BOTD Do you know why natty gas is down so much?