Tuesday, July 22, 2008


From now on  ... 
   ...  just MOVIE reviews, and crap. 

Tonight's Movie: FELON 

FELON beats expectations!!! 

Val Kilmer is a "sandbagging" pimp.


BUY ON THE DIP said...

like prison?

check CWX and GEO.

Anonymous said...

Hey, your picks have been exceptional for the last couple of months. I've been watching this blog almost on a daily basis. Focus is right!

I believe this is a sucker's rally because the fundamentals haven't changed and they are still as bad as they were. The banks have only written off 300 billion. Another 800 billion is expected to be written off. I don't believe the financials will turn around (for real) until early to mid 2009.

How much longer can this sucker's rally continue for? And are you willing to say 2,3 or 4 weeks? Or, as you said, if you're not sure, don't play! I think the Dow will be at 10,000 in October. . And I don't believe the oil bubble is ready to pop yet. I think rates will stay low to keep economy afloat and oil/gold/commodities will still be in play. This is my thinking and I could be very wrong. But, I'm investing in this direction. Don't go off the short bus just yet! The recession hasn't even started yet.

Anonymous said...

Of course its a suckers rally.

Credit card leg coming down, as is commercial real estate, commercial/business bankruptcies are at a high too, further pulling down commercial RE.

Anonymous said...

'Mad Money Lightning Round': Pick Up Tupperware While It's Down


Anonymous said...

Tried to short VNO, and got an error, Meritrade doesn't allow shorting of this security. LAME , I recommend you short it now if you can.

Unknown said...

Watching HK is like drinking antifreeze. A slow painful DEATH !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna join this rally. LOL

I'm going long SOHU with some very risky august calls. I just can't see it missing earnings. Especially with what happened with BIDU today. & remember: SOHU is sponsored by the olympics and since last quarter the stock price has doubled???

But this all depends on what BIDU does in the first hour of trading tomorrow.

PS I shorted BIDU. It was a small position so I'll be ok but I'm betting a whole fucking lot on SOHU to go up. I did last quarter and won big!!!

PSS Last quarter SOHU went up two days after earnings. Then it had an 8% drop. I sold before the drop and bought after, so I won big twice! If this rally continues I will buy more calls on that drop if it happens again.

BUY ON THE DIP said...