Thursday, July 24, 2008

STEAL this IDEA! ..... BOTD move # 22

BuyOnTheDip move #22

Early or Late ... trading after is great! 

One of our early trading strategies was to wait for a good RECO to come down, then buy on the dip!   

Let someone else be "early or late" 

Here's how it works:   take our monday RECO on shorting VNO or SPG for example.   We were "early" ... both stocks went up on tuesday and wednesday, knocking us out of the trade for a loss, .... but that's where "you", being on the sidelines watching us take a 5% hit, can find opportunity.  The move is to watch the trade go wrong for the person who made the RECO, then you jump in at a better entry point.    

How about a stock like HRB?   Mr. Mortgage made the initial RECO to short HRB months ago,  we liked the idea and the source, lets see how it plays out.   We added HRB to a watchlist.  The stock started creeping higher.  Other traders began posting about shorting HRB, ... OptionAddict took a stab at it, so did The Fly, ... and when HRB topped $23 we jumped in, thinking we had a better entry point then those guys, and they're smart dudes.  Today RaginCajun pulled a "move #22" and started shorting HRB above $24  ...  you get the point. 
The main idea is to get a better entry than the person who made the RECO.   Like a bastard version of Cramer's 5 day rule .... or when Goldman upgrades a stock on a down market day, and the stock trades below their upgrade.   We are "nimble" traders and can take advantage of these opportunities.  Don't chase an idea after its already had a run, wait for "your" opportunity.   Let someone else be "early or late" and then make your play.  And remember, its OK to pass on a trade entirely.  

p.s.  what a bunch of rambling non-sense.   maybe we should stick to movies and music.  

no , wait!, we got it......  how about FASHION tips?!!   


 Wear BROWN with baby blue!!! 

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Jim Collins said...

CAT is still dropping and after making close to %100 since Mon on the downside, I think it has room to drop more.

Heres the formula I used to spot it:
"stock makes new two week high"
"close below open"
Genius, right?