Tuesday, July 8, 2008

TECH, TECH ... BOOM part 13 ~ EMC Corporation (Public, NYSE:EMC)

Time to HEDGE our ORCL & IBM shorts.


EMC down 10%+  @ $13.52

(tight stop loss at $13.18 the new 52 week low)


Jason said...

ATAI might be a good dip play. They are a market leader in administering computer based testing in China and are a recent IPO. They were downgraded after a 50% runup and meeting price targets, not for any company performance reasons. The company still has great growth and market placement. Looks like there might be a hammer candlestick reversal forming with support around 10-10.5. Thoughts?

Jeb said...

holy punch in the balls. everything that should be dying isnt!

Jason said...

VIT might turn out to be another dip/bounce play, along similar lines as ATAI (recent IPO with good earnings growth, etc.)

BUY ON THE DIP said...


interesting picks, thanks for the names.

ATAI ... Its clients include Citibank, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola ...BIG names, but if tech spending guides down as we are betting, in turn that could hurt ATAI. and overall its hard to invest in china right now.

p.s. we actually don't like EMC, we've lost money with it before, and in hindsight wish we'd bought something else. it was just so beaten up today...

good luck.

Anonymous said...

you guy's think agu . hk

will go down more .. this week

BUY ON THE DIP said...

short term, HK & AGU will go up if the overall market continues to rally.

long term they'll go up too.


go team.

Anonymous said...

thanks. daddy ..

Jason said...

Thanks for the thoughts on my picks BOTD. I took a break from trading after getting stomped earlier this year, just getting back into it. I wonder when China will look good again for investing.