Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Movies, Music, and now ... CABLE TV SHOWS!



Anonymous said...


Question: Petrohawk is down soooooo nicely! I am wondering what your play would be. Would you buy dec. calls for 40$ or 45$ or would you just buy the stock straight up? P.S> Get ur crap together lol, I need ur sweet calls!


Anonymous said...

AGU due to pop, i agree on that one. I just bought some.

VNO, I called OK to short yesterday, agreeing with you (but you got hit with a surprise press release, iwaited), it's down 4% , probably way more long term.

Anonymous said...

..and i'm already losing money on AGU, WHEEE! :-)

Anonymous said...

Title Q2 2008 Earnings Conference Call and Webcast
Date and Time 8/6/2008 , 11:30 AM ET

Anonymous said...

VNO is good.

AGU raped me some already. Asshole Cramer did some story negative on AG, which is BS, no doubt he's riding an AG short bus with some of his GS friends.

Anonymous said...

Oil rally back up to 131 or so is coming up.

Question is whether the oil stocks and commodities will follow it back up, or decouple and head down, like PM juniors have largely done. From today's action I don't know... we'll see over the next couple sessions.

The only close to sure bet right now is airlines as an inverse of oil.

Even the mighty ferts might feel the short blitzkrieg soon.

Anonymous said...

I just bought USO today at its low, I admit I'm rolling the dice a bit, but it's not that risky of a bet that oil will go back up.