Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Check out the day to day action in IBMSD. 

$2bucks to $3, back to $2, back to $3, down below $2, up above $3 ... 50% profits over and over.    our bad,  we just held in hatred.   IBMSD with a daily low of $1.55 and earnings on THURSDAY ... POTP (that means buy puts on IBM , the July & August 120's and 125's)

Oracle broke $20 today.
it's impossible to defeat the "quafiple top" , .. we win! 

 ... sold our July puts of power today for 150%+ profits. 

  *still short ORCL*   go team. 

tech, tech.... BOOM! 

p.s.  the BREAK $70 CLUB!   ~ HBC down 1.78% with a daily low of $70.31 ... PURE HATRED.  

p.s.s.  The SHORT BUS kids love TRENDY HIPPIE RETAIL CRAP, ..yay! 
URBN 28.82-0.73-2.47%


Unknown said...

IN on IBM puts at open today. BURN IT ALL

Anonymous said...

You guys can do things the easy way and just buy a ton of USO right now. Unless you believe high oil prices are over.

Jeb said...

Man... so in the last few weeks, every time I've tried to game energy, I've gotten socked in the balls.

.... and Every time I've tried to game tech, I've won! So here goes doing what has worked. I already made money on shorting aapl, orcl, and amzn.

Today looks like a perfect day to take round 2 of amzn, and I'll wait for a little pop in orcl before doing that one again :)

BUY ON THE DIP said...

IBM above $126!!!!???

Buying more puts.

Earnings bomb prediction .

Anonymous said...

botd and the rest of you HKers, informative article from aapg:
any thoughts on how long the pullback will last, all?