Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Beauty is a joy forever!!!!

The Rule says that you should take emotion out of your investment strategy...and not get too excited, but what a beautiful day!


ISE is so HOT right now! .....ISE has been our biggest winner to date.....and today ISE 47.85+4.01 (+9.15%)

NYX 86.34+5.75 (+7.13%) - our biggest holding! we bought the dip at 82!

MPEL 16.76+0.86 (+5.41%) - we are still down, but today helps our confidence in waiting for the CROWN to open! People want to own this stock, and we are all-in.

(if you bought on the recent dip, remember the Diphilosphy of taking gains at 5% and 10%)

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