Friday, March 2, 2007

NYX up on Euro record volume!!!!!!! BFLY dives ...ROO bounces!

NYX on EURO news!

we reup'd on NYX at 82....and NYX is our LARGEST DIPfolio holding. Today helps.

+3.48 (+4.26%)

AND our BOY BLUE (BFLY) , takes a the movie and in life he dies...hmmmmm....

-0.07 (-6.42%)

(stop loss at 10%).....side note $1.01 held nicely...hope we dont have to test it again.

AND yesterdays WATCHLIST ADD bounces like a good ROO should!

RGRP 3.80
+0.05 (+1.33%)
(if you added on our reco, take gains at 5% and 10%)

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