Friday, March 2, 2007

The Big Brown Bear - market correction in full effect.

Where's the bottom? ....we search long and hard!
The week we've been waiting for has finally arrived. Now what?!? We wanted a dip and we got one...from China to San Diego...Gold to in a wreck, quality schmality, hot is cold...and we are in search of a bottom.

Nothing worked this week and thus we've changed our mind set to fit the current market. So in answer to the big question...where do we put our money? let's start with where not to put our money...and we learn the hard way.
1) Retail dipped end of 06...and has had its 15% run in both low and love left.

2) Financials and housing are tied to the sub-prime debacle....stay away.

3) Healthcare is too volitale and tied to industry regulations

4) Tech is favorite growth sector for this decade but...wait another month or two.

5) ANY STOCK S THAT HAVE BEEN HOT OVER THE PAST 8 MONTHS...any big winners have given back Jan gains this week, and look to be giving back 2006 Q4 gains in the coming for another 5-10% correction in ALL previous BIG WINNERS...big money is taking gains, scared money is taking gains, recent buyers that were late are taking small losses, & new money is waiting on the sidelines...wait for the DIPS and then buy in stages on the way your favorite STOCKS and buy the dips, establish position! AND lets beat this bear!!!

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