Monday, March 5, 2007



The Bears won the open, again, as the market started the day down big. Then the "dip buyers" came in and pushed us in the green, only to finish the day in the RED.....Buyers continue to buy on the dip, but all-in-all the market and our stocks are trending downward.

So what do we do?

HOLD - AAPL up 1% on the day, and with our DipPosition at 83 (current price of 86)
- NYX with DipPosition at 86....our largest single holding. (current price of 81)
- CSCO is back to our OG entry point, hold for 5% gains.
- ABDE gave us 5% and is still up overall, hold for next 5%.
- AMGN hit its 52 week low today, but finished up.
- HAL finally had a nice run, we took some profits...still in the green!
- TWX down 10%, ...dont feel like taking this loss. hold.
-, ouch, down 12%, might as well just hold for the CROWN!
SELL - SBUX , as much as we loved this one, PE is to high, and growth too slow. (sell at 30)
- BFLY we are kicking ourselves for this reco, an internt retailer, wtf? (stop loss 5%)
- CPKI we love pizza, but peace to the restaurant industries for now...(stop loss 3%)
- SWY stop loss at 4%...look to rebuy after next big dip, we see one coming!
BUY - yeah right! nothing now, we have enough capital invested in the market at this time. Need to see some gains before investing more...lets ride this one down with our current positions~

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