Thursday, March 1, 2007

DOWN HUGE again in AM, buyers say BUY THE DIP!

We logged in this morning, and watched the DOW drop 150+ pts.....then the buyers came in and pushed the market back to even. We picked up some more NYX at 82 bringing our Dipfolio average to 85ish for NYX.

On a bad note...STZ fell off the map. You would think with all the BIG DIPS folks would head for the bottle, but this drunk stock just got a DUI........down 13%+ today....and hit our 10% stop loss for the DIPfolio. we got dipped.

This week has hurt much of our portfolio gains, we are still up overall because of our motto to always take gains at 5% and 10% (with early wins in CSCO, A, BFLY, HAL, ISE, ADBE) but hanging tough (with recent stop losses in STZ, FMD) (and note that NYX, AGMN, SBUX and TWX are down overall)....

On a better note...

AAPL hangs tough!

+3.188 (+3.77%)

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