Thursday, March 22, 2007

One that got away....XOM...doh!

EXXON MOBILE (XOM) 74.70+1.47 (+2.01%)
XOM up over 6% since our RECO, ...too bad we pulled the plug ...doh! ....patience is a virtue...too bad we don't have much. Live and learn.

We called higher gas prices and increased oil demand...and XOM was on a dip...arg!

original XOM POST on March 6th As for XOM ...we reiterate "rise in gasoline prices"...and again this stock gave us a chance to get in at our target entry point of 70. Did you buy on monday? we did! check out the chart:GET READY for record summer heat and gas prices! BUY XOM, drink water CWT, and look for us to add a utility soon! GAME ON!

side note*** MPEL still climbing back!!!! ... 16.94 +0.36 (+2.17%)

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