Thursday, March 1, 2007

Jump on the ROO train!

ROO Group, Inc. is a digital media company engaged in providing products and solutions that enable the broadcast of topical video content from the customers' Internet Websites.

We started watching this stock when added ROO as their VIDEO on demand provider. Since then both stocks TSCM and RGRP have skyrocketed up almost 50%!!! only to retreat 15% this week....we believe that video feed content is a HUGE GROWTH story! And ROO is in the sweet spot as Cramer would say.

AND have you seen ARTG over the past 10 days...up over 10% (6% today)...niche internet stocks are on a mini-rally ...check out ADBL.

ALSO check out CSCO ....we bought the dip at the end of JAN, sold near the top and now its back and below where we originally bought in....very interesting!

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