Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Round 2.....fight!

Our morning post referenced Mike Tyson's Punch-Out as the market started the day in the RED:
remember in the first round... "don't block" & "don't punch" ....just duck and dodge and wait for the second round...then attack!

Today was a great example of just dodging and waiting for the next round...round 2 came in the afternoon as BUYERS jumped in and said FU to subprime!


XOM is a slow grower, but finally starting to climb....71.02 +1.11 (+1.59%)

MPEL our biggest loser in the DIPfolio to date, we were down almost 20%, and then we got a nice rally to end the day @ 15.27+0.70 (+4.80%)

MA we took our first 5% gains in the Mastercard today....we still cant believe it was under 100. (original DIP post)

ICE added mid day on the DIP ....rebounded nicely to end the day 131.93 +2.92 (+2.26%)...if you added on our RECO you'd be up 4.29%....take gains at 5%!

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