Thursday, March 15, 2007 word on the street is EXCHANGES, exchanges, EXCHANGES!

Our obsession with exchanges started with ISE... Jan 31st we saw the dip...then amazing support at 40... Feb 1st.. ...followed by a BUY BUY BUY...since then nothing but green and gravy!

We bought NMX at the opportune time.
See the dip:
Buy the dip: On the same night that CRAMER bashed our beloved China Hotel (MPEL) ...we said can't not buy NMX @ 119! that means BUY BUY BUY!
Sell and take some profits, ***note we even recommended selling at $133.

So now what?

Let's speculate on some odd balls!

IAMGOLD (IAG) $7.60 ...geez, wonder what they do?

NOBLE INTL LTD (NOBL) ...$16.84 ...oops not the oil play, the auto welders!

SYSCO (SYY) ... $32.55 King o' FOOD! ...opposite of tech...right?

P.S. WATCH out for CHINA tomorrow and the US market in general...we seem attached at the hip...they started the day down a bunch. Be careful or hey!, ...pick a favorite, watch it & BUY ON THE DIP!

P.S.S. get out of USO and XOM....up 1% on XOM and down 1% on USO, we are about even and don't think either have the exciting growth we are looking for....sorry for the lame ducks...we still like higher gas prices and oil demand, but these stocks aren't it right now.

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Anonymous said...

now XOM and USO are up 5% +...DOH!