Saturday, March 10, 2007

NMX sells the future...and it's damn SEXY!

WINNER: NMX 125.87 +6.98 (+5.87%) NYMEX sells futures in coffee, sugar, cocoa, cotton and orange juice! NYMEX also slings futures and options in crude oil, natural gas, heating oil and our favorite --> gasoline! And On COMEX, customers trade metals futures and options contracts, including contracts for gold, silver, copper and aluminum.....THE BIG NEWS on FRIDAY...NMX announced that they will offer only 5-10 million shares in secondary offering as opposed to prior announcement of 19 million shares...the thought of less supply made shares jump 6%...CHEERS to our freshly anointed, widely coveted favorite new exchange! *****be careful at 50-day moving averages at 127.00/127.39

Watchlist update: USO & LIOX

USO - United States Oil Fund - current price $50.11 -1.18 (-2.30%) ... we followed the BIG dip in OIL over the past 6 months from 70 to 44....we started at the end of Jan. After one of the best single months for the market in on the dip opportunities seemed like the only way we could get into this HOT MARKET. USO has been on the rise since mid JAN, and now at 50 down big on friday... -1.18 (-2.30%)... lets ride USO from 50 to 55!!! (establish DIPostion under 50 or 49 for the more patient/daily watchers)

LIOX @ $5.24
ONE WORLD = ONE LANGUAGE (or atleast a translatable one) **with the help of Lionbridge
Lionbridge Announces FY 2006 Results; Reports Record Revenue of $419 Million
First Full Year of Combined Operations Drives Year on Year Revenue Growth, 200% Increase in Adjusted Earnings, Record Cash Flows and more than 250 Million Words Through Logoport(TM) Language Platform across more than 10,000 users!

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