Thursday, August 28, 2008

BUNNY POWER! ~ Energizer Holdings, Inc. (Public, NYSE:ENR)

BOTD owns ENR!

84.30 +0.99 (1.19%)

.... keeps on going, and going..and going...

Consumers looking for a long-lasting battery to reliably power wireless gaming accessories, digital cameras, hand-held games or MP3 players, need not look further. Introducing Energizer(R) Advanced Lithium ... Energizer will partner with the forthcoming Rock Band 2 and encourage fans with special in-store promotions and coupons inside the game box.

p.s. we're looking to sell our PH soon. anyone want it? (PH) 65.10+2.08 (3.30%)


Anonymous said...

botd, what do you think about this storm,, for n gas?

n gas is down a ton

what's your take

BUY ON THE DIP said...

pairs trade idea:

short ENER. -4.65 (-5.94%)

LONG ENR. +0.99 (1.19%)

momentum stock vs. the bunny

round 33. fight.

BUY ON THE DIP said...


not sure about the storm, we can't predict weather...but our faith in floyd is stronger than a category 5.

Anonymous said...

How about this non-sense? GDP is really -4% when you factor in real inflation. :-)

Anonymous said...


i though you talk to god?

what would be the trade on tue, if the storm miss is?


p.s up 2% on hk .. thanks botd

go team

BUY ON THE DIP said...

anyone wanna short ABK?

up 300% in 1 month...30% today.


Anonymous said...


how many puts did you buy ?

Anonymous said...

JD def feeling you on the GDP numbers. We like to fool ourselves all the time. You should check great site for analyzing what the numbers for reports mean. They don't recommend stocks they do however dig through the bull shit and show we are in the shitter
Cant wait for third quarter without the stim packs (SC TERM)

Minkinovich said...

BOTD, you guys have been dead on with most of your calls. Ive also lost some money with you guys so believe me I am not trying to hate, just bringing the other side.

Looking at ENR daily chart it gapped down at about 87 and is now forming what looks like a short term double top at about 85. I was actually looking at it as a possible short but I hate going completely against you guys so what do you think ?